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How the 5th Club Avoided the Raid

Source: Discussion Board Post

The one other club that didn't get anyone arrested that night (sociables) appears to be getting a bum rap on the true details on why no one was arrested that night.

I have a friend that attended that club that night and this was the information that was told me. Sociables is located down the street from Guys and dolls and if anyone has been there it is known that there is people patroling the parking lot and street for security reasons. The security can see all the way down the street to Indian School Road.

That night the security saw the raid on guys and dolls from their positions outside Sociables. The security then gave warning to everyone inside the club and things were shut down before the police moved their positions down the street.

They were lucky of seeing the things to come that night and that is what saved anyone getting arrested or any problems with that club......

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