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Warning: Yahoo Groups Suspends On Whim And Wont Give Reason

I have hardly posted on any groups for a long time, been too busy but I monitor quite a few.  I try and log on and find my e-mail address has been suspended!   I even host a  group "christianstrippers and others" in the adult section which the founder just turned over to me a few years ago, I didn't seek it.  90% of posts are spam that I block before they appear.


I have sent many e-mails to yahoo insisting I have read their terms of service, never violated any and ask why suspended?

This is the only reply I can get:


Yahoo! may, in appropriate circumstances and in its sole discretion,
remove or edit any content and/or terminate the accounts of users who
appear to have violated the Terms and Conditions.

Any action taken is confidential. We will not release this information
unless required to do so by law or under other similar circumstances. We
are unable to make exceptions to this rule.

Please feel free to visit the Yahoo! Terms of Service at:

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

Dave says, I keep saying how can it be appropriate to be suspended when I have never violated the terms. But that information is confidential. So you are completely at their whim if they want to suspend you or not and will give you no explanation.

It seems easy just to set up again with a different e-mail address but I am upset they do this at their whim and refuse after my six e-mails o give me any reason.


A response from my posting above on and
I too have been deleted by Yahoo on one occasion so far. I believe they will do so again in the not too distant future.

I had not violated the terms of service with them either. I had posted an answer on Yahoo Answers group that someone opposed. The answer was in relation to a young brother and sister in their early 20's that had posted a question about their incestuous relationship. The answer I gave told them that because of their age and with birth control methods now in use that there should be no problems. I also sited a web site that gave a number of studies by prominent researchers.

The so called "moral purists" whom I wish would learn more of the truth through sites such as Liberated Christians about the Bible mostly spout what they have been taught or heard from churches and other places like a bunch of parrots.

I have written several letters showing where Yahoo allows flagrant violations of their rules and where they even violate their own rules but it does no good. They are simply "buck passers" that force their narrow morals on everyone...I have repeatedly asked them for a world wide definition of morality that would fit all countries and nations because the World Wide Web is a world wide forum and is not narrowed down to only one country...the USA.

I am in your boat Dave and support you in your endeavors

Dave notes in their TOS there is a not a word about morality, adult content etc.  I see no reason based on their own terms of service that they have the right to suspend free speech on issues just because they don't like them.



Amen Dave you said it...they have no reason to suspend anyone who does their best NOT to violate their TOS. Yet I see them violated everyday with no consequences. I actually think we may scare them something awful because we know more truth than they do.


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