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Dave's Note: He highly respect Deborah Anapol and her work that has long promoted responsible non-monogamy in her books, interviews and television appearances. While many Christians may find her "celebration" to be more based on Eastern or New Age beliefs, the idea of bringing together different religious views we very much support. Those that do find meaning in some of the Hindu Tantra, other Eastern religious or pagan teachings may especially find this celebration of interest. I have enjoyed Harbin Hot Springs many times since it is where the Human Awareness Institute Workshops are held. It is as a wonderful place to hold conferences. I just found her new web site at She brings in lots of Quodoushka Shamanic teachings that I don't relate at all with, nor will most Christians. However, we did have a Quodoushka teacher at one of our Phoenix Group meetings. While most of our attendees don't believe in the religious beliefs, the ideas regarding sexuality were of great interest. For others, these beliefs may be more meaningful than Christian.

LOVING MORE also has what sound like very good polyamory conferences which include various spiritual as well as polyamory workshops in California August 22-24, 1997 and in New York Sept 12-14, 1997. We refer you to for complete details.

Celebration of Sacred Sexuality
From Deborah Anapol:
We are please to announce the Celebration of Sacred Sexuality which will take place October 10-13, 1997 (Friday evening through Monday afternoon -- this is a three-day holiday weekend) at Harbin Hot Springs Conference Center in Northern California.

This event will bring together teachers and students from the many diverse traditions whose teachings on love, sex, and spirit have so much potential to enhance and enrich our lives. We intend to include offerings from tantric, taoist, native american, african, jewish, christian, and pagan approaches. Projected attendance is 150-200 people.

The program will include performances of music, dance, and theater arts as well as interactive workshops, group meditations, chanting, drumming, movement, panel discussions, and pujas. We are also seeking someone to create a tantric observance of the Jewish Day of Atonement which falls on October 11. The intent of this conference is to create a high spiritual space which invites heart opening, sensuality and consensual erotic expression and which increases understanding and appreciation within and between our diverse communities.

The Celebration will honor all forms of loving relationships and provides an excellent venue for reconciliation of both polyamorous and monogamous lifestyles.

We will also have an Art Gallery and Marketplace where various products and services are available.

We are now accepting early registration for this unforgettable event. The early bird price is only $395 per person or $695 for mixed gender pairs registering together. Please make checks payable to Dr. Deborah Anapol and send to the address below. This price includes delicious vegetarian meals and overnight camping privileges at Harbin Hot Springs as well as full access to all Harbin's pools, hot springs, and over a thousand beautiful wooded acres of hiking trails. In addition, a limited number of work exchange positions are available. Please inquire if you are unable to pay the full amount to attend.

October is a beautiful time of year at Harbin. The Indian Summer weather is usually warm and dry but not overly hot. We look forward to co-creating this Celebration with you! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive further information when it becomes available.

Contact: Deborah Anapol at 415/507-1739 or write for more information Sacred Space Institute, PO Box 4322, San Rafael, CA 94913-4322

Dr. Deborah Anapol is the author of Love Without Limits: Responsible Nonmonogamy and the Quest for Sustainable Intimate Relationships. She as a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Washington and has been working with individuals, families, and groups exploring new paradigm relationships for 20 years. Love Without Limits has been featured on Donahue, Leeza, Real Personal, Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael and on radio talk shows all across the country. Deborah's intimate network has an abundance of skilled teachers and healers who will join her in leading different events.

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