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This is a hilarious Dildo ad song (click) you have to hear.
Its in .asx format which is a streaming video format.
 I know Windows Media Player will play it.

The Cast:

Koralee Nickarz - The Dildo Woman, Lead Vocals
Lhesa Forbes, Karen Robertson, Alonso Oyarzun, Brianna Mason, Tricia Maras - The Dildo Dancers

The Crew:

Bob Brooks - Writer, Director, Producer, Voice Over, Camera, etc...
Alastair Anderson - Director, Editor, Vocals, Music, etc...
Brian Hughes - Casting
Wade Taves - Lighting, Editor
Gabriel Napora - Playback
Saul Moran - Art Director
Leif Berg - Dildo Wrangler

The Story:

Some friends and I shot this for fun one weekend. The total budget was less than a couple hundred dollars. It premiered on on July 26/2000, and quickly became one of the most downloaded short films on the internet - WITH NO PROMOTION WHATSOEVER. It is currently being downloaded by several thousand people every day.

We shot the film in a park in Vancouver, B.C. across the street from where Al and I grew up. As it happened, there was a grade-school soccer tournament scheduled for the same day. If we were to turn the cameras around during most of the scenes, you would see several hundred 8 year old soccer players frolicking in the field. Every time a kid wandered by we were forced to stop the camera and hide the props... Luckily, no one saw anything - and no one was arrested...

I hope you enjoy it - and don't be too offended.

--Bob Brooks

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