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Note: Liberated Christians is a primarily about heterosexual relationships. While we are supportive of all sexual orientations, the leaders do not have the resources to assist them in their special issues. Thus, our Fellowship groups are not appropriate for gays/lesbians. However, individually Dave (an extreme heterosexual - Kinsey Scale= 0) has done extensive biblical research and has been active supporting biblical homosexuality for many years. However, there is no "official" stand as an organization on homosexuality other than general support.

The Naturalness of Homosexuality

Homosexuality Is Very Natural
Lets Stop The Lies That Hurt So Many
God Loves All Just As HE Created Them
Why Can't Christians ?

The naturalness of homosexuality completely verifies scripture that says absolutely nothing about what we know as homosexuality today.

Homosexuality is more like the issue of race which should have legal protection from discrimination. But while being black is never a choice it doesn't stop people still hating them and homosexuality is likely to be just as difficult. Such an opportunity for Christians to show Christ's love and acceptance, yet many will still rely on their false biblical scripts they have been indoctrinated to for so many years.

But even without genetics, lets look at logic. It is rationally inconceivable that any sane human would choose a sexual orientation that brings upon them so much hate, discrimination and condemnation of a homophobic society. Most gays/lesbians knew they were gay from a very young age - they didn't need science to prove its natural. Most didn't get dropped on their heads or not bond with their fathers. Most came from a very normal happy families. Atlantic Monthly March 93 issue did an excellent in-depth article about the Psychological research fully documented and quoted. It gets rid of the lack of emotional bonding as a legitimate excuse for most homosexuals. They have been found just as normal in their upbringing and psychological profiles as the rest of society. Yes in a few cases of terrible experiences it can be emotional homosexuality - but these cases are rare and very much the exception to the rule.

Now science is starting to understand the whys of natural homosexuality which has been natural in humans and mammals and But those with a religious agenda based on questionable translations of scriptures prefer to condemn and try and change what God has created rather than use Christ's love of acceptance as there example for love, compassion and outreach - without forcing one to change their natural orientation which is impossible, or repress their natural sexual actions - which is cruel, unneeded, and shows more the sickness of the culture and false religious doctrine than homosexuality. The abomination is not homosexuality but the Church's false teachings. Just like Christians of the past condemned epilepsy as being demon possessed, someday scientist may show the error of Christian teaching on homosexuality. Or how scriptures were used to prove blacks were inferior, or the earth was flat, or was the center of the universe.

Thankfully, more and more Christian congregations, ministers, theologians and scholars are showing the false biblical teaching concerning homosexuality and showing Christ's love. But some will hang on and get their self-righteous kicks condemning some of Gods children, unless they change their natural orientation - which is impossible.

It seems clear that homosexuals would never choose such a behavior that generated so much hate and discrimination. Genetic research, studies of brain chemistry and studies of identical twins raised apart, strongly support statistically its not choice but nature. It seems clear that homosexuality is just as natural in humans as it is with other animals and plant life.

Most compelling is the many personal accounts of those that have tried so hard to change out of the fear of God, but fail since you can not change natural sexual orientation. Many commit suicide, or leave Christianity feeling they can't respect a God that would make them gay and then condemn them to. How can one believe that God condemns people who love each other tenderly and unselfishly just because they were born homosexual. It seems abnormal only because the predisposition is a recessive tenancy just as is left-handedness.

Homosexual Sheep
Article by Jack Anderson (Washington)

Since 1988, the Department of Agriculture has been doing similar studies in Idaho on hormonal and genetic differences in rams. The reason for its importance is not only to find human applications, but no sheepherder wants to pay $4000 for a breeding ram that isn't interested in ewes. In an extensive study they found the "Dud Stud Phenomenon" in some and other rams were judged to be homosexual. The study showed that about 8.5% of rams studied were homosexual - close to the estimate of 7-10% human homosexuals in the U.S.

Test For Heterosexuals
What if the Bible said that heterosexual activity was immoral, sinful, and to be despised and avoided, while homosexual relations were the norm the homosexuals were following the will of God. Now try saying to God: "I realize I am a sinner. My heterosexual life cannot be tolerated any more. I must break off my "wonderful" intimate relationships with my companion/spouse of the opposite sex, and make an attempt to live a normal life loving only those of my gender." Such a shift would be anything but a simple act of recognizing one's "sinful ways." It would involve trying to change one's way of loving that seems as old as me.

Internet Public Post from a Gay discussing genetics
There is mounting evidence that sexual orientation has a major genetic/biological cause. In terms of traits, surely you are aware of recessive genes. Some traits skip generations. Someone could indeed have the genes for being gay without it being expressed. In addition, there is the complication of those who may not be aware of their own innate sexual orientation.

My family has a fairly large amount of gay folks on both sides. I am gay. I have at least one cousin on each side who is gay. My father was and apparently an uncle on my father's side is bisexual. My mother's mother's brother (my great uncle) is gay. His father (my great grandfather) was gay. There are some other family members who seem like they may be gay, but are not aware/expressing it. (Think of what it would be like to have the genes for dyslexia, if you were never exposed to writing, what would that mean?)

There have been several studies done which find a higher concordance rate of being gay between identical twins than between fraternal twins, even when raised apart (and in different environments.) We could also point out that same-sex behavior is observed across time, culture and species. Every person I have ever heard from has described coming out as a recognition of an already existing state, rather than an alternative chosen from a number of equally likely possibilities.

I have to admit growing increasingly tired of straight people speaking so authoritatively about a subject that don't seem to know anything about. if Physslis Schlafley, founder of the conservative women's group the Eagle Forum, wasn't aware her own son John was gay; if Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell were not aware that Mel White, the man who was a speech-writer and ghost wrote their autobiographies for them, was gay; if the contemporaries of Liberace, Walt Whitman, Gertrude Stein, J. Edgar Hoover, Rock Hudson, Ellen DeGeneres (and I could go on....) were clueless; why in heaven's name should lesbigay folks accept the judgment of people who can't identify us until we practically drop a boat anchor on their head? If straight folks know so much, why is it we always seem to have to come out to you? If you fail identification, why are other opinions more accurate than our own experience?

In short, prove you have good gaydar, and we'll talk. Otherwise, please don't say that you know more about being me than I do.

Homosexuality/Bisexuality in the Animal Kingdom Studies
Judd Marmor, "Homosexual Behavior," 1980; chapter 1: Ambisexuality
in Animals, by R. H. Denniston, p. 34
Frequent homosexual activity has been described for all species of mammals of which careful observations have been made. This behavior is so common in domestic stock as to attract little notice from the husbandman, unless he chooses to use it for some specific purpose. Cows in heat so frequently mount other cows that the behavior is considered diagnostic of the estrous condition. Young bulls or steers are often used as "teasers" to arouse mature bulls in preparation for the collection of ejaculates for use in artificial insemination.

...Geist (1974) in his mountain sheep demonstrates that male-male mounting is a "normal" part behavior and happens frequently. When a dominant ram is courting and copulating with an estrous ewe, the subordinate males become excited and mount each other indiscriminately. Geist counted sixty-nine male homosexual mounts out of one hundred encounters in such a situation. Feral goats show the same behavior. Rams may ejaculate at any time during the year in homosexual interaction.

.[p. 35] Young (1961) describes estrous mounting in twelve species of animals ranging from the shrew to the chimpanzee. .P ...[p. 37] According to McBride and Hebb (1948) ... the mature male dolphin has perhaps as broad an array of self-stimulating methods as has the mature human male. The males show evidence of sexual excitation throughout the year. Much of this evidence is in the area of homosexual behavior. .P ...Both male and female homosexual behaviors are shown in the primates, but the former is more obvious and may go to apparent climax per anum. .P ...[p. 38] Female primate homosexual behavior seems to take the form of mutual grooming, including oral contacts with the external genitalia and occasional mounts. .P ...Cow elephants in one-sexed groups spend much time masturbating each other with their trunks (Morris, 1970). .P ...This survey of homosexual activity among lower animals should serve to explode several widely held misconceptions. First, it certainly is not a uniquely human practice. It occurs in every type of animal that has been carefully studied. Second, it has little relation to hormonal or structural abnormality. Even as lowly an organism as the fish show homosexuality related to social dominance-subordination conditioning rather than to endocrine aberrations. It is behavioral preconditioning that is directive, with hormones playing a permissive or generalized activating role.

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