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"Standing Up And Walking Tall":
A Manifesto of Self-Esteem for Christian Polys

By Bill

More and more I am becoming convinced that we Christian poly types need to stop thinking of ourselves as kind of "weird" and begin to accept the idea that we may be more "normal" than the folk, even our fellow Christians, who oppose our lifestyle choices. We need to understand that what we want is simply to "love more" and that loving more than one person in an intimate way is simply another step of growing and maturing in Christian love.

One of the things that has drawn me to this point of view is the great fellowship I have enjoyed recently with a number of committed Christians around the country who have expressed to me their great need to be supported and encouraged and to grow spiritually with other Christians in poly lifestyles.

We need to realize that this idea of sexual and emotional connecting on a higher level opens to us an untapped area of CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY that WE represent and through which we could make major contributions to the spiritual health of the Kingdom of God.

Up to now Christians in poly lifestyles, primarily "swinging," have kept themselves hidden even from each other, have been very uncertain as to the spirituality of what they are doing and thus have had no vision for what could be done in using our way of loving to communicate GOD'S love to others. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE IN THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS.

What Are The Goals And Purposes of These Groups?
It is our hope that we can develop clearer and more lasting goals for these groups than we have thus far in Phoenix. We hope that the experience we have had in Phoenix, including our mistakes, plus new input from various sources, will help us design groups that will help people more clearly determine their place in poly relationships and help them build longer-lasting friendships as they explore this lifestyle.

At the present we are using the materials on poly relationships written by Ryam Nearing of "Loving More," probing the experience of other poly groups and utilizing the expertise of a lifestyle-friendly Christian psychologist to design these groups.

Of course, these groups will include presentations and discussions similar to what we are doing in Phoenix. Some of these are: "loving intimacy" that is different from just "having sex," the role of nudity and massage in breaking barriers to intimacy, biblical/Christian issues in poly relationships and various thoughts on adult sex education (G-spot stimulation, male impotence, etc.)

We also want to present the various options in multiple relationships, from more casual "swinging" all the way to permanent expanded polyfidelity family units. We will present guidelines to help people decide whether poly lifestyles are right for them and which of many options it would be best for them to explore.

We want these groups to be environments where people can meet others with similar interests, life goals and spiritual values. We hope that these groups will also be places where actual loving intimacy can take place in a safe setting.

These groups should be places where Christians can explore intimacy in terms of a range of social, spiritual, emotional and sexual relationships.

We will discuss problem areas in poly relationships, such as jealousy, and tackle issues related to long- term commitments to multiple partners.

We will structure communication sessions to help people discuss both problems and positive growth opportunities with their primary partners and with others in the group.

Where Do YOU Fit In?
We are looking for couples and single women residing in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and in the Eastern corridor bounded roughly on the north by NEW YORK CITY and on the south by WASHINGTON, DC.

We would also like to hear from sincere single men in these areas, BUT SEE THE IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW REGARDING SINGLE MEN.

We believe that the geographical areas mentioned above are the most logical for these groups based on our present contacts with interested people. If you live anywhere near those regions, but not actually in them, you are very welcome to attend our first gathering, also, although we realize that continued participation might be difficult because of distance.

If a group like those I've described sounds like something you would like to explore, we'd like to hear from you. Since I (Bill) am spearheading the planning of these groups, please write me at the Liberated Christians snail mail address or E-mail me at: If you respond by E-mail, please indicate both your STATE and CITY of residence.

We already have a number of interested people for each of these groups. We need to know who else would like to give this a try and where they are located geographically. After we receive a number of responses, we will be able to plan dates and locations for our first gatherings.

What Is The Future Of These Groups?
The first gathering of these groups will be led either by Bill or Bill and Dave, with various kinds of assistance from others who may be interested in providing ongoing leadership. The future of the groups will depend on the interest and commitment of those attending, based on their response to the goals and purposes of the groups as initially presented.

Leadership will have to arise from within these groups in order for them to last. Commitment to the groups will have to develop, also. The goals and purposes of the groups may evolve and change depending on the perspectives of those who lead and participate after Bill and Dave withdraw from the initial formation process. If desired by the groups, Bill or Dave may be able to meet with the groups, lead workshops or provide leadership counsel from time to time.

What About Single Men?
Some poly social groups have succeeded in integrating a limited number of single men into their ongoing activities by working carefully to maintain a gender balance with single women. Bill is currently researching the method used by one of these groups to accomplish this integration.

If a workable method can be found to integrate single men into the groups, this issue will then be discussed with the groups for their input and decision making. No step of this sort would be taken by leadership without the consent of the group.

In order to research this issue and to provide a sense of security for couples and single women, at this time we are not planning to invite single men to the initial gathering of either of these groups. (Sorry guys, we know there are many of you out there who are quality people and committed Christians and who have needs to be met just like couples and women. We also know you have much to give. We don't want you to feel rejected and if a way can be found to meet your needs in these groups, we will not hesitate to explore it.)

We and others we have contacted are excited about the prospects of these groups. It is our sincere desire to make available to as many people as possible the means to develop their interests in multiple relationships. We believe that the potential for such relationships to revolutionize our Christian fellowship and personal spiritual growth is unlimited.

To those of you not located in the areas we have described, perhaps in time a group can be organized which will include you. Meantime, if you are interested in such a group, let us know. You may be the spark that will ignite the flame!

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