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Impotence Can Be Fun!..?
A Terribly Important and Socially Relevant Article by Julia

Tragedy of males species. Affront to sexual intimacy. Affliction upon the rich & poor alike...yes, I am talking about....

Scary that makes you guys say "EWWW, Jules, we do NOT wish to handle that subject today." Well, listen up, boys, we are addressing the Scourge of Mankind and doing it now, but guess what, this is aimed at helping your ladies deal with the "problem", not you, for once. So stick a sock in it (ow)! Sit back and let the wimmenfolk have our discussion. Not that we're not grateful for the many subjects Bill and Dave have dealt with, BUT....

Any sensitive partner realizes that periods or episodes of impotence can be devastating to the male ego. Barring physical problems - prostate, hypertension, adverse reactions to medications, let's face it....STUFF HAPPENS. And it happens when we least expect it so it really behooves us to be ready to react in a way that encourages and uplifts (sorry, guys) our partner. Hoping things will clear up is not the way. Ignoring the problem is not the way.
I'm not going to get into an extensive clinical/psychological study here; there are books aplenty out there. In my experience, impotence that has no medical cause can be dealt with using:


Yes, laughter, as gross as that may seem! If you can relax enough with your lover to the point of being comfortable enough to actually make love, you certainly should be relaxed enough by then to inject a little humor into the situation - not the "Ho ho ho, here we go again", type of attitude, but the "Hey, it's okay, let's work with this and have as much fun with it as we can!", attitude. It helps to look at an impotent episode as an opportunity rather than a disaster. Yes, opportunity! An opportunity to show your lover that you accept him in any way, shape or form. An opportunity to give your lover as much pleasure as he can take without expectations of something in return.

Clinically speaking, a male is capable of an orgasm without the benefit of an erection - but this isn't widely known, since so many couples tend to give up at the first sign of trouble.

Personally speaking.... although I don't welcome impotence as a regular part of our lovemaking, I do cherish the time we have as a way to show my lover how very precious he is to me. When his first instinct is "Oh, well", mine is "Let's keep going".

Time and space and good taste are going to keep me from directly addressing "What to do for your lover". We at Liberated Christians are committed to keeping away from the tease and titillation that permeates other publications - but I would like to offer any help I can on a private level.

Peace & Love!

Every Man's Worst Sexual Fear: IMPOTENCE !

Most all men lose the ability to maintain an erection or have softer erections starting anywhere between age 35 and 65. Often it starts around age 40 but may be so gradual to be unnoticed for many years. Or, it can come and go with no psychological or physical explanation. Or for some it can be the results of physical problems, stress or emotional factors. But often, it is simply the natural result of aging. Complete impotence however, is usually the result of a physical problem that often can be treated. Some medication can also cause impotence, especially hypertension drugs. Diabetes is also a frequent culprit.

Since most men don't talk about such things, a man may often think he is the only one and feel embarrassed with his partner. The good news is that for most men they can remain sexually active for the rest of their lives, but they have a adjust to softer erections and find it harder to get and maintain erections. But the response differs greatly between men.

For most men without any specific physical problems gradually decreasing potency can be an opportunity to learn more intimacy. Believe it or not, men, many women welcome the change. Couples often learn more intimacy and sensuality that they missed when they were younger and "hot". I know one woman who never new the full realm of sexuality until she met an impotent lover who was sexually more exciting than any potent man she had ever been with.

Suggestions for keeping your potency include:
Eat a low-fat diet: Lose weight if you need to, exercise regularly, control your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and you will stop the progressive decrease of blood flow in the penile arteries.

Stop Smoking: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention study, current smokers are 50 percent more likely to report impotence than former smokers or those who have never smoked. Smoking contributes to hardening of the arteries. "Quitting is one of the most important things you can do to avoid the early onset of impotence", says Dr. Sheldon Burman, director of the Male Sexual Dysfunction Institute of Chicago.

Skip the happy hour: Alcohol, a depressant, inhibits your reflexes and your ability to become aroused. The spirt may be willing, but the flesh will be weak.

With prevention and treatment, there is no reason a man cannot have a fulfilling sex life as long as he lives.

Nightly Erections Are Important
BOSTON (WNS) The average man has four or five erections every night, lasting about 45 minutes each. All that activity serves an important purpose. "The possible function of nighttime erections is to give the penis the oxygen it needs to function normally," says Irwin Goldstein, MD., of the Boston University School of Medicine. Without oxygen, nerves and blood-vessel linings can't make nitric oxide, an element crucial in creating an erection. Most men have sex about six times a month - not enough to provide adequate oxygen.

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