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Phoenix Couples Group - Not active since 1997 but info about it may be of interest

We had a active Phoenix Couples group for over 3 years and over 350 people attended intros, workshops and parties. But we have not had a local group, since 1997.

While the Phoenix Couples Group was very successful Bill and I got burned out doing most of the organization work, leading workshops, intros etc. We did have a great committee that helped with refreshments some great party hosts. We turned over the leadership to other couples but interested faded quickly when it became more like just a swing party and coffee's group.

It has been falsely reported by some and on Wikipedia that " The group has also suffered from controversy from inside. The couple's group, which at one point had over 350 members fell apart around 1997, after the two main leaders had disagreements about the direction and focus of the group."

This is an absolute lie.  There was no disagreement about the focus.  Bill totally supported my more intimacy interests and I totally supported his bible study interest which continued for awhile and I participated when they continued briefly after the main group was turned over to other leadership.

Bill is only interested in working with sincere Christians that have a serious interest in the Christian aspect, while I have broader interests, especially regarding physical intimacy not just talking about biblical issues.

I have decided not to be active in swinging or polyamory, nor do more swing convention speaking, unless I find the right participating partner, which seems to be less and less likely each year!

We continue to have a very large Swing and Polyamory Cyber Research Center which averages about 3000 visitors a day at  but no local groups.


Previous Phoenix Workshops & Group Activities
For those not in Phoenix use ideas in forming your own local group

Phoenix Workshops/Group

Requirements and activities overview.

Reflections on Intro Group

"Loving More" reflections on one intro group, an open letter to participants after great meeting.

Healing & Liberation

Goals Of Liberated Christians & How We Are Different from a "Swing Club" the Edenist Manifesto by Bert Clanton.

February 97 Group News

New intro, lots of insights from communication workshop including couple-centric discussion and about types of intimacy needed before seek sex with others

Intimacy Workshop

"Room of Love" Goal Including Ideas of Nancy of Anakosha/The Sanctuary In Florida and discussion of types of intimacy from October 96 workshop

Intimacy Meeting Handout

Used for private discussion time between couples and then sharing in larger group setting. Result was very good group discussion.

Communications Workshop

Communications and intimacy beyond the physical invitation, description, and handout which resulted in almost 4 hours of discussion and support between couples.

Biblical Workshop

Invitation used for first Biblical group meeting which resulted in very favorable response and a number of followup meetings afterwards.

Introductory Meeting

Sample invitation for required 3 hour introductory meeting

Massage Workshop

Sample invitation for massage workshop

Single Mens Group

Sample invitation for single mens group

Sexual Intimacy & LC Parties

Discussion of sex and intimacy with every Liberated Christians party announcement

Reflections on Party For
Mild & Wild

Dave's discussion of one of first "wilder" Lib Christian parties with observations and suggestions

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