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Note to single men
I hate to disappoint single men but very few ever get a response to introductions.   Sadly very few single women are interested in these ideas until they are first in a prime relationship.  The vast majority of couples only want to meet other couples. There are very good reasons for this which we discuss in the swinging section.  We suggest that it is much more practical for couples to relate to others as individuals not always just be couples with couples.  However, the dynamics of this is still far different than with a single male who has no prime relationship.  

We do not accept posts from married men seeking discrete relationships. 
Posts from married men seeking discrete relationships are very offensive to most readers.  This is exactly the opposite of everything we stand for both at LC, as well as both the swinging and poly community.  We are about honesty first, then open relationships based on that honesty and love ...the exact opposite of cheating.  

Sorry I can't keep up with the fools and autobots that spam the board every few hours.  Temporarily closed although you can look at posts but can not make new posts since I just don't have the time to remove the spam at least daily by the idiots that have nothing better to do in life.                             



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