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10/01/06 Swing Documentary looking for swinging couples

Amazing new documentary series seeks to explore the Lifestyle. People who play--- tell your story!

World of Wonder Productions, creators of the award-winning TRANGENERATION, THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE, VIVID VALLEY, and MONICA: BLACK AND WHITE, are embarking on their newest series- THE GROUP (working title) for the successful and widely acclaimed FX network.

Our experienced and award-winning producers are looking for married couples to speak on camera. This won’t be a talk show, nor a scripted ‘reality show’, nor a sensational magazine piece. Rather it will be an observational documentary series, ongoing and insightful; an upbeat look at relationships explored through the ever expanding world of adults at play. A kind of documentary drama. A portrait of modern marriage, with the backdrop of the lifestyle’s world.

The purpose of the show is not to focus on lifestyle events like parties, but to get to know couples and their thoughts and emotions. Why do they swing? What does play bring to their relationships? More passion, more friendship? Is partying just about fun and the physicality, or is it a different way of staying faithful? An evolved form of sex and commitment?

The series will seek to answer some big questions about marriage trust and the way things are between men and women in America in America in 2006. We know you have feelings about that.

This will be a classy documentary: fun, enlightening and exciting for everybody involved. And very, very stylish.

Sally King, World of Wonder’s casting coordinator is interested in speaking to any interested couples. You can call her directly 323-603-6300 ext. 236 or email her at

If you are interested in participating in this fascinating documentary series, please contact Sally ASAP.

Sally King
Casting Coordinator
World of Wonder
323-603-6300 ext. 236

Sally adds:
I fully understand that this is a very sensitive subject. The documentary I'm working on will in no way? sensationalize or exploit people. Our award winning production company only creates programs with integrity and isn't looking to shed a bad light on anyone. I really appreciate you offering to post information on your website and I've attached our one-sheet about the documentary for your site (quoted above). If you have any questions or can suggest anyone you know for this PLEASE give me a call.?
Again, thank you so much Dave,

LSO, Ltd. (The Lifestyles Organization) recommends this attempt at presenting the positive side of the world of swinging. Lifestyles is not associated with this group and has no financial or other interest in the project, but we are, always, interested in promoting the world of swinging.
Robert McGinley, Ph.D.
Chairman and President
LSO, Ltd.

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