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Have We Forgotten How To Make Love?
Man and woman have forgotten how to make physical love.

This is the greatest tragedy of all time, for it is the cause of much of the unhappiness in relationships. Woman's basic unhappiness is because man can no longer reach her physically.

For many couples lovemaking today is a compromise, the acceptance of the best that can be hoped for or done in the circumstances. Most women's experience of lovemaking contains disappointment. Most men's experience consists of excitement at the prospect of ejaculation.

Often more frustration is created than love, and often frustration isolates, and lovemaking gradually pushes the partners apart. They get sexually tired of each other and the magic vanishes. Lovemaking becomes habitual, a duty, or an emotional release.

Since time began, woman has been manipulated and encouraged to feel that the finest expression of her love is to please her man sexually. The truth is the other way around. The finest expression of love is for man to delight her sexually....

The man who has developed sexual expertise still does not know how to make this divine love. Heightened sensations and orgasms are gratifying, but they are not the love that woman craves. The woman he makes love to, he satisfies like a good meal; but soon she hungers again and eventually despises her appetite or herself because she knows she is not being loved. For woman, the fulfillment of her love is to take into her everything he can give, while in return offering up every bit of herself in sweet, complete surrender to love.

The saints tell us to love everyone. Did a saint ever tell you how to make love, which is the origin of all love on Earth? Let's be honest. We would all like to love everyone. But could we please just start with our mate?...

You start to love by making love, which is what you and everyone else on Earth wants to do most anyway. For man and woman to make love beautifully requires each to introduce a fundamental change. After you have learned to make true physical love in this entirely new way, you will then discover that you have found how to love your fellow man, how to love your enemies, how to love God, and how to love yourself....

To bring love into your sexual life, you are going to need a lot of new energy. That energy starts with honesty. Living it or putting it into practice is, of course, what really counts. And that's hard. Nevertheless, if you have the courage, the self honesty, and want your freedom - your love - you can make it happen.

These are ideas and excerpts from a 15,000 word document, which includes practical suggestions for changing the way man and woman are Making Love. To order the complete 48-page booklet entitled Making Love, send cash, check, or money order made out to PEP for $5, (outside the U.S., send US $8) postage and handling included, to: PEP 6339 E. Greenway Suites 102-103 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 They welcome any comments you might have as well. E-mail to:

Dave's Note: I thought some of the ideas in the summary were very good but have omitted others that I didn't totally agree with. The full publication may be of interest to some, but I don't have it and any specific details beyond what we reported above do not necessarily represent the views of Liberated Christians, its founders or Fellowship Group members.

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