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Promoting Intimacy and Other-Centered Sexuality


Personal Reflections of Dave From Family Synergy Party Experience
At Annual Family Synergy Conference Where Dave Was A Speaker

I'd like to share a personal experience at Family Synergy which helped encourage us to propose the new Love Group for couples that want to go further with sexuality. We plan to keep the Fellowship Group safe for hesitant couples and not have explicit sexuality except in the separate Love Group..

First let me set the stage of my Family Synergy Experience. I started talking with the only couple that I noticed wasn't nude. It turned out this was their first experience with Family Synergy or, apparently, group nudity. She said they were friends of some of the leaders. Little did I know at the time how friendly! We talked. Her partner was also very friendly and we seemed to hit it off very well. Turns out he was the bondage person who led the demonstration. He had been reluctant to demo for groups but was encouraged since it was so well received. She loved it but was too shy to be his demo partner in front of the group. Later in the day, he came up to me and invited me to join them and a few friends later that night.

I went to the room and they welcomed me. It was just the 2 of them. She got naked and wanted to be tied up ..ok....I did all the stuff I preach about, asked her if she felt comfortable with me just stroking her (yes), asked him if he was OK with it (yes).... From the Stan Dale Workshops I'm very used to working with another man on a woman, especially in nonsexual stroking. It was neat, as I'd sort of let him lead and I'd mirror on other side of her body. It was great and she enjoyed it. I do need more experience with women with nipple rings! I need a lesson in nipple sucking with rings....the metal gets in the way...but I tried to mirror what he did.

THEN.....after awhile, he announced he would spend some time in the hot tub, leaving me with her. (Remember, all I knew was that she was quite shy and new to the group.) But I slowly became more non-sexually intimate, which she seemed to enjoy more and more. Then after about 30 minutes came a knock on door.....quietly about 10 people joined us, including her partner. They were quiet, respectfully climbed over our bodies on the floor and everyone got together with different partners.

For the next 3 hours the room was full of the sounds of vibrators, heavy breathing and wonderful orgasmic vocalizations from all the women who were very much enjoying all the men who switched frequently between partners.

Back to me on the floor: here was what I consider the most meaningful experiences with "Kathy" (not her real name to protect her privacy). For the entire 3 hours she seemed to be emotionally and intimately centered with me, holding, kissing the way I like (lightly, lovingly, not suck-the-tongue-out-of-mouth type). She didn't seem to want to let go of me....or my penis in her hand (which I enjoyed). She was tilted towards me and other men were having sex with her. I really enjoyed feeling her sexual pleasure just by holding her and being with her intimately while others were giving her sexual pleasure. I felt privileged to share that with her and enjoyed that more than if I just had sex with her. The group situation with everyone comfortable with everyone else (I was the only stranger) was really neat even though for most men it was just raw sex without as much intimacy as I like. But I realize I sometimes get too hung up on intimacy vs. just enjoying sex.

Another neat experience was the woman who snuggled up sort of on my backside (lets call her "Lois"). Lois happened to have attended our Lifestyles 94 presentation and had introduced herself to me earlier. Even though I was centered intimately with "Kathy", and she with various partners, "Lois" and I were also frequently "in touch" with each other. When my left hand was free from stroking Kathy's breasts I'd wind up holding hands on the side with Lois and she'd often be stroking my leg with her free hand etc. It was really nice.

Implications For Fellowship Group
In the Fellowship group many couples are still in the process of breaking some barriers to be comfortable with nudity or intimacy and especially any sexuality with anyone other than their partner. We have decided to keep the Fellowship Group safe for these couples and there will never be any pressure for any sexuality. However, other couples are anxious to put into practice the loving intimacy we have been discussing along with more sexuality with other partners. Also we maybe losing some couples that are tired of the soft core intimacy and want more sexuality. It is interesting that some of the couples, who seem the most shy in the group are "the life of the party" at Sociables (local swing club).

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