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City of Phoenix Wins Long Battle Against Swing Club
Club Chameleon Closed owners faced prison and fines
The Religious Right Sadly Wins The Fight against Swing Clubs
Other clubs could be charged for same violations in clever way after long Court Fights

The story behind the Club Chameleon Closing
As I suspected, serious jail time if they didn't close.
Fined $18,000 and six months in prison, unless they closed, than "only" 90 days in jail.
The Religious Right wins - using zoning to convict the swing club (in as an industrial area as you can be)


As of June 11th Club Chameleon is permanently closed - MIlo convicted

The right wing agenda wins again!

Club C was the lead club in fighting for the last two years the Pheonix ordinance banning swing clubs, but that ordinance didn't bring them down.

I understand the city attorney's office is getting flooded with calls from all around the U.S. finding out exactly how they did it so they can do the same in other cities across America.

Milo, owner of Club C were convicted last week under a totally bizarre interpretation not of the Phoenix swing club ordinance but the Adult Entertainment and Hotel laws.

I was involved a year or so ago with a meeting with the Phoenix Chief of Police and head of vice, where a sort of understanding was reached that any sexual activities had to be behind inner closed locked doors in order not to be in violation.

However it seems the City of Phoenix has pulled off a coup in that under the Adult Entertainment ordinance all "entertainers" have to be licensed, not have certain contact with others etc. How this got applied to prosecute swing club owners is beyond me but that is my understanding from unconfirmed reports. In addition when they had more than six people in a closed locked room (which had room for maybe 20 people) with a bed they violated the a short-term hotel ordinance! Zoning law prohibits rental of a hotel room to more than six people. This can be applied to all swing clubs in Phoenix.

As someone said on the ClubC group, It's sad that this is supposed to be the Land of the Free...what bullshit! There's nothing wrong with enjoying an adult atmosphere where everyone has a great time! I've been to the swinging clubs in Germany and was hoping to experience one here in Arizona, but thanks to our stupid government I guess that won't be the case now....

Here is their words - Posted 7/6/05
Members & Friends of Club Chameleon:

It is with deep sadness, as of June 11, 2005, Club Chameleon has closed its doors for the last time. During our eight and one half years of existence, Club Chameleon became recognized nationally, as a destination for lifestylers who travel to Phoenix. Thousands enjoyed the club for its professionalism, cleanliness, safety and for its aura of respect and understanding of members' differences. Our name recognition exceeded the swingers' world locally. Unfortunately, we may have become a victim of our own success.

In 1998, the Phoenix City Council, adopted an ordinance 23-54 called the "Live Sex Act Business," which basically stated that you could not charge to view or participate in sex acts. Their reasoning was to eliminate prostitution at the local clubs, although to my knowledge, not one prostitution arrest has ever been made at a Phoenix swing club.

Secondly, they feared we would be a drain on calls for service from the police and fire departments. Over the last eight plus years, our records indicated that we are as law abiding as any business in the city. I liked my chances at Club Chameleon over the local Seven-Eleven! But then again, we are talking about sex, which seems to disturb some people more than crime and safety.

Sexually transmitted diseases have also been their concern. As a past club owner, it was also a great concern for us as well. We wanted our members to have fun, play out their fantasies, but be responsible and live to play another day. Our membership indicated that they must use safe sex practices, with anyone other than their mate. People are not going to stop what they are doing because there is no Club Chameleon, they'll find a new place to do it!

Zoning became a bottomless pit. We never did quite enough. Early in June the club sent a legal team to City Hall. When they came back with the message that the private rooms became illegal, it was the final straw. They said they would cite us daily. We were becoming a shell of what we once were. Not only our club, but clubs around the nation are now violating zoning issues. This seems to be spreading like the plague.

Please, don't even say `privacy," or "consenting adults" to us. That was worn out in 1998. Common sense isn't so common.

Will the elimination of Club Chameleon alleviate community concerns or just spread the concerns around? Time will tell. My belief is that if every citizen of the city knew about swingers clubs, most wouldn't give a damn. Remember, no members were ever arrested. The ordinance was for owning, operating and collecting money. You could express yourselves. Out on the street, you're playing with different rules. In a bar, it can be indecent exposure, or lewd and lascivious behavior and its all on you. The more a group brings attraction to them selves, the more likely someone is not going to like it. Mixed venues with swingers, and just about anyone else, are a lightning rod, no matter how hot you think you are. If you were afraid to come to the club, you should be afraid of what you do in public. It is no fun to be used as an example.

Swingers, look at the bigger picture. I respect everyone's right to be with whom they want to be with. Be grateful when there is a choice of venues. Bashing other venues, in hopes that will help the one you attend is short sighted. Of course, now with internet chat rooms and sites, you run into self proclaimed authorities, who have never put up a dime. If you don't like swinging and it makes you feel badly, you ought to get out of it.

I know this. When the judge said I am now $18,000 lighter, she didn't care about my style, or whether I had eastside people or west side people. The prosecutor asked the judge to give me six months in jail. When she heard that we closed the club she said she would settle for ninety days. Thank goodness, Judge Berry thought I would not need any further rehabilitation, since we closed the club. We want to thank the members who wrote letters to the judge and testified in my behalf.

I'm sure when the city eventually forced us to close, they may have had a moment of celebration, but if they want to keep their jobs, they have to stay busy. They have to have something to do. Pay attention. This is happening all over the country. You don't care if they close the clubs? When they are closed, they'll have a lot of time on there hands. They could be coming to a party that you're at. I have a list of attorneys, if you need one.

As advocates of the lifestyle, we are allowing local and national events on our site. Feel free to use our post its to help make your matches. Remember to be an informed voter this fall. Find out who is interfering with your freedoms and who supports them. Your vote counts. Good luck to all of you. We deeply miss the club and the relationships we have made. We have made great friends all over the country and out.

Thanks to the many great members who attended the club through over eight years, and particularly those who volunteered their free time to help make Club Chameleon a better place. We also had some great people work for us. We closed out with the best staff ever.

There were some great memories. If you have a sexy or funny story about something that happened to you, or something you saw at the club, we will be happy to publish it on our site. I'll bet we could come up with some interesting reading. You are still free to write and express your thoughts. After all, they can't stop you from thinking.

Best wishes,
Milo & Nancy

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