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History Of Abortion: Men Controlling Women's Bodies

The history of abortion shows it is just another way for men to exercise control over a women's body. Abortion has been available forever, since the beginning of time. It was prevalent in biblical days but nothing was ever written about it in scriptures.

Abortion was not an issue in early American history and was done by mid-wives and women's knowledge. In 1858 the New Jersey Supreme Court upheld laws to protect women saying the purpose was "not to prevent the procuring of abortions so much as to guard the health and life of the mother against the consequences of such attempts." Two rulings by Mass Courts in 1812 and 1845 declared abortion was allowable before "quickening" and most other state courts did the same.

With the Puritan obsession with sin the legal view changed - that abortion allowed the unwed women to avoid the shame of her sin. The Comstock Law of 1873 allowed the NY Society for the Suppression of Vice, to wage war on everything from pornography to abortion. This view was shown regarding using anesthesia in childbirth. Many protested it would be a sin to deprive women of the "privilege" of suffering in childbirth.

Physicians (men) decided abortions could only be done surgically, therefore only MD's could do them. They got laws passed against mid-wives and made it a punishable crime for women to share their abortion knowledge.

Now women are demanding taking back control of choice over their bodies from men. It is all about women being empowered to make their own choices. Fundies twist scriptures that say nothing about abortion. Movies such as The Silent Scream which have been shown to be a fraud stir up the emotions to the point some seem to have much more emotional attachment to a fetus than a born women. Such a shame and pity.

It is time for people to stop trying to control the lives of others. If you don't favor abortion don't have one. For those that do.....its none of your business - butt out! You would be much better off fighting for realistic sex education (not just abstinence), making condoms available to teenagers which would go a long way to reducing the need for abortions.

It's Only About Respecting A Women's Choice

The issue is not whether you believe abortion is good or bad, it is about differing views on when life begins - is it a fetus with potential or a baby?

Medically it seems clear that in the first trimester (when 90% or all abortion are done), there is no upper brain stem function so no pain, no brain. But how about spiritually?

For Catholics the issue is very clear. A Catholic is under the Church s authority, not God s. A good Catholic just obeys the Church authority. Abortion is wrong, period, end of discussion, like it or leave (as many do).

For Christians there is a great deal of argument since many ignore the teachings of scripture. Ex 21:22 is very clear that a fetus is not a life. But for Christian s its often too emotional just to accept God s clear teaching.

For Jews the issue is also clear. They don't understand what all the fuss is about, since their biggest dispute is if the soul comes when the head comes out or the shoulder. Under Jewish law, a women may be REQUIRED to have an abortion in some situations, not just in the first trimester, but up until birth!

It seems very simple. If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one. But what gives, say a Catholic, the right to try and pass laws to force their anti-choice, male superior agenda on either Biblical Christians, Jews or those of any other belief?

Why can't the anti-choice, anti-women zealots learn to respect the rights of women to make this difficult decision based on their beliefs, not yours, or some old men in Washington, if married, far too old for it even to be an issue.

Women are no longer under male domination and bondage. Women can now think for themselves! Women is the issue, their rights and freedom from male s controlling their reproductive lives and free to follow their spiritual beliefs rather than just man s.

For Catholics, either get out of the Church of never have an abortion, as Catholic women will always be subservient to male teaching in the Church. For Christians, it is their personal decision since the Bible teaches the fetus is not a life. For Jews, it is their choice unless they are required to have an abortion by their God. For other religions it varies.

That s what its about folks. Simply choice and women s rights to control their own bodies.

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