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The History and Definitions of Swinging which is couples only

The history of the word "swinging" is that it was previously called wife swapping but "wife swappers" needed an easier name to describe the activity. As "wife swapping" gained popularity and media attention in the 1950's, the activity was changed to "swinging" and more recently "The Lifestyle"

So by saying your a single swinger your saying you are a single wife swapper...which doesn't make a lot of sense.

Swinging has its roots from U.S. Air Force fighter pilots during World War II. These men were wealthy enough to move their wives close to base, and the fact that their fatality rate was the highest of any branch of service led to an unusual social milieu in which non-monogamy between these pilots' wives and other pilots became acceptable. These arrangements persisted near Air Force bases throughout World War II and into the Korean War.

By the time the Korean War ended, these groups had spread from the bases to the nearby suburbs. The media picked up on them in 1957 and promptly dubbed the phenomenon ``wife-swapping.''

Supposedly there were also "key clubs" where husbands reportedly tossed their house keys into a pile in the center of the room where they were drawn at random by the wives. The owner of a selected key was the sexual partner for the evening.

Swinging has always been about couples - Every national swing convention in the U.S., and as far as I know of in the world, is couples only. Today marriage is less important so non-married "couples" have been generally accepted but some swingers prefer only to participate with married couples.

There are zillions of very good reasons why couples prefer couples. There are some single men that participate especially since clubs often have certain nights open to single men which raises lots of money since single men want so badly to participate. Those are the nights most "swingers" avoid, except for a few that do enjoy single men.

Sadly very few single women ever participate so the problem is zillions of single men wannabe's and very little demand. Some single guys do fine but they are the exception in the lifestyle. Since many women are Bi there is also a demand for single Bi women to participate, but technically whether man or women a single, is really not a "swinger" they just are allowed to participate with "swingers" (couples previously known as "wife swappers").

Another view further back in history of "Swinging"

The term "swinging" was first used by a Minister, who told his congregation there were weird people who were swinging back and forth from bed to bed, in the same manner as monkeys. He seemed to think they were doing something new but he was wrong! Even in Jesus' time it was common and acceptable behavior for the wealthy to have many wives, concubines and slaves for their sexual pleasure. Several women rulers availed themselves of their power also, by keeping male slaves and consorts to satisfy their sexual needs and desires. What was considered new and weird in our present unenlightened sexually- controlled society has been considered normal and acceptable conduct by even early Christians as well as many other religions, cultures and civilizations in history.

Africa, Iran Egypt, China and Japan were among many countries that have lived a "swinging" lifestyle for centuries. In France, during Queen Marie's time; wild orgies were the norm, until she lost her head for being a taker instead of a giver!

In more recent history, many world leaders -- even those of the religious community have openly or secretly enjoyed their sexuality while trying to deny others the same rights and opportunities.

Ben Franklin was known to be a nudist, while enjoying his sexuality by "swinging". In today's moral mud-slinging climate, this brilliant statesman would not be allowed to hold a political office. The moral majority today would have hung him out to dry, just as they did Gary Hart! Today, people are only considered worthy of public office if they can almost be considered for sainthood! In many cases it's just that they have been sneaky or secretive enough to keep their swinging natures from being known. (Adapted from "What Is The Swinging Lifestyle?" By Shirley Sez, S.&R. Productions)

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