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Basics of Male Sexual Stimulation As Nature intended
Arousal & Erection

Arousal is controlled by the brain and based on genetics and other factors different stimulus arouses different people. We have no choice in what is arousing to us.

In a male, if he sees or reads something that excites him sexually, the messages are transmitted to the portion of the brain that controls sexual response. Initially this does not create an erection but an electrical impulse is transmitted to the tiny cowpers glands, located along the sides of the urethra. These glands produce a few drops of the clear slippery fluid that forms at the tip of the penis. The function of this fluid is to act as a lubricant for sexual intercourse. It's pH level is high (perhaps to decrease the acidity of the vagina increasing likelihood of sperm survival), and its very slippery (to help enter the vagina).

At this early stage or arousal the man suddenly feels very good, psychologically as the brain is flooded with natural chemicals (endorphins) that are very enjoyable and make the man want to continue to sexual arousal. The reason pornography sells well and strip dancers are so enjoyed by men is because it often elicits this response of physiological well-being. In gay men, the arousal mechanism works the same, but the object of sexual attraction is another man.

Erection occurs after a period or arousal. In young men it may be often very soon after initial arousal and without any need for manual stimulation of the penis. As men age, arousal can continue indefinitely without erection which may need additional manual help. Erection occurs when the spongy tissues of the penis are engorged with blood. There is one large primary artery bringing blood into the penis, and several smaller veins that drain blood out of the penis. When not sexually stimulated there is a balance of blood flow in and out and the penis is flaccid. However, when stimulated, the artery becomes wide open, the heart rate and blood pressure increase and more blood is pumped into the penis. At the same time, valves in the veins controlling the outflow are squeezed shut so the penis enlarges. As men age, sludge builds up in the artery and blood inflow slows. Smoking makes this worse and alcohol decreases the ability of the nervous system to close off the valves in the veins. Keeping physically fit is just as beneficial to ones sexual heath as it is for good heart, lungs and other body organs.

Learning how to lengthen the arousal and erection period while delaying orgasm is an important part of maximizing sexual pleasure. As the erection proceeds, the physical sensations become increasingly more and more exciting, and the psychological pressure to ejaculate becomes more and more intense. The ideal is to keep the stimulation just below the level required to ejaculate while learning to deal with the increasing psychological pressure to ejaculate. Like driving a racing car closer and closer to the wall at ever higher speeds, the psychological pleasure becomes more and more intense, the longer the arousal can be maintained without ejaculation, but the greater the enjoyment for the man. Furthermore, the longer ejaculation can be delayed, the more pleasure can be shared with the woman, who usually requires a much longer period to become fully aroused. A woman can also remain sexually stimulated and enjoy sexual pleasure far longer than the man and often can have multiple orgasms without the refractory period that most men require after ejaculation.

Frequent ejaculation is needed for healthy sexual function. In young men ejaculation typically occurs at least once a day either by having sex or masturbation. As we age, frequency becomes less but varies greatly. If you are not properly using your sexual organs nature provides a last resort - wet dreams. This is the body's natural way of keeping healthy if you don't exercise your sex organs as nature intended. Lack of frequent ejaculation can lead to prostate blockage and other problems. Our sexual organs are designed for use and enjoyment, not to be considered shameful or to produce guilt when we express our natural sexual responses.

While this discussion involves male sexuality, for women the mechanics are slightly different but the healthy benefits and good feelings are similar. We have discussed female sexuality in detail in other articles, including G-spot orgasms etc.

Some of the above information is from a great article "Understanding Male Sexuality" which is found on the web whose address I have lost!   6/16/06 Thanks to an E-mail the link which is really great is now

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