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History - 1998 Phoenix Ordinance Making Swing Clubs Illegal

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Used to Justify the Phoenix Ordinance Outlawing Swing Clubs

I have been involved in the cities process from the beginning. In December 1998 with great cooperation from the Scottsdale based National Community Foundation - now renamed Community Defense Counsel (Christians with goal to help 1000 cities across America pass anti-sex laws to "protect neighborhoods and children) proposed making swing clubs illegal in Phoenix to protect the "health and morals" of citizens. One of their other main arguments was it was prostitution and clubs create crime in their areas. Obviously that made no sense, but neither does protecting neighborhoods and children. You don't need to have arguments that make sense when your fighting on religious moral grounds it seems.

There were.. 3 public hearings. I was at all of them and spoke against the law change (they also made new restrictive laws for strip clubs). Club C was there very well represented. I think it was Club C's lawyer, although not certain that even had researched police reports and showed that if you want to fight crime, close all the Circle K stores, not the swing clubs that had very low rates of police calls.

About 90% of all the speakers at all the public hearings and the final "big" overflow Council meeting were AGAINST the proposed law changes. The only speakers for the law was the representative from National Community Foundation and a few "church ladies" I remember one "little old lady" who was so upset with what was going on that she said she would move out of Phoenix if the law did not get passed since she doesn't want to live in such an immoral city that would allow these terrible clubs to operate.

At the final city council meeting after the last speaker was heard, their was a motion to pass the law and a "breathingtaking" fast roll call where despite all the overwhelming opposition it was UNANIMOUSLY approved on an EMERGENCY BASIS which means a dire health threat and bypasses the usual waiting period before goes into effect.

The ONLY club in my view that has really been "in there" in the fight to protect your rights as swingers is Milo and Nancy of Club C. The worst club that just wants to run and hide and pretend there is no issue is Guys and Dolls where Robert got very upset with me for my reports since it may discourage business, even though I point out clearly no customer is at risk, only the brave club owners fighting for swingers rights to enjoy these clubs in Phoenix

That is how it came about. The Community Defense Counsel is watching the Phoenix legal fight and I'm sure there are many other cities with its help in writing the Phoenix law are waiting for the Court results in Phoenix to enact the same or modified law based on Phoenix experience in the Courts, in zillions of cities across America.

In my view the only practical hope of solving the problem other than hoping for a favorable Court ruling is a referendum petition to get the issue to the voters. I use to think that was hopeless. But with the recent uproar of most about wasting police resources to fight victimless crimes (swing clubs, private sexworkers, $22,000 spent in drinks and tips at strip clubs), the public may have had enough and might actually vote to get rid of at least the swing club law but it would be a costly hard fight. At least the swing club law is only a Phoenix issue, vs. sexworkers which have both City and State laws that would have to be changed.

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