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National Association of Swing Clubs
Statement on Phoenix Busts

The local Phoenix, Arizona authorities have an ongoing agenda to rid their community of on-premise swing clubs using the rationale that they are doing this to stop the spread of STD's. This is utterly ridiculous and ignorant. We must assert the protection that the 1st, 4th & 14th amendments to our constitution provide us.

1st - Freedom of Speech.
4th - Rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.
14th - No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due
process of law & every person shall have equal protection of the law.

Invariably, the legal battle to fight becomes cost-prohibitive and of course we all know which side has inexhaustible funds. Every time a club closes we all lose. If you want your local clubs to continue operating, you need to be pro-active in staying politically aware and active in your local community as well as nationally. Your local politicians have a major effect on your life as well as the Supreme Court. We all need to promote a greater awareness of who and what we are and what we want for ourselves. If you want this lifestyle as an integral part of your life then you need to keep yourself aware of what is going on in the industry. NASCA's function is to promote, disseminate and assist you in obtaining the current "state of the lifestyle".

The battle line continues to be in Phoenix. We must dig in and stop this invasion once and for all A 1998 Phoenix City Council meeting showed the lack of secondary effects along with reduced crime stats and lower calls for police service around clubs. Apparently they do not much care for facts! Usually clubs get hassled due to zoning, noise or alcohol violations. None of those are applicable here. This harassment apparently is fueled by the National Family Legal Foundation. Their agenda is to dictate their extremist stance on the entire general population. NASCA protests the ban that the Phoenix City Council has enacted against on-premise swing clubs. It must stop here, otherwise it will proliferate and become an insidious contagious virus that other government bodies will adopt in an attempt to control our freedom of expression.

Tony Lanzaratta
Executive Director

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