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What is “Soft Swing”?


This is a term often used but different swingers seem to have different definitions. So lets examine what soft swing really is based on its historical use and understanding.

The “soft swing” term was invented and first used by Club WideWorld of Southern California back in the 70s to describe the club’s philosophy. At that time there were 19 swing clubs in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. Almost all were “hard core,” meaning, “drop your pants and panties at the door or don’t come.” The clubs wanted only people to attend who wanted sex, not just to watch others.

Club WideWorld had a different attitude, that of swinging as a social experience where guests, always couples, were there to meet and socialize as well as to engage in sex. There was no requirement or pressure to swing. The term Soft Swinging was used by the club in its advertising in the then Los Angeles Free Press (before the Internet).

Over the years, other clubs, not knowing the origin of the term, attached their own meaning. To some, it means sex with one’s mate only, though in a room where others are having sex. We consider this an incorrect definition, but each to their own as long as the meaning is made clear.

Source: NASCA Inside Report August 2001

Update - As of 2005 here is what we believe is the best current definition of soft swing:

Soft Swing means no penetration with anyone other than your own partner. Sometimes it means being able to touch and physically interact with others but with no penetration. It may or may not involve oral sex with others. People should be very specific about their boundaries and communicate it with potential contacts as well as agree as a couple what they are comfortable with each other doing. Sometimes it helps overcome the insecurity of jealousy in couples.. As in all swinging situations, you choose your own boundaries to suit you, and it's best to be as open about them as possible to ensure things don't go further than you feel comfortable with.



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