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Note: Liberated Christians is a primarily about heterosexual relationships. While we are supportive of all sexual orientations, the leaders do not have the resources to assist them in their special issues. Thus, our Fellowship groups are not appropriate for gays/lesbians. However, individually Dave (an extreme heterosexual - Kinsey Scale= 0) has done extensive biblical research and has been active supporting biblical homosexuality for many years. However, there is no "official" stand as an organization on homosexuality other than general support.

Christians - Awake !

It's time to take the scriptural view of homosexuality more seriously and honestly study before using scripture to condemn homosexuals. Mainline Christian denominations are now understanding that traditional scriptural interpretation may be false when you understand the culture and the Greek texts.

Many Christian denominations that have ministries and organizations specifically for gay men and women, like:

American Baptist Churches (American Baptist Concerned); Christian Church/Disciples of Christ (Affirming Disciples Alliance); Church of Christian Science (United Lesbian & Gay Christian Scientists); Church of Latter Day Saints (Affirmation); Church of the Brethren (Mennonite Council for Lesbian and Gay Concerns); Episcopal Church (Integrity); Evangelical Lutheran Church (Lutherans Concerned; Reconciled In Christ); Evangelicals (Evangelicals Concerned); Jehovah's Witnesses (Jehovah's Witness Gay Support Group); Pentecostal (National Gay Pentecostal Alliance); Presbyterian Church (Presbyterians for Lesbian/Gay Concerns; More Light Churches); Roman Catholic Church (Dignity); Seventh Day Adventist (Seventh Day Adventist Kinship International); Society of Friends (Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns); United Church of Christ (United Church of Christ Coalition for Lesbian/Gay Concerns); United Methodist Church (Affirmation; Reconciling Congregation Program).

Not to mention Unitarian Universalist Association and Metropolitan : Community Church (and the many Jewish and OTHER religious : congregations/organizations).

An outstanding publication incorporating 4 denominational programs "Reconciling Congregation" (United Methodist Church) "More Light Network" (Presbyterian Church USA) "Open and Affirming" (United Church of Christ) "Reconciled in Christ" (Lutheran) is "Open Hands - Resource for Ministries Affirming the Diversity of Human Sexuality" which has a huge list of resources of CHRISTIAN materials affirming homosexuals in the Church.

Its position: The teaching that homosexuality is somehow wrong has been taught throughout church history. However, this tradition has been profoundly challenged by many biblical scholars over the last two decades. Just as the church has changed its interpretation of the Bible regarding other social groups (blacks, slaves, women, etc), so is its interpretation of homosexuality. The Bible teaches the love of Christ and never directly mentions homosexuality as we know it today. This love of Christ "to all persons in his society outweigh an exclusionary tradition built upon the interpretation of a few scattered Bible verses." Remember those that declared the earth was round, instead of flat, as the Bible indicated were once burned alive in the name of God, for their false round earth belief.

I suggest anyone serious about the issue can contact Open Hands, 3801 N. Keeler Avenue, Chicago, Ill 60641 (312) 736-5526.

A Christian fed up with this unChristlike attitude who says feels The worst thing that ever happened to Christianity was christians:

"I, too, am very heterosexual. My brother was Gay. He died from aids-related non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1990 at the age of 38. Our father was a Baptist preacher. He gave great "sermon", had a fantastic sense of humor and taught us that our faith was not just for Sundays, but for every day of our lives. At the same time, he was from an older generation. For most of (brothers) very short life, he struggled with the conflicts between what he knew he was and what most mainstream Christian denominations preached about homosexuality. While he was "out" with me, he kept his sexuality a secret from the rest of his family. It was a real tragedy. He was one of the finest, most caring, sensitive and loving people ever to walk the face of this planet. For him to be condemned by some for what, in my opinion, God created, was simply wrong.

My niece is also Gay. She is in a loving relationship with another woman, and has recently expressed a need to find a spiritual home - some place she can go to church and worship. My sister is also experiencing a major rededication of faith in her life. She's come to a loving acceptance of (niece's) sexuality, but is troubled by even the slightest thought that her only surviving daughter may be "lost."

Quite frankly, I have no doubts about any of this crap. The worst thing that ever happened to Christianity was christians. I refer to myself as a born-again pagan. I was brought up to believe that "all have sinned" and God will forgive. I don't give a damn what people on earth have to say - my Judge is not of this earth. God is not only a loving, caring and forgiving God, He/She/It has a great sense of humor - how else do you explain the Bassett Hound?

Because I love and care about my sister and niece, I wanted to share the post I'd read which listed several organizations which are inclusive rather than exclusive."

Here is yet another of the many Christian denominations seeing the truth of Gods word not the perverted false English translations of Hebrew/Greek that falsely leads sincere believers astray from what God really says in Scripture.

Over 500 Lutheran Church Leaders Support Gay/Lesbian Issues During the biennial assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), more than 500 church leaders broke silence and made public their support for the ecclesiastical recognition of loving committed relationships among lesbian and gay people, and for the ordination of qualified women and men as pastors and church professionals, regardless of sexual orientation. These church leaders, known as the Network (to end sexual discrimination in the ELCA), publicly released their names to an official representative of the ELCA. The group includes seminary professors, bishops, pastors, lay leaders and others. Bishop Emeritus Stanley E. Olson, a leader of the Network, is among those who publicly came out with his support. Bishop Olson said, I have witnessed the unscriptural burdens the ELCA has placed on all of its many gay and lesbian members, whether lay or ordained. As one who has held the office of bishop in the church, I cannot remain passive or silent.

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