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Great Sex Education Site:
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The low down on sex technique. Sex for as long as you want using male orgasm control. G-spot and Clitoris massage for female orgasm. Diagrams, exercises, full explanations.

Dave's Review

While much of the G spot information I have in much more depth with a lot more about female ejaculation at  the site is great. Not only for a great summary of G spot massage but for clitoral stimulation, great charts, premature ejac ideas for guys.

I especially like these comments:
Orgasm and ejaculation are controlled by the prostate muscle. Like any muscle, it needs to be exercised. If you go for a long time without orgasm, say four weeks or more, the health of your prostate may be suffering. To remedy this, just masturbate.

No Sex before the Hunt
Mojo is why some sports coaches swear by making sure their players don't have sex before an important game. This phenomenom has also been noted in some hunting cultures where people religiously avoid sex before the hunt. But it's not really about sex; it's about orgasm. If you haven't orgasmed for 3 days, your mojo will be high, along with your general drive and aggression. If you have an orgasm 30 minutes before a game, you'll be satisfied, but drowsy, with low drive and low mojo.
For years I've used these ideas in my masturbation is good for your health and in my article on premarital sex is not a biblical conflict info I send to lots of Christian young people (often women) that E-mail me on these issues. I relate since when I was a teenager I was a very conservative Christian and when I "discovered" masturbation by rubbing on the bed, my first orgasms were very painful as was my first intercourse experience. I later learned I had prostate blockage by abusing my body by not having sex as our bodies are designed - not abusing our bodies by abstinence.

Also on the aggression issue, I quote a study showing the more sexual repressed a culture is the more violent it is through out history.

They also have a good section in the sex questions about Can't reach orgasm (male) and female. This is more my "problem" and I hear from others with these issues since I am so open about it. I rarely orgasm from intercourse can usually stay hard a long time - this is good to please a women in long sessions, but a bit awkward with a new friend, to have to eventually say how much I enjoy it but the goal isn't to cum, since I won't. Often when I do the women relaxes and can just enjoy it more without the pressure to get me off.

They also have a very good resource section to great eduational sites for both male and female sexualtiy.

I heard about the site from this e-mail:
Hi Dave
We are a couple living in Dublin, Ireland and we really appreciate your alternative Christian view on sex and sexuality.

Like you, we know there are so many people out there who could benefit from improving their sex lives. We also believe in offering quality sex info for free.

Over the years we've discovered quite a few things about sex technique and we set up a site to share our knowledge with people.

We have detailed material on G-spot massage, Clit massage, and for the guys, orgasm control techniques to help with premature ejaculation. Our site has no popups, no porn, all free content and tasteful diagrams drawn by our resident artist, Masha.

Would you consider linking to our site?

We've placed a link to your site from ours, its on our resources page.

Thanks and happy Christmas
Luke and Noelle
Dublin, Ireland

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