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The Factual Record Farce used to Justify
the Phoenix Ordinance Outlawing Swing Clubs

The City made a big deal of how they documented the need for the anti swing club ordinance. They compiled from 1997-1998 a "Factual Report" which I have a copy of which is mostly the Zoning and Board of Adjustment Hearings of the now long gone Impressions Swing Club.

Unlike all the other Phoenix clubs it was within 500 feet of a residential area. It determined it was an exotic dance studio based on what was observed, in violation of its zoning. The club argued it was not a dance studio since it can not control the action of its patrons.

It says that vice cops observed...oh my gosh.. people in various stages of undress, some in a sexually aroused state and viewing rooms where people could watch sex! The two reports goes on for 36 pages documenting by interviews etc all this terrible activity in an area within 500 feet of residential zoning. It concludes it is in violation of zoning.

Then there is the 1998 Planning Department 35 page report that concludes that Impressions providers adult life entertainment (not just a dance club) which also violates the zoning. The issue was with its C-3 zoning it violated the restrictions of C-3 since it was within 1000 feet or 500 feet from certain properties which made it a violation to be a adult business. The issue of public vs private is discussed and the conclusion is it doesn't make any difference under the zoning law.

The rest of the "Factual Record" is ads including the front page of Club Chameleon's web site along with their August 1998 Cuttie of the Month (Nancy whose husband is Mike), Club C's rules (including safe sex and condoms are always available), pictures .. actually it looks liked they copied the entire Club C website, as well as Sociables, "Don's Huge Swing Club Directory, and many issues of Playtime Magazine articles about the various clubs which are well written and positive.

There is NOTHING WHATSOEVER in the "FACTUAL RECORD" used by the City to justify the new law that says a word as far as I can find about STD risk (other than safe sex is encouraged and condoms provided). There is NO negative secondary effects study. There is NO specific details presented about what goes on inside any club other than Impressions and then its ONLY related to their zoning issue!!

Just as the 3 public hearings and long overflow meeting with City Council when the law was passed was a total shame with all most no support for the law, the "Factual Report" is equally a dishonest as it says nothing whatsoever to back up the cities view about how unhealthy and immoral swing clubs are.

The law was written as the Community Defense Counsel recommends, justifying the reason in the ordinance itself. But the justification is totally lacking or even mentioned in the "Factual Report" that was the cities excuse for the new law. Neither was any justification given at the 3 public hearings or final city council meeting other than religious right morality. And now the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down the legitimacy of laws only based on "morality".

At the City Council meeting in fact there was presented Phoenix PD reports of crimes (which I have) showing that there was far less crime at any of the swing clubs than at neighborhood bars or Circle K type stores. I thought it was a great job of proving less need for police resources than at other types of business! That is a positive secondary effect but of course was ignored since the City was only doing the public input for show, ignored it and passed the law they long decided to pass with pressure from the Community Defense Counsel and of course Mayor Rimza's very aggressive support. And when Skippy wanted something, the Council almost always gave it to him as news reports have shown.

Dave in Phoenix
Co-founder Liberated Christians
Founded in 1993 to help overcome traditional Christian traditions that have no biblical basis
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