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Guys & Dolls News Bulletin
Phoenix, AZ

October 8, 2002

We realize that there has been a lot of speculation going on in the Swinging community about our motives for closing temporarily. Indeed, I understand that on the Yahoo Chat Room, there has been a lot of critical comments made of this decision as well as many members championing our decision.

For the record, we are not hiding anything from you, nor are we lying to you about our motives. The legal entity is a maze. This we have discovered the hard way. Basically what we are dealing with is the "We can do what we want no matter what the law says, but you can't" attitude from city hall, the prosecutor's office, and the Phoenix Police Department.

What truly amazes us is that our country is involved in a war against terrorists who think everyone should believe as they do. The citizens are fighting to protect freedom. At the same time, our own government officials are stomping on freedom and taking it away from us bit by bit as fast as they think they can get away with it. Why? Because they want us to believe the same way they do. An interesting parallel, don't you think?

Another interesting aspect of this whole thing is that those in "power," those who are supposed to represent us, will not respond with any kind of concrete facts to support their claims, can not find many citizens who agree with them, and will not even respond to queries made to them. Why? Because they don't want to admit that this whole business is a ploy to (1) get somebody elected, (2) to cover up the fact that they are doing a lousy job of dealing with the problems inherent in a big city, (3) that they are influenced by a small group of people who want to impose their beliefs, morality, and personal misery on everyone else and turn us into a clone society (boring!!!), (4) to keep from looking stupid as hell, which they already do, and (5) perhaps keeping other things secret as well.

Were we to know how to go about it and where to find the information, we would discover the true extent of the loss of our freedoms, not just of swingers clubs but across the board. Obviously these people don't know their history. Whenever arrogant politicians have tried to put their yoke on people, when change does come, the arrogant ones who have served their purpose are the first to go. The question is who is manipulating them, whose puppets are they, and why don't they realize that the freedom they are taking from us are their freedoms also?

One of the reasons that swingers clubs were singled out is that many of the members don't want their names known, so there is no active large lobby to protest or testify against other people's claims about the lifestyle. City Prosecutor Jimmy Hays even said in an article in the Arizona Republic that they weren't going after the gay and lesbian clubs because the city didn't want to appear to discriminate. (Excuse Me!!!) The gays and lesbians have a huge lobby nation wide and they aren't shy! This is not a criticism of swingers. We understand their reasons and share them. However, this is why we have been singled out. We are small fry, and bullies always pick on small opponents so they can win. They don't have the maturity and respect for others to really put themselves on the line. They also discriminate among swingers clubs. Tony's Sociables is the only club not in the original lawsuit against the ordinance, and it is the only swingers club that was not raided. Does this sound like spite on the part of the City and Mr. Hays? You bet it is!!!

As for the swingers club situation, the general consensus among the lawyers is that we are doing the smart thing. Let's review some basis facts.

Jail is not cool. Not for anyone. It is dirty, demoralizing, and for some, dangerous.

The police can arrest whoever they want--including employees and members as well as club owners. Just ask them; they'll tell you so. Indeed, they said so on television.

The police will go after the clubs again, and again, and again. They have said so. Where will the clubs be then?? They don't have to raid the clubs; they can just send each of the owners another letter to appear in court. And another. And another. However, they will probably raid them again, and grandstand some more, particularly before the election. And enjoy the view while they are in the clubs raiding them.

The strategy is to force the clubs to close their doors so that the city will not have to pay restitution. And the way to achieve this result is harassment, threat of arrest, and to frighten the members into not going to the clubs. It is low, insidious, manipulative and wrong. But they do it.

If members are afraid to go to the clubs ( understandable), can the clubs afford to continue to fight in court? No.

For the time being, we are selecting a lawyer to represent Billie, and continuing with our other legal battles. Those who say we are not, are lying.

As for the club, it will remain closed until a stay is obtained or a verdict in our favor is handed down. We feel this is the only intelligent choice we can make at the moment.

If there is anyone who was at the club on Friday, September 20th, who was present at the time of the raid and is willing to testify to what occurred, we would be glad to hear from he, she, or them, especially if they were in earshot of what the police were saying. If so, please contact:

Also, we have done some research, and as far as the upcoming election is concerned, whatever you do, DON'T VOTE FOR MATT SALMON. He is a "family values" guy who is as closed-minded as they come. JANET NAPOLITANO respects people's choices, which all the candidates should but don't.

Again we want to thank all of you for the calls, e-mails, offers for donations, and expressed support in the chat room. We greatly appreciate you and your support. Hopefully, we will be able to open again in the near future and tell you this in person.

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