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"One Flesh" Argument for Monogamy has no basis

There are very few verses on "one flesh" comment in the Bible and many places that men had sex with many women and the "one flesh" idea was not a concern, only when it involved the worshipping of other gods. Even sex with an unbeliever concubines, was not a concern as long as they did not do things to support their worship of other gods.

Look at Solomon with 1000 women that was not a concern, only when it was women who worship other gods and Solomon helped them to do it. If Solomon condemned the worship of other gods and told them to stop there would not have been a problem. But the women used their sexuality to win Solomon over to help them to worship their gods. Just like in the NT the women used their sexuality to get the men to help them to worship their gods. This is were sex gets a bad name.

One flesh in Genesis context is uniting Adam and Eve, starting the first union we call marriage. Context --2 become one. This also may be referring to when 2 having sex can make a baby which is two in one. 1/2 plus 1/2 = 1 Adam and Eve had no knowledge of sex or babies other them seeing animal porno, maybe God was explaining it to them?

Just because there is only one male and one female doesn't not prove anything. Bad logic.

God shows over and over that there is no problem with many women and one male. The only problem is when there is a conflict of worshipping other gods (or taking another man property with out permission). This is a major conflict in the OT and in the NT. Solomon's problem was marrying women who worship other gods and he helped them in their desire.

In Numbers 25 they were taking part in the worship of other gods sexually in support of the women worship these other gods. God condemn them and got very angry. Sex was not the problem, but using sex to worship the other gods and giving the other gods praise for sex.

The same thing was going on in 1 Cor 6 where Christian men were have sex with women who were using sexuality to get the men to take part in the worship of their other gods. Also when they had babies the would offer them as sacrifice to their god. Two become one flesh a babies and human sacrifice to the pagan's god.

Sex does not make God angry, but worshipping other gods does. But the religious people take the sex Bible verses out of context, almost every time a negative comment about sex; it is connected to worship of other gods or violate the mans property rights over all his wives and concubines.

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