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Small Sample Of Many Comments Received From All Over The World:
"Your material has proven invaluable to me and I thank you heartily. This is causing quite a shift in established thought. A preacher friend admitted that your ideas are correct however doctrine doesn't allow such unconventional thinking."

"We have really enjoyed the info you have provided. Can't wait for your next newsletter. Your information has removed a lot of guilt from years of upbringing and helped us to understand more. I have often felt the information you provided was there, but didn't know where to go to find it... We have passed your info to several friends who have found it to be very liberating from years of repressive thinking and guilt."

"A special thanks straight from my heart...I have always known that I am a very sexual female but I have always felt guilt because of it. I have had sex with many men that I love dearly and never once did I orgasm. For years I couldn't figure it out...I mean I LOVE making love...and it always felt good...but I could never climax. Then a friend of mine told me it could be triggered by the fact that deep in my heart I felt I was going to hell for having sex..therefore no orgasm... So you see you helped me soooo longer do I feel that I am a sinner for being sexual with those I love! I know that I am just a human being and that I have nothing to feel guilty about!"

"You may be my hero. I thought that I was the only born-again Christian who thinks that liberated sexuality doesn't conflict with Biblical laws. Am I to understand there is an entire network of such people? With an organization? Why haven't I heard of this before? I would love any information on my area and if I can get involved in your group or help in any way, let me know."

"I was energized and transformed by your literature. Thank you for your courageous pioneering work, your obvious perserverence and the depth of your studies. This issue has been a strong concern of mine since 1959 when I contemplated writing my Master's of Theology thesis on biblical sexuality... I probably backed off of this subject for fear of my clergyman father's disapproval...I am toying with the thought that this could very well be my next (and last?) "ministry", this celebration of human sexuality, human bodies, and aliveness."

"Reading your material, I must say that I have had numerous spiritual, emotional and intellectual shifts, having been brought up fundamentalist Christian. Your views would turn the current world of Christianity upside down to say the least. I just wanted to thank you for helping to turn my world upside down! It was getting very tiresome holding on to the strict and immovable theology I was raised upon. It was also proving to be highly destructive."

"You guys sound too good to be true, anxious to help out in any way I can." - A former Exec Director of Youth For Christ and a Nazarene Church preacher's kid whose father and grandfather were evangelists.

"We've enjoyed receiving and reading the newsletters tremendously this summer. The bits about a gal's "G" spot have been absolutely fantastic. We've read about it and (husband) has been trying to find mine or over 20 years! Dave, the article in the last issue did it. He has been on the correct spot all these years, but has been giving it the same "light touch" that he uses on my clitoris. Gad, since receiving the newsletter, (husband) has been massaging my "G" very firmly and has me popping my cookies repeatedly for 30 or 40 minutes every night. I'm multi-orgasmic with clitoris stimulation, but 'Katy Bar the Door' - nothing like those "G" spot highs. Getting me so turned on with my "G" has done wonders for (husband). He is servicing me like some 20 year old Gigolo. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

"I just wanted to thank you for your help...I fully believe that Our Heavenly Father sees our needs and gives us the information we need as we seek it. Knock and It shall be opened. Seek and Ye shall find. . Thank you my friend for being the messenger that brought me further enlightenment in my life."

"Just caught your wonderful ad in HAI Lites-S Cal, and can't believe you exist. More than an answer to prayer. I resigned a 23-year ministry in the Lutheran Church. I see an incredible ministry to the benighted people of Churchianity who are being challenged attempting to blend their new age awareness with scriptures and traditional theology."

"A Christian who isn't sex phobic?! You sound almost too good to be true! Your call was met on this end with a general sense of disbelief. To say you are like a breath of fresh air is an understatement... Contact me directly with your feelings concerning speaking out from a Christian perspective on the positive effects of a more liberal orientation." Dr. Stephen Mason, Ph.D., Director, The Lifestyles Organization (This was our initial contact with TLO, a worldwide "swingers" organization which for 22 years has held Lifestyles conventions now attracting over 3000 people-all couples exploring open relationships.)

"I just came across your Newsletter on the Internet. I have been a Christian for many years and went through the whole "born-again" movement and 700 Club scene. While I am very thankful for those foundational events, which brought me into a loving experience with God through Jesus Christ, I must say that they kept me at a baby Christian level. I now have a Masters of Divinity degree from a highly respected evangelical seminary. I too concur, with what I read in your newsletter about the hermenutical, historical and political issues which have shaped our understanding of what God desires for us. As I read your newsletter, I was struck with one of those serendipitous "ah-ha' feelings. I have a sense, at a very deep level, that God is calling me to make the truth about this issue known. The challenge is where do I go from here without being shot by those who have been indoctrinated by teachings which do not have the Holy Spirit as their source. Thank you for your ministry."

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