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David and Solomon, to name but two such major Old Testament figures, had many wives and concubines. As did a great many other "great men of the bible" who were men of God. It was just normal and accepted.

Concubinage was a legally sanctioned and socially acceptable practice in ancient cultures, including that of the Hebrews; concubines, however, were denied the protection to which a legal wives was entitled. . . . . the concubine's status was inferior to that of a legal wife. Her children had certain rights, including support by the father and legitimacy in the event of the marriage of the parents

David, Solomon and many other biblical men who had many wives and concubines worshiped the the one, true God, and their having wives and concubines was never stated as being anything sinful in the Bible.


(1) Why is it now that having more than one wife or having a concubine is considered sinful by most modern-day fundamentalist Chrisitans? Jesus never said anything about it in the NT, so why is the Law being interpreted differently now than it was in the days of David and Solomon?

How would a "concubine" in the days of David and Solomon be different from a "kept woman" today? Or a prostitute? Today the women make the choice to be "kept" or a prostitute. In biblical times usually the concubines were slaves, often foreign women captured in battle. But again it was never wrong.

Another even simplier question is how about all the great men of the bible that had so many wives, not just concubines. There was nothing wrong with this in the OT and never mentioned as bad in the NT other than the elders of Timothy and Titus due probably to local problems were told by Paul to only have one wife.

It is clearly and simply stated in the Bible with no forcing or circumlocution that David, Solomon, and others had wives and concubines, and were men of God. No twisted logic. No playing with words. Plain and simple hermeneutically-acceptable language.

So what plain, simple, un-forced, un-convuluted rationale can you give for the fact that modern-day fundamentalist Christians say that having multiple wives and concubines is a sin?

Either this is, was, and always will be a sin, or not. Which is it?

The Church is always talking about David’s adultery with Bathseba, but never talks about God solution in 2 Samuel 12:8 where God told David that instead of stealing another man wife away from him and killing him, that he should have prayed to God and ask for as many women as he wanted and God would have given him as many women as he wanted, as long has he did not steal and betray another man by stealing his wife. This show clearly that God is not hung up with how many women you have as long as you are not stealing other men wives from them.

In both the OT and NT they would use their sexual to worship a sex, fertility deity, “god” and that was fornication and evil. Sex is not evil. But praising some other man made deity god for creating sex and worshipping so that god would give you good farm crops is what is evil (that is adultery against God). In the Bible adultery against God was worshipping another deity other then Him. Sex had nothing to do with it at all. Betrayal is what adultery is about not sex.

If I say you could have sex with my wife all day long, that is not an offence or betrayal, that would be with permission and a love gift to you and my wife to enjoy and have fun.

Even Abraham gave his wife, Sarah, up to have sex with another kings 2 different times that was not sin, But God stepped in and used it to help Abraham gain more wealth. Abraham sold his wife to these kings. What was bad about it was it was permanent sale. God stepped in to reverse the permanent sale part of it and Abraham got to keep the things and got his wife back on top of it. 2 different times this same thing happen. Both times God blessed them for it.

(The New Living Translation ) 2 Samuel 12:8 I (God) gave you his (Saul's) house and his wives and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. And if that had not been enough, I would have given you much, much more.

Solomon’s problem was he supported his wives and concubine in helping them worship their gods. He wanted to make them happy. Instead he should have told them that there is only one God and He alone is who we will worship. Sex was not the sin. But the sex must have been so good that he wanted to make his women happy also, so he gave in to the women.

There was no sin in asking the Good Lord for some good women to have good sex with, just don't steal another man's wife. Ask first.

So now I can add another request onto my prayer list, (Yea right as if it wasn't on there already)

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