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 "Sea change is likely for Supreme Court - Next President stands to reshape it" 

In the 2000 Court term just ended, 20 of the court's 73 decisions were decided by 5-4 margins, the highest percentage of one-vote outcomes in more than a decade. The Court now has a 5-4 conservative majority that often vote as a block. With the Supreme Court so narrowly divided on many important issues, the next President has the potential to reshape the court for years to come.

Is Clarence Thomas more being of a politician than seeking justice? He rarely asks questions during hearings. He has stated that he doesn't need to ask questions because he has already made his decision before the hearing. His opinions have been called Christian diatribes rather than well-reasoned analyses of the Constitution. This is not surprising, because the rulings of Thomas and fellow conservative Justice Antonin Scalia suggest that they believe that their personal interpretations of the Bible override the U.S. Constitution.

As many as four justices, including Chief Justice Rehnquist, 75, may step down during the next president's term. But even only one or two new appointments could dramatically change the balance of the high court, either intensifying its conservative tilt or shifting it back to the left.

Key issues include many individual rights issues such as abortion. Conservatives know what is best for everyone and want to dictate morals. Liberals tend to more strongly uphold individual - especially private rights.

Just as important is the balance in the Appeals Courts where former Presidents Reagan and Bush added more conservative judges. With the Supreme Court hearing fewer cases, the Appeals Court Judges are very important for defending individual rights and freedoms against the huge attacks launched by the religious groups to dictate our rights, as they decide what is best for us.

On the abortion front Gore has been outspoken in protecting women's individual rights by saying that he would work to make sure the Supreme Court would continue to uphold a women's right to choice. Bush has said his model jurist is Antonin Scalia who has consistently ruled against individual rights.

Of course control of the Senate is also very important since the Senate has to confirm the appointments.

Other's Views:
Keep Bush and his follow Moralcrats out of the White House. The Top Reasons to Vote For George W. Bush - The rich have been neglected lately, so it's about time we gave them some much needed tax relief.

- I don't care if I'm much better off than I was when George W.'s dad ran the country, I HATE CLINTON! Since we couldn't get him out by wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on impeachment, then we may as well spend millions to buy the presidency for George W.

- Sex is dirty and a sin! It is for pro-creation only and is not supposed to be fun. Anything dealing with sex outside marriage or that which is not taught in the Bible should be outlawed as it already is in many states.

- Thou shalt not kill, so abortion should be outlawed. A woman doesn't have rights unless a man says she does!

- On the other hand, every man, woman and child should be able to own as many guns as they'd like. This way they can kill anyone stealing a car radio or something…God says that's OK!

- The Constitution should be abolished and replaced with the Bible as the law of the land.

Sounds far-fetched? Think about it… if George W. is elected the Religious Right will gain a foothold in the White House and could be involved in policy decisions. There may even be appointments to the Cabinet such as former Christian Coalition Head Ralph Reed, one of Bush's closest advisors. Al Gore may not be your cup of tea and you may not agree with everything on this list, but one thing is certain… we need to keep Bush and his follow Moralcrats out of the White House.

Robertson supporters do subscribe to this idea. During the primaries for the '88 presidential elections, Robertson supporters in some states such as Arizona tried to have a resolution calling the United States a "White Christian Nation" passed as part of the Republican platform and Robertson did nothing to discourage them!

Family Values vs. Adult Rights
Republicans are 100% in favor of "family values" which translates into government control of sexuality from acting as a pimp over a women's body regardless of her own beliefs, to being supported so strongly by ultra conservative fanatic groups such as Community Defense Council Stamping Out Adult Entertainment Across America. This enemy of Adult Entertainment for "Christian Values" is about "It's against MY religion, so YOU shouldn't be allowed to do it." Worst of all they are helping more than 1,000 communities across the country draft zoning laws or other ordinances to limit or eliminate sexually-oriented businesses, such as strip clubs, since they don't believe in it and don't care what you believe.

Some cities such as Phoenix have or are trying to outlaw private swing clubs! In Phoenix that law could reach the Supreme Court when challenged. Adult consenting members of private clubs, in industrial areas, nowhere near any neighborhoods, just railroad tracks should have the right to express their sexuality behind closed doors.

Dick Cheney
Cheney is a huge risk, especially combined with Bush. Cheney was one of the most conservative in 10 years in Congress.

Especially dangerous:
Anti-women choice over their bodies as he regularly voted for the tightest restrictions on abortion including proposals to ban Medicaid coverage of abortions for low-income women even whose lives could be endangered by continued pregnancy. He has consistently voted against all abortion right laws and has expressed support for a constitutional amendment outlawing all abortion thereby imposing by law a certain agenda over the woman's right to her own choice.

He has voted against all gun control legislation, including against measures that were supported by all but a handful of lawmakers from both parties, such as a bill to regulate "cop-killer" bullets.

Early in the AIDS crisis, when it was mostly a gay disease, as a Wyoming congressman, Cheney opposed efforts to deal with the HIV/AIDS crisis. Most notably, he was one of only 13 House members who voted against the first major bill to provide funding for HIV counseling and testing. Cheney also supported an effort to reduce funding for HIV research.

In addition, Cheney voted against the Hate Crimes Act of 1988 and supported an amendment that added anti-gay language to the bill.

Of course he has a daughter Mary who is a Lesbian. Mary until recently was a corporate relations manager for the Gay and Lesbian community for Coors beer in Colorado.

Cheny does say that a persons sexual orientation is "a private matter, and no one else's business". There seems to be at least a clue that he realize sexual orientation is not a choice, but has taken the ultra conservative position not supportive of any legislation that encourages equality for gays and lesbians.

Why isn't abortion and adult sexuality "a private matter, and no one else's business"????

Bush Against Condom Tax Exemption Wants Abstinence not safe sex!
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Gov. George W. Bush's spokeswoman said he was disappointed that condoms were included Tuesday in the list of over-the-counter medical products that will be exempt from Texas sales taxes beginning next month. The Republican presidential candidate, who has said abstinence should be promoted to teen-agers, proposed the tax break during his re-election campaign in 1998 and didn't want it to cover condoms, said his spokeswoman, Linda Edwards.

But state Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander said Tuesday she had no choice but to list condoms as a product that will be exempt from the 6.25 percent state sales tax and local sales taxes beginning April 1.

``Governor Bush never wanted condoms to be exempt,'' Edwards said. ``A condom is not a drug or medicine, although it does fall under the FDA's National Drug Code.'' But conservative groups were upset with the decision to essentially reduce the price of condoms. ``This is a terrible idea. The Legislature did not intend for that tax exemption to be promoting promiscuity, yet that's exactly what it's doing,'' said Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum.

Peggy Romberg of the Texas Family Planning Association countered: ``It's unfortunate that extremist groups have been successful in distracting people like the governor from what should be the main concern of the state - public health and well-being of its citizens.

To which someone replied:
The prospect of this kind of moronic/inhumane political force shaping the Supreme Court decisions for the rest of my life is quite appalling. It is enough to make me . . .vote.

Any person who opposes easy availability of condoms is an enemy of the people. I really want to live in a society where my kids can get hold of condoms way easier than they can get hold of weapons of mass destruction.

Other comments:
The best reason I can see to support Gore is that he probably would be less likely to appoint such Big Brother boosters as Rehnquist and Scalia to the Supreme Court. This could be VERY important for many adult rights.
========================= wrote:
Yeah,God help us all. Just think, if Gore was elected the economy might continue to get better, we might have more balanced budgets,the stock market might continue to go through the roof, minimum wage will go up a whole fucking dollar in 2 years instead of 3, the zillionaires will have to pay taxes like the rest of us,we might pass gun laws so 6 year olds can't shoot each other(which would completely crush Charleton Heston, BTW) we might get more things like EIC and the Family Leave Act...GOD, YOU'RE RIGHT! WE NEED ANOTHER BUSH IN THE WHITE HOUSE TO SEND THE COUNTRY INTO A RECESSION AND GIVE PEOPLE LIKE BILL GATES A TAX BREAK!!! Pardon me now, I have to go run out and buy an Uzi before it's too late!
Republicans are against government controls on businessmen. They are 100% in favor of "family values" which translates into government control of sex. This isn't political rhetoric, it's fact. Did Hillary Clinton or Adolph Gulliane shut down the clubs in New York? Easy test - which one can you imagine getting a lap dance - Bill Clinton or Strom Thurman? I rest my case.
The Guide - webmaster of The Houston Adult Entertainment Guide
But Idleeric says: Thurmond would get to the VIP lounge first ... he married a SC blonde beauty queen in his late 70s & is my role model for the *next* 50 years ....
I agree with idleeric: It used to be said of old "Sperm" Thurmond, "when he dies they'll have to beat his dick to death with a hammer before they can close the coffin." Maz

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