Visions Couples Convention
Tampa, Florida May 1-4, 1997

Dave of Liberated Christians, will be a presenter again this year, along with many others.

Visions 97 is designed to give new perspective to your primary a well as extended relationships. Experience the wild and crazy or the subtle, intimate side of swinging and polyamory with workshops, dances, seminars, erotic vendors and the opportunity to meet a wide range of people.

Monogamous couples also welcome but no singles, although sponsors other events which may include singles.

Convention cost is about $499 for 3 nights/4 days, including room and some meals. For more info call 561-460-6649 or write Ray & Holly, P.O. Box 12457, Fort Pierce, FL 34979-2457. Mention you heard about it from Liberated Christians.

Dave Will Present:
"Swing/Polyamory Without Guilt or Jealousy"
Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, swinging/polyamory is often difficult when most of society still thinks monogamy is the only moral choice. We believe in exploding the sex-negative myths in society in general and within Christianity in particular.

Our biblical and historical study is helping free many from a spiritual/emotional bondage of shame and guilt and enabling them to live more fulfilled lives in liberated, loving, sexual relationships. Guilt and Jealousy are the big two concerns many swingers have had to overcome to be emotionally comfortable in the lifestyle. Perhaps you can be helped or you might find some ideas helpful in sharing with others who need to overcome guilt or jealousy.

And a second presentation:

"More Fulfilling Swinging/Polyamory thru Intimacy"
Many women feel emotionally empty in the lifestyle because they seek more intimacy yet have to settle for sex. Intimacy is not the same as sex, as many men seem to think. Intimacy for many can make sex much more fulfilling. Tender loving touch can be enjoyed for its own sake, not just as foreplay. Or, foreplay can be more intimate instead of "ready-brace".

Dave will share ideas that have empowered couples in Liberated Christians Workshops to have more fulfilling intimacy both in their own relationships and in the lifestyle.

Bio: Dave co-founder of Liberated Christians, leads intimacy and massage workshops in Phoenix. In this safe, caring atmosphere couples are empowered to explore loving intimacy and responsible non-monogamy. Dave has extensive experience with the "Sex, Love & Intimacy" workshops of Stan Dale's Human Awareness Institute.

He writes extensively on various aspects of woman-empowering, intimate, sensual sexuality that is far more than just thrusting. Dave is professionally trained in Esalen massage and also specializes in teaching about G-spot stimulation, female ejaculation and has written extensive material on Christian biblical issues regarding sexuality.

Dave was very active in evangelical, conservative Christian ministries until taking a more serious look at biblical texts and now exposes the false sexual teachings based on mistranslation and misunderstandings of the bible.

He is editor of the Liberated Christians Newsletter, with over 3000 subscribers worldwide, and has been a presenter at many poly/swing conventions including Lifestyles, Reflections, Visions and Family Synergy as well as being a guest on various radio talk shows and in other ways sharing ideas..