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The Need To Rescue Women From Christian Terrorists

The anti-choice criminals should be locked up for a long time!

The reasons are best expressed by a Prodigy poster, Donna Jones who said:
I am a police office and witnessed first hand one of those "non-violent" anti-abortion blockades. I was appalled by the amount of brutality used by those people. They injured themselves and others with their fanatical procedures.

They began blocking doors to all the offices in this particular complex. They were asked by several store owners to please allow their patrons in and they refused! Who are they to decide a businessman's fate for the day?

We as the police then had to form a human block of our own to attempt to allow patrons in to other businesses. They used their body weight in an attempt to crush us into the wall and the poor people just trying to get to work or to another business.

A few officers were injured and also some protestors. An old women protestor was knocked to the ground by her own people and trampled. The police had to assist her for her own people refused. That is the point here, they are hurting so many for their "own" ideals.

Before all this occurred I attempted to have a conversation with several of these people and this was impossible. They were just ranting and raving, sometimes not even making sense. They physically attacked, (pushing themselves on them ...) clients of the abortion clinic acting like crazed psychopaths, not god fearing people.

Regardless of my personal opinion on abortion I was more appalled by these peoples actions then I could ever be of the women entering the clinic. For the record this particular clinic offers alternatives to abortion and makes clients sit and speak with a counselor prior to any procedures."

Safe, legal, professional abortions should be equally available to all women as a choice, regardless of income. Women should also be legally protected from the monsters of such dangerous groups as those of Terry Randall and other misguided zealots that act more like Hitler's than Americans. A women has the right to exercise her freedom of religion and her reproductive health options with having misguided emotional people yelling lies at them. That is far worse than abortion.

We should sent letters of praise to President Clinton for signing legislation that should help rescue women from terrorists. It's about time.

The new law does protect the rights of peaceful protesters. But it does not confuse free speech with harassment or violence.

For years, women tying to exercise their legal right to abortion have been bullied by angry, screaming religious fanatics thinking they can impose their minority beliefs on all women.

Since 1977 the National Abortion Federation has reported 37 bombings at clinics, 87 cases of Arson, 131 death threats, 91 assaults, two kidnappings, 567 acts of vandalism, and the fatal shooting of Dr. Gunn.

At least now these anti-choice groups will be committing a federal crime that carry the jail time and high fines that are appropriate for their anti-women, self proclaimed righteous agendas.

Imposing their narrow views of what is right for all should not be tolerated in any democratic nation. With polls showing 80% of Americans favoring current legal status of abortion, these people have no place terrorizing the majority with their false emotional attachments to a glob of DNA, first trimester fetus, which has no brain and no soul, over the rights of the women to make her own reproductive decisions.

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act is the latest of a series of steps Clinton has taken to expand women's reproductive choices, such as working to make RU-486 a choice for U.S. women as it is in most of Europe and encouraging more abortion choices in developing countries etc.

Women's rights have taken a huge leap forward from the dark ages and biblical times where men simply controlled women's bodies and had total authority over them. Women are now being heard and the message is clear they want to decide these issues for themselves and clearly want choice and freedom from harassment when exercising their choices.

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