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Promoting Intimacy and Other-Centered Sexuality


Note: Liberated Christians is a primarily about heterosexual relationships. While we are supportive of all sexual orientations, the leaders do not have the resources to assist them in their special issues. Thus, our Fellowship groups are not appropriate for gays/lesbians. However, individually Dave (an extreme heterosexual - Kinsey Scale= 0) has done extensive biblical research and has been active supporting biblical homosexuality for many years. However, there is no "official" stand as an organization on homosexuality other than general support.

Born-Again Lesbian Following the Holy Spirit - Not Church Lies

Public Post from Lorraine Harris follows - What would a Fundamentalist Christian say to her? How do you know your communications with God is superior to hers?

"I am a born-again believer, that is I met the Living Jesus & have a personal relationship with him since 1963. I am baptized in the Holy Ghost, and I speak in tongues and operate in a number of other gifts."

"Also I am a "Lesbian" - I was born that way - for a number of years I believed the teachings of the churches regarding homosexuality, however in the early 1980's I had an experience which made me question the traditional interpretation of the Bible regarding homosexuality and God led me thru the scriptures with a final conclusion that as far as I could see homosexuality is not mentioned in the original texts of the Bible, not in the O.T. nor in the N.T."

"It is certainly not mentioned nor prohibited in the traditional scriptures used to do that. The fact is that for many years I heard the Rama (Spirit) of God regarding many things and yet I continued to accept the false teachings of the church regarding homosexuality. After God showed me that there was no prohibition to homosexuality in the Bible He also showed me how that from time to time He tried to bring my attention to that this truth but that my own internalized homophobia prevented me from hearing from Him regarding these truths."

Or Felicia Fontaine now a clergyperson with MCC discussing Romans 1 and natural I believe my internal, intrinsic nature is to be lesbian, then for me to engage in heterosexual relationships would be wrong. I will go so far as to say that when I did try and deny my nature, my relationship with God suffered tremendously because I used men to help me feel better about myself, and I abused myself because I refused to accept who I believed and still believe God made me to be.

What do you say to so many gay Christians, like Dana who asked a bible misquoting zealot if he had any idea what agape love really meant saying: Do you know what that means (agape)? I have spent my life feeling condemned by people who attack, condemn, and try to biblically pummel anyone who doesn't agree with their view. If you would spend your time sharing real agape love, the world you exist in would be a better place.

I can tell I wouldn't be able to approach you about me. You would spout off your so called understanding of the Bible, tell me to pray, have faith, stop sinning, be celibate, go to a straight doctor, and go to a retreat for learning how to be straight, or have demons cast out of me.

Well, I've tried all those things in my life and you know what? I'm still gay, I have been my whole life. Yet I am a born again Christian saved by the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am in a full time ministry, and I have lead dozens of people to Jesus every year. I share with them the real agape love of Jesus, see them accept Him into their lives. Then I get them into Gods wonderful Word, and I let the Holy Spirit do His job.

Back off, stop trying to play God. There are many homosexual Christians, get used to it, if not, you'll be miserable in heaven. At least by then we will be free from the hatred and bigotry your posts are so filled with. I love God with all my heart. If He wants me to be straight, I would have been born that way!

Again this was a message by Dana Wilson posted on the Religion Concourse Board which I believe should be considered by all Christians that falsely teach that homosexuality is in anyway sinful.

BTW, I happen to be extremely heterosexual - not my choice - I was simply born that way but I stand up against the abuse of so many of God's children by so called Christians that ignore Christ's teaching of love and make life a living hell based on false teachings for those who God created with a homosexual orientation.

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