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The lies and Spin from Mayor of Phoenix

E-mail 9/27/02

Mr. Rimsza's Office:

Your statement in E-mail below saying "...(after hearing much public discussion from many people who disagree with you).."is simply a bold face lie.

There was almost no support for the law at the 5 public hearings and City
Council meetings other than a couple Church ladies and the representative of the fanatic anti-sex religious right group.

All the cities arguments were exposed as false and there was very little support.

Too bad politicians have to lie in their spin. I was at all the meetings and spoke against the morality law. The truth is it was passed, ignoring most all the input from the public hearings.

> Subject: Re: Social Clubs in Phoenix
> Tom, the police have made no attempt to issue citations to consenting adults engaging in sexual activities, group or otherwise. If you wish to 'swing', please, feel free to invite as many people to your home as you'd like. What this ordinance does (after hearing much public discussion from many people who disagree with you) is cite business people who engage in this kind of scheme for money. The comparison, by the way, between the Club Chameleon and the Ritz Carlton is absurd.
> Mr. Rimsza, (Office)

Dave in Phoenix

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