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Promoting Intimacy and Other-Centered Sexuality

Eros Institute Sexual Resources For Women Award
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Sex & Sensuality Education For Pleasure

Childhood Sex Education Section - Includes links to articles about honesty in child sex education, the terrible results of abstinence mandated teachings that result in higher srd rates, a teenager view he is well adjusted despite his natural interest in porn and much more.
Clitoris captured alive and well Female Breast Massage For Breast Cancer Help & Prevention
Congress Lies about Porn
Proving they hate and fear sex
 Great Sex Education Site: & Dave's Review
Masturbation 'cuts cancer risk' 9/17/06 Age of Consent Discussion
 The Uniqueness of Human Female Sexuality vs Other Mammals  Internet Porn Not for Rapists.

3 related sites with a great deal of educational material regarding sexual techniques and advice for both sexes. Some very good articles

Some serious, some fun, written with wisdom and humor for adults
by Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., nationally recognized sexologist

Sexual Dysfunction & Survey Stuns & Dave's Comments

No wonder there is so much male frustration since so few women want sex. Of course some women in swinging try to make up for the rest

The G Spot And Female Ejaculation

Facts that every man and women should know combined with a powerful true love story made this one of our most helpful and meaningful articles for many readers.

Sybian for Women

The very popular Sybian can help sensitize the G and for about 75% of women provides "best ever" orgasms.

Venus for Men

Oral Sex For Men (Fellatio)

The Healing Powers of Sex

Masturbation For Good Health

Promiscuity linked to stronger immune system

The  Clitoris 
Lots of education and humor with many good links including some very humorous ones which you could spent a lot of time on.

     Marty Klein, Ph.D
Marty Klein has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor and Sex Therapist for 24 years. His entire career has been aimed toward a single set of goals: telling the truth about sexuality, helping people feel sexually normal and powerful, and supporting the healthy sexual expression and exploration of women and men.  Marty also publishes the Sexual Intelligence Newsletter which is very good.

The myth of monogamy
According to studies of the animal world, most of us are naturally inclined to "cheat"

Russia's New Sex Freedoms
 but old ways of religion result in huge problems

Foreign View of our silly preoccupation with sex and Monica

Adult Toy Guide

More Than You Might Have Wanted To Know About Clothespins

Basics of Male Sexual Stimulation As Nature Intended:
 Arousal & Erection

Mother Promote Sex Knowledge
Vatican Ignorance

Impotence Can Be Fun!..?
Plus How To Avoid

Sex After 35 - Why Its Different, Why It Can Be Better

Good Sex Is Learned - Not Natural

Orgasm Like Sneeze,
Foreplay Not Ready Brace & Penis Size

Genital Shaving: Sensuous
and Healthful For Women

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