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The "Wicked-For-A- Week" Adventure Of A Modern Evangelical Pastor
At Hedonism II, Negril Jamaica

The pressure of life and ministry can be immense at times. As a pastor of an evangelical conservative church for the past twenty years the pressure became even greater as my wife and I began to understand more and more of the liberty we have in Christ. We have always enjoyed each other and as we have grown in the Word we have come to see sex as a wonderful gift from God. Yet we realize few other Christians see it this way. We longed for a get away. We longed to go to a place where the legalisms, the Victorian attitudes, and the judging so often found within our faith could be left behind. We found it at Hedonism II on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

We had been considering going to an all inclusive resort and found that there were many in the Caribbean. From Club Med to Sandals. But we also wanted a little more. Through the Travel Forum on America Online we started to hear about Hedonism II. A place where the motto is "Be Wicked for a Week." We asked lots of questions and ran into many others online who had been there and keep going back year after year. We decided we wanted to go and just happened to run into an American Airlines Flay Away Vacation packaged that included Hedonism as a destination and at a 30% reduced rate. We booked the trip in May and had to wait, at times impatiently, until November when we were scheduled to go.

November finally came and we flew out of Dallas to Miami and then on to Mo Bay, Jamaica. We arrived at Hedonism about 3:00 in the afternoon and were from the first moment very impressed. The lobby is a beautiful open air area and a reggae band was playing to greet. Check in took a little while but we were able to go to the bar, order a drink and relax while we waited. It was great to order a drink and then walk away with no payment other than a thank you. At Hedonism when they say all inclusive, they mean it. The only money I spent was to buy a tee shirt. Tipping is even prohibited.

The resort is on Bloody Bay on the western most tip of Jamaica and has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Bloody Bay is about eight miles of white sand beach with resorts side to side along the water front. At this end of the bay the trees become thicker and the beach is much wider. An island, Bobbie Key, is a short distance off shore. The resort is divided between the nude and prude side. The pool, dinning area, shops, disco, restaurant, lobby, and piano bar are in the center. We reserved a room on the nude side. The rooms are nothing special. A lot like a Holiday Inn, but ours was on the second floor and overlooked the bay. Each room has large windows, a king size bed, and mirrors over the bed, a nice touch. There are no phones and no TVs in the room. They had an alarm clock, but it did not work and we did not complain.

The beach is also divided between nude and prude. By staying on the nude side we were able to walk out of the room nude and go to the beach or hot tub. Do not think that the nude beach is filled with all beautiful bodies, it is not. Most of the younger 20's crowd stay on the prude beach while the older folks who seem to he more comfortable with their bodies are on the nude side. You see all shapes and sizes and the atmosphere is very relaxed and very accepting. There is a great bar at the beach and Delroy the bartender is great. All the Red Strip (Jamaican beer) or any other drinks you want, just ask, no problem mon. There is also a place next to the bar to order sandwiches, hamburgers, and hot dogs. The water sports area between the nude and prude beaches has scuba (you need your dive card), snorkel equipment, sail boats, kayaks, sail boats, wind surf boards all at no additional charge.

I feel I could go through a day by day itinerary of the trip but we soon forgot what day it was. The atmosphere is so laid back and everyone we meet was very friendly. Married couples, from 30s to even 70s, seem to make up the most of the ever changing population. We met bankers, business people, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and others from almost every type of job and profession. I may have been the only minister there but we meet some other Christians. We got to know a young couple from Texas who attended a conservative church and also a lady who was a Sunday school teacher. I decided to not tell anyone I was a pastor, at least not at first.

The entertainment staff is great and there were a number of fun activities. We did the body painting at the nude beach. My wife ended up with eyes on her breasts, a smile, and an interestingly placed goatee. The food was great and while we had to dress to go to the main area, one did not have to wear much. It seems as sexy clothing and swim suits were the uniform of the day and the night. When going to Hedo a couple can put all they would need in a carry-on bag. The food was great and served buffet style but with long hours of service. Tuesday night was lobster tail night and it was all you could eat! Breakfast, which is my favorite meal, was fantastic, high in cholesterol, low in fiber, and lots of great topical fruit. If you wanted to eat in the restaurant you can make reservations at the desk in the morning. The restaurant is very good, great service, and serves wonderful pasta dishes. And again, when you are done you leave, no charge and no tipping. I felt as if I were running out on the bill the first time.

In the evening there are three options for entertainment. There is always a show following dinner along with dancing in the main area or a beach party. The piano bar is also a fun place to gather and sing and some of the guests can really sing. The disco cranks up about 11:00 pm and goes to dawn. Or you can enjoy a walk on the beach, a nude swim, or Hedo's famous hot tub, more on that later.

The sexual atmosphere of the place is truly electric. During the day there is not much going on. Most guests are relaxing at the beach, playing tennis, or eating and drinking. We did see some sexual intimacy at the beach and on the floats. Occasionally we would walk by a room where the door was opened. A couple would be making love and would have been pleased to have others watch or perhaps join them. But when the sun sets, the fun really begins. First stop is the nude hot tub that is larger than my back yard pool. Nude only is the rule and you do see couples making love, having oral sex and occasionally two lovely women exchanging affection. Male homosexuality, by the way, is not acceptable in Jamaica and I was told if that occurs the guests are asked to leave the resort.

On Tuesday night in the PJ party that is really a chance for the women to dress up in their sexiest lingerie. The actual PJ party does not begin until 11:00 at the disco. Many guests, however, go to the main area for drinks wearing some of the wildest and wickedest outfits. At the disco there is dancing and judging of the different outfits. On any evening women seem to wear their sexiest best. My wife took a few short satin slips and found that with a pair of heels and nothing else she was very in fashion. The toga party on Friday night is a "no sheet, no eat" affair and we were surprised at the creativity. Many togas did not cover the breasts and some covered very little else. That party is held in the main dining area and is a riot. At the piano bar we saw two lovely young girls fulfill their fantasy of doing a simulated demonstration of love making on the top of the grand piano. One night my wife and I swam out to one of the wooden rafts and made love in the warm moon light. The hot tub at night is a place you can do or see anything. It is the center of early evening activity and a great place to meet people you can later join for dinner and drinks.

Most who go to Hedonism II are not swingers. We do not swap but we do enjoy a highly charged sexual atmosphere and do not mind watching and being watched. We were asked if we do swing, some do at Hedonism and I understand more so in January and February than in the fall. But a polite no thank-you was all that was required. We did enjoy the freedom to make love whenever and do so in the presence of others. After midnight the pool goes clothing optional and usually a good game of nude water volleyball will get going. Hedonism II can be almost anything you want to make it. During one of the beach parties my wife wore a white thong and a short sheer top. I wore a white speedo and we had a blast being the most underdressed, at least that night. We made love in the window seat in our room and in the hot tub and on the beach. We enjoyed walking nude on the beach and just being able to be as sexy as we wanted to be. One night we just wanted to be alone and we were able to do just that in the quiet corners of the beach and the resort.

Any travel agent can get information on Hedonism II for you. It is part of the Super Clubs of resorts. The cost for us, all inclusive with airfare out of D/FW, was about $1150 each for seven days and seven wonderful nights. You might check on packaged tour companies such as Adventure tours who fly their own charters to Jamaica. I urge you to go and to enjoy and to "be wicked for week."

Hedonism II is a beautiful resort. The food is great, the drinks are strong, the beach is good and the water is clear. The best thing about Hedonism II however, are the people. The people are relaxed and enjoying the life God gave them. It was only after we got back that we realized we spent a whole week with a couple hundred other people and did not hear anyone complain about anything. There is none of the judging or criticizing that we as Christians so often face. The only complaint I had was the name. They should have called it Paradise. When we are saved by grace God takes us back to the garden in our relationship with Him, that first paradise man enjoyed with Him. And it was in that paradise that He said in Genesis 2:25 that. "The man and his wife were both naked and they were not ashamed."

John Jacob Hillman, Ph.D., is a pseudonym for a pastor of a conservative evangelical church in the mid south region of the US. If you would like more information on Hedonism or just want to chat with a pastor who enjoys all the grace God has given, send E-mail to and I will forward any mail. We are doing this to avoid him getting hate mail from Christians that have less maturity in these matters.

Note: For further information on Hedonism tours you can also contact Skinny-Dip Tours 1-800-828-9356 or Go Classy Tours at 1-800-329-8145.

Book;  The Naked Truth About Hedonism II  (see linked site)

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