New Ways To Make Love - Liberator Shapes
This is only the 2nd product I've ever endorsed - first being Sybian which for years has given many women great orgasmic pleasure  I also link to Venus but have never used myself or endorsed but its a companion product to Sybian but for men.  

It has wide endorsements by sex therapists, and many others. I first heard about it from Sue Johanson's sex education program while in Canada. She is known as "the Sex Lady" in Canada. She says about Liberator Shapes "on our Hot Stuff Hibachi of Love, this product rates four sizzling briquets" On her List of Top 10 Sex Toys, she says, "The possibilities are endless and your mother in law will never guess what they are really for." There is also a bondage version of the shapes.

Liberator shapes assist in finding ideal positions.. The Liberator Wedge elevates a woman's buttocks to the perfect height for prolonged oral sex and/or G-spot stimulation. And a man's ability to deliver consistent and lasting oral and vaginal stimulation impresses most women far more than his penile size. They keep bodies relaxed and comfortable, which can make sex especially sex in a new, exciting position - last longer. Comes with a 44 - page illustrated guide packed with turn on techniques to keep the marathon sex flowing!

Dr. Stein author of "Passionate Sex" recommends Liberator Shapes that aren't just sex toys and have a scientific basis. "They enhance contact between the penis and the most sensitive spots of a woman's anatomy," she explains. "They're one of the most significant breakthroughs in sexual health I've seen recently."



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