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Delphi Bulletin Board Forum

With our new host in late December, 1999 we have replaced the old Forum with Delphi which is much nicer and easier to use at:

ou do have to log in (as you did on old forum). The Forum is free to you and us, but you see banner ads on top of the main message window, based on your demographic data.  THE DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION IS OPTIONAL, NOT REQUIRED ! You will not receive mail advertising based on your log in information, it is only used to display ads personalized for you. The ads are very easy to ignore! 

April 16, 2002 Update - Free Forum Continues but new Premium Options Available
Question on Forum:  "Hi Dave, is there any way we can keep the forum "free".
Delphi is starting to charge a monthly fee; I feel this may chase many away, including myself.

Dave's Reply:
The Free forums will continue. If you pay the reader gets special benefits such a no ads flashing at you etc. In order for people to host NEW forums or for me to have the new "moderator tools" (have no clue what they are) they have to be "advanced" members for like $9.90/year  I don't see the costs as being unreasonable and some of the new features for the higher (like $40/year) are interesting. Gee, do you really want to see old Dave or others on Video feeds? :( But the current forum free it appears will stay just as it is. For complete details of the added membership levels and features other than current free basic see:

Your Name can be a fake also.  It's only purpose is to personalized the greeting when you come to Delphi and on your opening page.  Your email is required and one great feature of Delphi is the option of having any replies to your messages automatically E-mailed to you when it is posted.  Your member ID is the name that will show up in the forum.  It can be anything you wish.

Using Delphi reduces our web costs, since it doesn't use either storage or traffic of our main server. Delphi has many nice features once you get used to them. I participate in a number of other Delphi forums and enjoy them.

More information regarding the OPTIONAL demographic information you will be asked (but not required) to provide:   Information Delphi requests

Some additional information is requested when you join Delphi. This information provides aggregate demographic data that Delphi uses to better understand the types of people using Delphi. also allow us to do a better job of recommending content that may be of interest to you on Delphi, and to show you advertisements that are relevant to your age, profession, and geographic location. Similar to television, radio, and magazines, Delphi relies primarily on revenue from advertising to subsidize the cost of providing you with free services. To help enhance the relevance and effectiveness of ads, Delphi provides advertisers demographic information on an aggregate basis (not linked to your personal name or email address). For example, Delphi will report to advertisers that "45% of members are female and the average age is 28." Ultimately, however, the decision to provide this information is yours. Information that Delphi requests, but does not require, includes Home Zip Code, Birth Year, Occupation, and Gender.

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