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"In Britain, heterosexual Aids has probably never existed," is a conclusion of the BBC "Fine Cut" documentary programme "The End of Innocence", which was shown as part of the Red Ribbon series marking World Aids Day, on the 5th December 1995.

The programme examined in great and often moving detail the effect of the UK Aids phenomenon on homosexuals and the part that homophobia plays in the public perception of Aids. Drawing both on archive broadcast material of health and scientific professionals' predictions for Aids prevalence, and film and literature from the UK Government's mistaken Aids terror campaign of the mid eighties (both now shown to be grossly inaccurate) the programme set about demolishing the myth of heterosexual Aids in the UK, and demonstrating why and how it came about.

Quoting Public Health Laboratory figures over a ten year period, but not engaging in the wider controversy over HIV and testing, the programme claimed that of the 7388 heterosexual men and women diagnosed HIV+, 2928 were infected by drug use, 2790 were infected from a foreign source, either living abroad or back in Britain, 1369 were infected by blood products (the vast majority of them hemophiliacs), a mere 119 from bisexual partners (another myth exploded, in the programme's view), that left a further 182 HIV+ people in the category "None of the above." These, an average of less than 20 cases a year, constitute the totality of heterosexual Aids in the UK.

Making allowance for human nature, for people denying they had had sex with any of the other categories, or not knowing that they had, the number may well disappear completely.

Unusually for the BBC, Aids establishment figures were shown floundering for explanations as to why they persisted in characterising Aids as a general health threat, when all available evidence showed it to be an overwhelmingly homosexual phenomenon. In particular, homosexual Aids charities and activist organisations were shown to have embraced the "de-Gayed" version of Aids eagerly, to enhance their fund raising capabilities at the cost, ultimately, of their credibility, even in the eyes of their own staff.

The programme included interviews with Aids activists who had come to realise the essential dishonesty in the message they were encouraged to disseminate. "I was going round the country, telling overwhelmingly heterosexual audiences, that they were at risk every day of their lives from HIV and Aids, and they *had* to protect themselves, because Aids was equally everybody's problem, and it didn't matter whether you were 88 and lived in Harrogate or whether you were 12, whatever, and lived in Surrey, but Aids was everybody's problem; we are all equally at risk and we all ought to be fearful, you know, the real "Climate of Fear" stuff," complained one activist.

The programme will be significant in at least two ways. One is that the myth of heterosexual Aids is crucial to theories of Aids that assume an infectious agent as the cause. It is on this increasingly shaky foundation that the Government's propaganda campaign, some of it still operational, was based. The other is that the "Fine Cut" documentary, both in its length (90 minutes) and the detail of its research, is the first BBC Aids journalism to be openly critical of the Aids establishment and to challenge successfully one of its most dubious assertions.

In the U.S. we see exactly the same pattern with very few heterosexual cases, almost all women. The reason is that healthy heterosexual men are acting as a block since its virtually impossible to transfer female to male.

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