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Bush seeks to change society in his "right" direction for our own good not accept differences
BUSH Building Conservative Judiciary to Control Us - Just as we earlier warned he would!
Nominee pledges to block women's choice for contraception

Bush seeks to change society in his "right" direction for our own good not accept differences
Based on Wall Street Journal "Trying to Convert the Camp That voted for Gore, He Draws a Moral Line" 1/19/01

Mr. Bush has already found his message of unity is creating a greater divide. It is already clear that Mr. Bush's idea of unifying means drawing more Americans toward his side of the divide (the Christian morality standard) not by accepting different views - but by imposing his views on us. He talks of rolling back the excesses of the 1960s social revolution. That's the message already sent in naming a staunch Christian conservative as Attorney General, opposing support for International organizations that support a women's right to choose her reproductive options, and vowing to expand government support for "faith based" organizations to provide social services.

"Some people think it's inappropriate to draw a moral line - not me." said Bush when first announcing his White House bid. Of course it is only the Christian moral line he supports. 

Dave notes:
Ironically his morality and "family values" which would deny women's abortion choice, falsely claim being gay is a lifestyle that is a sin, and attack consenting adult sexual freedoms are Christian traditions that have absolutely no biblical basis. 

Biblically abortion of a soulless fetus was never wrong, the bible says nothing about homosexuality the natural god-given sexual orientation and of course men could have sex with as many wives, concubines or "common" prostitutes as they wished and it was not wrong. Only women committed adultery against their husbands since a man could have as many women as he wanted - as long as they were not owned by another man.

Bush's "morality" is based on repression and control - as have Christian traditions with no biblical basis. This of course is the exact opposite of what Christ taught about Christian freedom from the "laws and the prophets" in his Sermon on the Mount. And today the laws that Christian traditions claim, never even existed biblically or in any of Christ's teachings.

Back to article:
Bush's idea of cultural renewal back to Christian moral traditions resonates in Bush's biography. Born into privilege, he admits he was an "irresponsible" young adult. Year later, in Texas, he became a born-again Christian teetotaler and began laying the groundwork for his political career. A instinctual politician rather than an intellectual one, Mr Bush has found affirmations of cultural conservativeness in other cultural conservative writers such as Marvin Olasky and Myron Magnet.

"The culture is already moving in the right direction," says Bush political strategist Karl Rove, citing rising religious observance among baby boomers. He can sustain the momentum by using the bully pulpit and pressing his social agendas.

Dave notes:
But Bush can't be seen as being too religiously based, so he has to be more sneaky about his true agenda. One of the most important appointments - the Attorney General will assure the "right" laws are enforced and how they are enforced, the "right" lower court judges are appointed and a vast number of other ways the AG can help assure that laws are enforced that force us to do what is "right" as defined by "Traditional Christian Values", even if such traditional values have no biblical basis.

Of course the ultimate morality issue is raised by the Presidency itself. He lost the election in both the popular vote by over 536,000 and probably Florida when an honest, accurate hand recount is done in Florida. He was appointed President by a 5-4 Republican majority on the Supreme Court, not the voters. 

BUSH Building Conservative Judiciary to Control Us
Source: USA Today 1/8/01
In addition to Ashcroft, Bush's team has made several related moves to create a more conservative judiciary to be sure laws are interrupted in the Bush Christian way. He is "returning to the Reagan era, where judges often were screened for a conservative ideology." "All told, the new Bush team appears far more organized and focused in its early approach to choosing federal judges - who are appointed for life." Ashcroft's name to many is "synonymous with the outer reaches of conservatism, and he, more than just about any other Senator, made judicial selections his business. "It appears...Bush is giving the judiciary to the right wing of the Republican party." The attorney general makes recommendations on judges to the President. 

"Bush will have an immediate and substantial opportunity to make his mark on the federal bench, where judges sit in a three-tiered system and resolve disputes over the nations most pressing issues." Dave notes, like the Phoenix law to outlaw swing clubs that is now in the federal courts. "About 70 vacancies (nearly 10% of the entire bench) are pending." the article points out. It also mentions the critical role of the Supreme Court in its 5-4 decision straight along party lines, blocking an accurate vote count in Florida effectively appointing Bush as President.

Dave notes, Bush lost the popular vote by over 537,000 and seems clear he lost Florida if the votes were actually counted properly by hand with so many errors in the voting machines. In fact in one county most of the machines tested as faulty just before the polls opened but were kept in service regardless.

Nominee pledges to block women's choice for contraception
Source Washington AP article Az Republic 1/21/01
Tommy Thompson pledged to try and find a safety reason to have the FDA approval of RU-486 reversed, if confirmed as Healh and Human Resources Secretary. Thompson, who has built a strong anti-choice record as Wisconsin governor, would not have the power to pull the plug on RU-486 unless he can raise new safety concerns. The pill has been widely accepted in Europe for over 12 year and there have been no reports of any adverse effects in the U.S. But he will try and find something to deny women's their choice in contraception options in line with the Bush agenda.

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