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This is the group the guided the city to ban swing clubs in 1998 and continues to work to impose their morality on you.

Consenting Adult Sexual Freedom vs.
The Center for Arizona Policy "Promoting Family, Faith & Freedom"
The Religious Right Group behind the 1998 Law Outlawing Swing Clubs

This is Len Munsil's Arizona group that campaigns to destroy all adult sexual freedoms in the U.S. He gets lots of media attention across America in his goal to help 1000 cities pass restrictive laws in accordance with his religious agenda.

He seems especially proud that in April 2000, the US Supreme Court upheld the Erie, PA ordinance banning nude dancing. He claims he drafted it in 1994 when he was Exec Dir of National Family Foundation (now Community Defense Council) which is so active across American denying adult freedoms. As he says in Spring 2000 Newsletter, "This Supreme Court ruling gives the green light to municipalities throughout America to prohibit totally nude dancing in establishments open to the public." This of course somehow protects families and children.

It is also reported with a new Communications Director, the media attention has "skyrocketed" both in articles and public speaking appearances. They even quietly brought Dr. Laura Schlesinger into Phoenix to be on talk shows and for a fundraising event. Dr. Schlesinger is well known for her view of homosexuals as "biological errors."

In Arizona it fought hard in the AZ legislature to keep ancient state laws against adultery, cohabitation and sodomy (even for heterosexual married couples) on the books for our own good. They stopped a bill that would have provided funds for promoting safe sex among teenagers since it wasn't 100% abstinence based.

Likewise "lewd and lascivious acts" that would arouse or gratify "the lust, passion or sexual desires" of an unmarried person, as well as what the state calls "crimes against nature" laws stayed on the books until  removed by a narrow margin in 2001. They tried hard  with telephone banks of callers to urge the Governor not to sign the repeal of these archaic sex laws.

Thousands of unmarried Arizona couples, those in polyamory relationships and senior citizens were violating a 1901 law that makes unmarried cohabitation a crime.

He is so proud of all this, has his picture often in his newsletter and boosts that 200 people have contributed at least $1000 each to be in his "President's Council" which entitles them to special briefings and events. They also of course have a prayer committee.

They distribute their anti adult freedom propaganda "Arizona Family Focus" in bulletin inserts to over 140 Churches in AZ.

They say the owners of sex clubs (swing clubs) are "the sleaziest people in Arizona. They were responsible for the law to close sex businesses after 1AM and somehow that "improves the quality of life for families in Arizona for generations to come."

They seek to prevent women's choice of abortion, of course oppose homosexuality, pornography and basically any adult activity which they don't like.

Makes you wonder especially on the sexual side some folks are so insecure they have to make sure no one else has the freedom of sexual expression.

This is a very dangerous organization whose idea of "freedom" is only if you believe their way. They are linked to the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family all trying to promote their view of "Biblical morality" and be sure laws are passed to only reflected their lies of what is biblical or moral. But most of their supporters are ignorant of the lies they preach or get suckered into nice sounding words like "family values" and protecting communities from anyone not agreeing with their views.

The Christian Right bragging about the New AZ Adult restrictions.

Len Munsil led the effort in Phoenix to make hugging illegal at strip clubs and declare swing clubs illegal.

In their 1999 newsletters they bragged about how they got "pro-family" laws passed in Arizona. These include laws to restrict abortion, ban Internet porn from libraries (to protect the innocence of children), covenant marriages and of course the 1am closing of "Arizona Sex Businesses" 

An emotional appeal is made for more funds to continue the winning streak against the immorality of the culture. "Real lives hang in the balance, and we care about the people and the families of this state", Munsil says. This is done by "reducing the number of abortions and divorces, reducing the number of sex crimes...and promoting righteousness."

And of course "God will provide if our work is serving His purposes." and "prayerfully consider a generous gift... to promote faith, family and freedom in Arizona."

In a color brochure they brag about their keynote speaker, Dr.. William Bennett former "Drug Czar" at their convention. Dr. Bennett challenged a capacity crowd of 1200 at Scottsdale's Radisson Resort to keep fighting for moral values in the culture against the evil empire.

The religious right is very well organized and more and more cities with their help are adopting repressive laws to restrict healthy consenting adult entertainment and sexual expression, since they don't think it is good for us!

Comments by Bill Paris, Co-founder of Liberated Christians who has two theological degrees:

In my church bulletin Sunday morning was a flyer from the Center for Arizona Policy recommending to men (this was a spin-off idea from the Promise Keepers rally) techniques (moral rules) to keep them from viewing pornography. Two of them: "Call your city and county officials and ask them to enforce Arizona's new law requiring sex clubs to close at 1 a.m." "Men: take radical steps to avoid known temptations, such as avoiding Internet use when alone, and calling hotels to ask for porn channels to be blocked before you arrive. Form an accountability group with other men and ask each other the tough questions."

One of the interesting things about the flyer is that it makes no effort at a biblical defense of the views presented, other than quoting a verse from the book of Job, which I consider to be irrelevant. This illustrates the foolish arrogance of the Christian anti-sex forces in that they simply assume that everyone knows that their views are correct; thus, there is not any reason to defend them, only enforce them on believers and unbelievers alike.

I think Jacques Ellul in his book "The Subversion of Christianity," described this manifestation of moralism well:

What has developed, he said, is a "Christianity that has fashioned a morality--and what a morality!--the most strict, the most moralistic, the most debilitating, the one that most reduces adherents to infants and renders them irresponsible, or, if I were to be malicious, I should say the one that makes of them happy imbeciles, who are sure of their salvation if they obey this morality, a morality that consists of chastity, absolute obedience (which in unheard-of-fashions ends up as the supreme value in Christianity), sacrifice, etc. A Christianity that has become totally conservative in every domain--political, economic, social, etc.--which nothing can budge or change."

Ellul also describes how, when Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire, the church sought to create mass "conversions," without any effort being made to determine whether the converts possessed any true faith in

Christ, thus creating what amounted to a "Christian" state. The only way moral conformity could be assured in such a situation was to create moral laws and enforce them by both ecclesiastical and political means. "People were being required to act as if they were true Christians when very likely they were not. This is the very opposite of the biblical revelation," Ellul writes.

This notion of a Christian state or theocracy is the historical basis for the modern day Religious Right's effort to impose and enforce a "Christian" morality on everyone, even those whom they would not acknowledge as Christian. One of the many sad things about this state of affairs is that many of those responsible for this modern morality crusade would themselves recoil in horror at the idea of a "state" church, seeing themselves as heirs of the Reformation and all that it meant in terms of spiritual liberty and freedom from state-sponsored religion. "They know not what they do" and are the unwitting dupes of what appears to be becoming more and more a serious corruption of true faith in Christ.

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