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Healing and Liberation: The Goal Of Liberated Christians Fellowship Group (no longer active)
How We Are Different From Just A Swing Club

While there is no longer the Phoenix Fellowship Group, these ideas can still be useful.

Our Culture & Traditional Christianity Wounds People Emotionally & Sexually
Our culture is full of tease, titillation, sexual repression and guilt. We lack especially women-centered, meaningful intimacy skills, sensual or sexual education. The result is often sexual abuse and sexual "wounding" of people. Women are often the most wounded and hurt by our lack of meaningful intimacy skills since they miss the caring, fulfilling intimacy that few men have a clue how to provide. Some women don't even know how to be fed intimately or sexually for maximum emotional and physical pleasure since they have seldom experienced such fulfilment. For example, from the letters we receive it is obvious that few people know such basic skills as g-spot stimulation.

Our Goal
Our goal at Liberated Christians is to try and offer a safe, loving place for those wounded to explore healing and communications as well as liberation from the sexual repression of our culture. Healing can be both emotional and spiritual. Recovery from the wounds of repressive anti-sex religious views is just as important as healing from physical sexual abuse. The results of both kinds of abuse are often the same.

We also seek to offer fulfilling sexual opportunities for those who escaped such wounding and repression in their backgrounds and don't need healing, but who just want to share with others and perhaps help those that have been repressed.

Hugging, caressing and psychological intimacy are wonderful parts of both the healing and the liberation process. Healing also occurs for many just by having friendships with open minded people and gradually becoming less inhibited with those where close friendship has developed. Even our fun parties are healing for many as well as an opportunity for those wanting to celebrate liberation to enjoy or explore loving sexuality options with other warm, loving, like minded couples.

Specific Healing Opportunities
In addition to our parties, periodically we offer, more formal, teaching/sharing sessions. For example, past sessions, which we can repeat as needed, have included: Breaking Your Barriers To Intimacy, Intimacy Through Esalen Massage, Introduction To Love, Intimacy & Sexuality Workshops, and Sexual Healing Thru Shamanic Teachings. Many other spiritual paths offer much more positive teachings on intimacy and sexuality than traditional Christianity. While we show how repressive Christian beliefs have no basis in scripture, we promote some of the healing and wonderfully intimate ideas and techniques from other beliefs without having to agree with their spiritual teachings. For example, we have special reports on how wonderful some of the Tantric and the Tao techniques are without embracing Hinduism. The same is true for Shamanic teachings and other sex- affirming, women-empowering beliefs.

Liberation Opportunities
For those not wounded or who are already cured of past sexual wounding we offer, if you so choose, a lifestyle free of body shame, free of prudish embarrassment about sexual issues, and to have the opportunity to enjoy your natural and wonderful sexual desire for sexual variety with others in addition to your primary partner. This lifestyle option we call responsible non-monogamy. It is a more intimate, other centered, lifestyle than traditional "swinging" which is often defined as simply recreational sex. This Liberation Lifestyle is wonderfully described in a "Manifesto" shared with us by Bert Clanton, a Stan Dale, Human Awareness Institute Workshop intern. As Christians we emphasize that the normalness and goodness of our sexuality that Bert describes is, in fact, God-given. Also, we are not so naive as to believe that we can achieve a perfect sexual community, free of all sexual violations or betrayal. Such failures need to be dealt with honestly and lovingly before God and our partners in terms of their spiritual and emotional implications.

HOW TO BE AN EDENIST by Bert Clanton
Your body is innocent, just as it is, just the way it naturally functions. Be completely at ease with your body and with all the things that it normally and naturally does. Never feel ashamed of your body or any of its natural functions. Don't feel embarrassed when other people see your naked body, Feel completely at ease being sexual or using the toilet in the presence of other people, if they won't be offended.

Other people's bodies are as innocent as your own. Be completely at ease with other people's bodies and with all the things that their bodies normally and naturally do. Don't be upset or offended when you see other people's naked bodies, or when you see them having sex or using the toilet.

Curiosity about our bodies is natural and innocent. Never suppress your natural curiosity about other people's bodies or how they work, or feel ashamed of your curiosity. Feel free to satisfy your curiosity in any way that's comfortable for other people, and feel free to satisfy other people's curiosity in any way that is comfortable for you. But when curiosity is satisfied, move on to other things. Be completely free of the shame-laden preoccupation with bodies and their functions that develops when people's instinctual interest in the body is shamed and concealed.

Affectionate touching is innocent and nurturing. Affectionate non-sexual touching and embracing can be a beautiful and supportive part of your communication with other people. Within our community, freely touch and embrace other people, thereby promoting a communal feeling of love and connectedness. Affectionate non-sexual touch is especially important for children, so within our community freely touch and embrace them.

Your sexuality is natural and innocent. Whatever you do sexually is innocent, so long as you do it with responsible concern for the well-being of others. Be completely at ease with all your sexual feelings and interests, and feel totally free of guilt about engaging in any kind of sexual activity or relationship, so long as you act responsibly: so long as

* no participant deceives anyone to get them involved in the activity or relationship;
* everyone involved is competent to give free informed consent, and gives such consent;
* the activity or relationship is not physically harmful or in itself psychologically traumatic to anyone engaged in it;
* everyone involved insures that appropriate measures are taken to prevent inappropriate pregnancy and the transmission of disease; and
* the activity or relationship does not endanger any existing viable intimate relationship.

Any form of sexual relationship is innocent, so long as you engage in it with responsible concern for the well-being of other participants. Feel free to be sexually involved purely for enjoyment or as an expression of committed love, in a long-term commitment or just for the moment, with one partner or more than one, with a partner of your same sex or the other sex, so long as your involvement is responsible, satisfying all the requirements proposed above. Feel free to choose among all these kinds of activities and relationships, taking into account your sexual orientation, your values, your preferences, your interests, and the circumstances of your life.

Pleasuring yourself sexually is innocent. Pleasure yourself whenever you feel like it. Don't be ashamed to be seen pleasuring yourself by anyone who will not be offended, and don't be offended or embarrassed when you see other people pleasuring themselves.

Being sexual with people other than your primary partner is innocent, so long as your partner freely and truly accepts your "outside" encounters or relationships. If you and your partner are both confident that having responsible sex with "outsiders" won't endanger your relationship, feel completely free to engage without guilt in "outside" encounters and relationships, and completely support your partner in enjoying the same freedom.

Speaking openly about your body and its functions is innocent. Don't be ashamed to speak freely and frankly about your body and any of its functions. If it's normal and natural to do something, feel comfortable talking about doing it.

Honest communication about your sexual feelings is innocent. When you feel sexually attracted to someone, feel free to communicate your feelings openly, but in a way which assumes no obligation by the other person to return your feelings or to act on them. When other people let you know that they are sexually attracted to you, accept their interest as a compliment, but don't feel obligated to return their feelings or to act on them.

Children's bodily curiosity is natural and innocent. Be completely at ease with the curiosity that children of all ages have about their own and others' bodies, and particularly about their sexuality. Be completely at ease with the exploratory behavior that this curiosity naturally evokes. Always respond to their questions about sex in an honest and accurate way, appropriate to their capacity for understanding. Encourage your children to explore their developing sexuality responsibly, in ways that are voluntary, consensual, and harmless for every participant.

Teenagers' sexuality is innocent, so long as they express it responsibly. Be completely at ease with the developing sexuality of teenagers, but teach your sons and daughters to be emotionally and biologically responsible in their sexual interactions while they are being sexually free and uninhibited. At every stage of their growing up, completely accept for them the degree of sexual freedom commensurate with their demonstrated biological and emotional responsibility.

Enjoying erotic productions is natural and innocent. Feel completely free to enjoy sexually explicit pictures, performances, and stories without shame or guilt, and be completely at ease enjoying the arousal that they may evoke.

A community which lives in such natural innocence is a community worth establishing and protecting in the world. Don't try to impose this freedom, openness, and candor on anyone who finds it abhorrent, but adamantly reject and oppose any attempt by anyone to restrict your practice of body-acceptance and responsible sexual freedom within our community. Work to establish an ever-widening community of people who share with you this belief in our natural innocence as embodied beings, and who act and speak in their personal lives with responsible freedom. Work to establish a worldwide humane culture which teaches, practices, and celebrates this innocence, responsibility and freedom.

2005 by Bert Clanton. Permission is hereby granted to republish this document in hard-copy or electronic form, provided that the full document is published without editing or omission, and that this copyright notice is included in full as an integral part of the published document.

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