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Note: Liberated Christians is a primarily about heterosexual relationships. While we are supportive of all sexual orientations, the leaders do not have the resources to assist them in their special issues. Thus, our Fellowship groups are not appropriate for gays/lesbians. However, individually Dave (an extreme heterosexual - Kinsey Scale= 0) has done extensive biblical research and has been active supporting biblical homosexuality for many years. However, there is no "official" stand as an organization on homosexuality other than general support.

Suggested Reading List On Christians and Homosexuality:

For a much deeper understanding of the relationship between the Christian church and the homosexual, please read John J. McNeill's The Church and the Homosexual. (Beacon Press, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108.) This Jesuit priest suffered at the hands of the Nazis when his infantry division was captured in 1944. With the same courage he has dedicated himself to awakening the church to the homosexual's contribution to Christian communities.

"The New Testament and Homosexuality" Robin Scroggs, Prof of New Testament at Union Theological Seminary is a serious theologian and is favorable reviewed by many theologians. He is a happily married heterosexual with no personal bias. He includes cites from Boswell and expands further especially on pederasty and concludes there is nothing biblically wrong with homosexuality.

"Body Theology" James B. Nelson, Professor of Christian Ethics, United Theological Seminary, New Brighton, Minnesota I mention it on heterosexual issues but he also says a alt about false homosexual repression. He is favorable reviewed by theologians at Yale Divinity School and Xavier University. William Coffin, Pastor Emeritus, Riverside Church of New York, says "For all pastors, counselors, and especially Church members who are silent, timid, or negative about sexuality "Body Theology" is a godsend." Nelson calls Christian Homophobia a sin from Jewish through Christian times due to the false understandings. What the Bible forbids is acts of lust, rape, idolatry, violation of religious purity obligations, or pederasty, but not condemnation of homosexuality in relationships of mutual respect and love. "On the other hand, the Bible pointedly celebrates instances of same-sex emotional intimacy, a fact often overlooked by fearful homophobic readers.

"What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality" by Daniel Helminiask, PH.D., was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1967 and is incardinated in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. From 1981-1985 was Assoc Prof for Systematic Theology at Oblate School of Theology and earlier completed his Ph.D. in systematic theology at Boston College and Andover Newton Theological School. He currently is a pastoral counselor and a Fellow of the Amer Assn of Pastoral Counselors and has authored many books and articles. He concludes the Bible says absolutely nothing about homosexuality being sinful when you examine the actual Hebrew/Greek texts.

"God is not a Homophobe: An unbiased look at Homosexuality in the Bible" by Philo Thelos
Several books already exist attempting to demonstrate that the Christian Bible does not, in fact, condemn consenting-adult homosexuality. But God is Not a Homophobe has a unique perspective in that the author has a lifetime of experience in pastoring hard-core fundamentalist churches. His former bitter opposition to all forms of homosexuality has given way to a rational, unbiased acceptance that the Bible says hardly anything about homosexuality, and what it does say cannot honestly be used to condemn consenting same-sex unions.

In God Is Not a Homophobe, the author examines in detail every Bible verse and every Bible-based argument against homosexuality, and concludes with a view radically different from what is offered by the modern church. His conclusions will surprise many, and will surely aggravate and anger many more. But he believes the evidence in this book will stand the test of investigation. This unbiased look at homosexuality in the Bible gives much food for thought, and hopefully, much incentive for change in our attitude toward and treatment of those whose sexual orientation is "different."

For nearly forty years Philo Thelos pastored right wing, fundamentalist, evangelical churches. Intensive study through those years moved him progressively away from legalistic, church law and into a more compassionate view of the human condition. His eyes were also opened to a starkly different view of ethics and morality than what is common in the modern church.

His driving passion has been to find truth- at whatever cost. He brought into ministry all the baggage of legalistic religion, complete with its rabid anti-homosexual rhetoric. But research and prayer have reversed his pre-conceived views on many matters.

God Is Not A Homophobe is his presentation of the research that led to his conclusion that the Bible does not condemn consenting adult homosexuality.

"In The Courts Of The Lord" by James Ferry This is the account of a gay priest and the incredible journey his life took.

'In God's Image - Christian Witness to the Need For Gay/Lesbian Equality in the Eyes of the Church" By Robert Warren Cromey, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church

"Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality" John Boswell was professor of history at Yale and the winner of the 1981 American Book Award For History among other things. Boswell's 400 page book is renowned as being the most comprehensive study and is the result of ten years of research. Boswell's extensive study cites from over 100 other scholars works. Paul Robinson of The New York Times Book Review, says of the book "John Boswell restores one's faith in scholarship...His knowledge of the relevant scholarly literature is remarkable, and his book displays the sweep and control that one finds only in the work of a major historian. Newsweek in its review said "An astonishing work of scholarship that ranges with ease over fourteen centuries, almost as many languages..." Boswell goes on for 60 pages just on lexicography, texts and translations. He takes the biblical language very seriously. Boswell was a price winning, respected historian before his death from AIDS. Because he was also gay does in no way take away from his research was has been supported by many non-gay Christian theologians.

"Stranger At The Gate" by Mel White
Mel While, one of the most respected evangelical writers coming out of the gay closet. Mel was ghost writer for many of the books and speeches of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham. This book details the authors attempts to hide from his natural homosexuality and his own journey as well as examine the religious rights agenda. White is now Dean of Dallas s Cathedral of Hope, the largest gay church in the world.

"Is The Homosexual My Neighbor?" by Latha Dawson Scanzoni This is the revised edition of the classic book that calls for Christians to reexamine their beliefs and attitudes toward homosexuals. The authors look at homosexuality from biblical, scientific and psychological perspectives. An excellent resource.

"But Lord, They're Gay" By Rev. Sylvia Pennington. Author was a straight women who went to San Francisco was a missionary to save Gay people and found God in The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) like she had never experienced God before.

Quotes From Others of Different Christian Denominations:

Baptist Rev Dr. William R. Stayton, Divinity degree from Andover
Newtown Theological School and on faculty of LaSalle University's Grad program in Religious studies: - "There is nothing in the Bible regarding homosexual orientation. In fact, the Bible does not concern itself with sexual orientation. It does speak against gang rape, male prostitution for religious purposes, and pederasty. I lead bible study programs on this subject and am convinced that the Bible does not address the issue of a person's sexual orientation."

Presbyterian Rev. Dr. George R. Edwards, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of New Testament Theology at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary - "God does not regard homosexuality as a sin any more than heterosexuality."

Catholic Sister Mary Ann Ford, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for 39 years - "Homosexual orientation is set by age five or is not a matter of choice..How then could an all-loving God possibly violate Divine nature and regard homosexuals as sinners?.

United Church of Christ: Dr. Karen Lebacqz, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Ethics Pacific School of Religion, BS degree in Biblical history from Wellesley College and Masters and Ph.D. in religion from Harvard University - "Scripture speaks negatively about certain behaviors, most notably temple prostitution, not about basic orientation or about loving gay/lesbian relationships. What God DOES regard as a sin is oppression, injustice, persecution, disrespect for persons. This sin, then, is homophobia, gay-bashing, refusal to include lesbian/gay/bisexual people into our churches - that IS a sin."

United Methodist: Bishop Melvin Wheatley, retired after 33 years as pastor and 12 years as bishop of the Denver area. - "The scriptures at no point deal with homosexuality as sexual orientation...Those acts labeled as wrong out of the context of the times in which the writers wrote and perceived those acts to be either idolatrous, exploitative, or pagan. The kind of relationships between two consenting adults of the same sex which are mutual, affirming and fulfilling are not dealt with in the Scriptures. Homosexuality is an authentic condition of being with which some persons are endowed (a gift of God, if you please), not an optional sexual lifestyle which they have willfully, whimsically or sinfully chosen."

Only the false teachings of tradition church doctrine condemns a whole class of citizens. This should be a serious issue that Christians need to confront and deal with. Many clergy are stepping forward. But most mainline denominations for the most part, still indoctrinate in the name of God, the false biblical teachings. Even though I am very heterosexual and have no personal issue in these matters, it greatly upsets me that any should suffer for being what God made them.

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