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Age of Consent Discussion
Dave -
When the Canadian Parliament re-convenes September the 18th, The age of consent law will be one of their top priorities. The plans are to raise the AoC to sixteen but include a close-in-age exemption. The median AoC in Europe is-I believe-fifteen and several countries there have an AoC of fourteen. In Spain, it is thirteen. The Netherlands had an age of consent of twelve for a while but I doubt if this is still the case.

I think that a high AoC encourages young women particularly to use their sexuality as a weapon. They know that they can willingly commit an act with an older lover and still get the law to punish him (or her). A high AoC refuses to recognize teenagers as sexual beings, which one becomes at puberty. Many who impose these types of laws feel that they are 'protecting children' when in actuality they are promoting IMO more dysfunction. They feel that sexuality hits like a magic bullet at the age of sixteen, eighteen or whatever. They fail to realize that growth is an ongoing stage. Our youth (teens) are also not children but instead are young adults or adolescents!

Another wise person said:
Parents get so worked up too much of the time when they find out that their kid is engaging in sex that they'll do whatever is possible to save the kid's reputation by leveraging the legal system to punish the adult in question.

Society needs to take a hard look at itself and determine what is healthy sexuality and what is not. Many parents, especially younger ones, seem to have forgotten what they were like in their youth. Before these people criticize youth sex, they need to ask themselves how old were they their first time! Just because a sexual encounter occurred outside the bounds of marriage doesn't mean that it is immoral! Just because one of the parties in question was in his/her youth at the time of the encounter doesn't make the encounter illicit! If someone was violated in a sexual encounter, then the perpetrator should face just punishment! If there is no victim, then there should be no punishment.

In certain cultures, youth are introduced to sexual activity by older members of the community. These cultures are in some ways probably less dysfunctional than ours.

Dave in Phoenix says: I agree 100%. One example that gets me is the teacher that is now defined as a child predator when a 16 year old aggressive went after HER for sex. She faced prison, is a terrible criminal a registered sex offender for life and a predictor because she agreed to the boys sincerely seeking his natural desire of sexuality with the attractive teacher.

We have a couple situations like this now, including the teacher that married the "child" she is accused of abusing by sharing wonderful sexuality.

People have gone nuts over protect the "children" when teens seek natural sexual desires in a healthy way with a more mature adult instead of n the back of a car with another maybe drunk teenager.

In biblical times you married at 12.5/13.5 yrs old which was near puberty - natures time to be sexual. Today studies show puberty occurs earlier. Again same age immature, often foolish teen sex is fine but not with a more mature adult. No wonder STD rates are so high and so many unwanted children from natural but foolish teenage sex without taking basic precautions. And heaven forbid the schools actually teach about using condoms.

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