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The purpose of Liberated Christians is not to just publish newsletters and have a nice web site. Our goal is to help real people, especially Christians deal with the issues. Sometimes sharing real experiences instead of theological or philosophical theories can be the best motivation and help to others. Therefore, we publish without any identifying information some of the hundreds of letters and E-mails we receive in hopes by sharing real life experiences of others it can help a wider range of people than just our "preaching" and teaching via newsletters and materials on the web site. We publish some letters that are very positive about us, not to gloat, but to help others realize that there are many Christians struggling with these issues and encourage you that other Christians are finding a great deal of relief when they realize the truth regarding biblical sexuality.

To protect privacy no identifying personal information or last names will ever be revealed unless permission is given.

Bill's Childhood Sexuality Article Continues to Receive Many Letters:
Subject: Childhood Sexuality Followup to Earlier

Hello. I read your article posted on usenet and couldn't agree more. I am now 19, male. When I was growing up, my parents never discussed anything with me. Its wrong, they'd say, and change the subject. Now, having had only two girlfriends and still a virgin, I wonder, is it my fault? Is it my fault that I am 19 and have never really had a chance to express my sexuality other than to myself? I feel that growing up I basically have had to teach myself from right and "wrong", "moral and immoral", and have come to the conclusion to say screw all the religious foney baloneys. I agree 100% that they fear sex because its the one thing that drives them crazy. Perfect example, Jimmy Swaggert. He was against pornographic magazines, saying that these "devil" tools drive people to rape and think dirty thoughts. The truth is that that's what those magazines made HIM think and feel, and the whole time he's there picking up hookers at 7-eleven's. I just hope now that since I think I've finally have developed my "sexual conscious" I can find someone who will help me further explore my feelings. It sucks having missed such a crucial part of my life, and that's why I must ask, is it my fault?...

"Thank you for all the fine work you have done. The Nov/Dec issue was excellent especially the report on The Cult of Childhood. It was right on the mark in describing some of the inconsistencies and ignorance being used in our culture today in raising children. A woman on a TV report said it best as she was speaking before a group on school sex education. She stated the idea of "sexual abstinence" for teens being compared to "just say no to drugs" was ridiculous, "I don't ever want my kids to do drugs but I DO want them to have sex some day." Sex is not something that just turns on at age eighteen or on the wedding night, it is a contiguous learning process.

In my own childhood, I was ignorant as to why I was different than the other boys. I was uncircumcised when most of the boys were circumcised. I was unarmed against their teasing and they too were ignorant. It was not a question I could ever bring up to my parents because there just no communication on that. We were taught that anything to do with our private parts was dirty and should be kept covered up. Even up to around age 13 1 thought that sex did not cause baby conception but something else did. I didn't know what. After watching television stories, they portrayed the couples as being surprised that they were pregnant. If they were having sex wouldn't they know they would make a baby? What I didn't know then was that conception doesn't always happen from each sex act and that people could actually use birth control. No wonder they would be surprised when one slipped into the oven' Some friends finally convinced me of that. Like most kids I got all my sex education from peers. Not one iota from parents, school, or church. It was a small town, conservative rural area and very few of the kids were sexually active even. Petting and kissing was about the extent of action. At about seventeen I was starting to get information from other sources. Penthouse for one but I did get hold of a book called The Sex Book which was intended to be a education book for parents to share with their kids. So the definitions and mechanics of sex started failing in place. But the days of innocent experimentation were over and gone forever replaced by expectations to be and act like an adult man.

Two of the main things that could have made it better would have been better education and social nudity. The nudity would have overcome those needless body fears and opened up communication. The education would have helped overcome the mistakes from ignorance. The worst thing is that I see the same mistakes still being made out there. Rising numbers of divorce and percentage of single adults show that something is not going right."


"There is still a lot of ignorance and denial out there concerning the issue. By denial, there are too many adults who ignore or don't want to know what children are saying about sex. They only want to push what they think is the way it ought to be. This week there was a TV news report about the American Family Association (I think) and their push to discredit the forty year old Kinsey Report. Their justification is that parts of the Report research were flawed and that any idea that children have sexuality is based on that flawed research. Therefor all school sex education programs should be discontinued, etc. They deny the personal experiences of millions of people in an effort to hold power over the youth. Many parents are feeling powerless to face the challenges of raising kids today so they buy into whatever sounds like it will give them some power back. The message of Loving one another as one loves themselves has never been more needed."

(From Dr. Stephen B. Mason, Lifestyles Director and Mind of Man talk show host who interviewed Bill about the Childhood Sexuality paper)

"Readers were asked for feedback regarding the "Cult Of Childhood" article by Bill Paris. Please Include my name along with those who wrote to praise the author for both his honesty and his courage. I suspect that if Bill were in Salem during the 162019, he would have been the only one to stand up and say: There are no witches!

As the 21st century nears, America finds itself locked in a dark age of human sexuality. Right wing zealots, radical feminists, government agencies, religious fanatics, public schools and now even orthodox medicine have joined in a wages of sin condemnation of Intimacy. The physical passion responsible for the very existence of homo sapiens on the planet Earth, has become a synonym for prostitution, rape, violence, harassment, molestation and the latest addition to this litany of doom and gloom - AIDS. Rarely, if ever, do the opinion makers and the self appointed guardians of morality link the sexual urge with pleasure, fun, natural wholesomeness and the joy of living. Sex is viewed with such suspicion and perceived as such a threat that the government is ever more called upon (and it seems to need ever less calling) to invade the bedrooms of its citizens and protect them from themselves. In fact, this regression towards fascism may now be found censoring the production of films and videos, the publishing of books and magazines, even the electronic bits and bytes of computer communications.

Protecting children is the emotional appeal behind which much of this ambush on the First Amendment lurks. But while such sentiment may have high face value, the inherent logic found therein is strictly limited to that of a bumper sticker. Yet, despite this common denominator approach and the total lack of any legitimate evidence, the U.S. Supreme Court has recent ruled that all television programing with a sexual content must be confined to that midnight through 6:00 a.m. ghetto period when anyone still awake must be beyond redemption anyway. In effect, this puts the parents in the same playpen as the kids. Just how the repression of the present adult population can possibly be of any advantage to the future adult population is never made clear and the fact that any trade of realized freedom for imagined security will almost certainly result in the loss of both be damned!"

Jewish Perspective
Hi Dave- It's great to see the promotion of a healthy mental attitude regarding sex and the exploration of pleasure. The biblical myths about sexuality are not limited to Christians, however. For instance, in the Jewish religion, sex is considered a woman's weekly chore.. and a woman is deemed unclean, and unfit for holding out in public while menstruating. It's a crime, in my opinion to stuff our children's heads with such crap. My daughter is 5 and knows that she has a 'gina', and her brother has a penis. She also knows it's great to touch yourself in private and all people need private time. I was taught that sex was dirty, and a woman's duty was to submit and scrub afterward. Thankfully I rebelled at this thinking and began to explore my own sexuality at 13. I think that if I was allowed to learn more about it verbally at home first, I would not have had to fuck my way through the 8th grade to learn about who I was and what I needed. The bottom line? Open communications with our kids will not promote promiscuity, it will prevent it. (take that, churches and synagogues!). Please continue to open up topics of sexuality for discussion - I think you are doing a heroic thing. -Beth

Can No Longer Receive Our Newsletter Out Of Fear
The data you sent me was good and I printed it out. The problem is my wife called from work and said she had talked to someone at work about the net and wanted me to teach her how to use it. So, I can't have you sending any E-mail newsletters to me. If she saw what you sent me it would be divorce time! Really... I am involved in a very sexless marriage due to years of molestation when she was a child. Otherwise a great lady! So, please drop me from your list.

A View Of Body Perfection from an Internet post, but also very much reflects the view of Dave:
"I've found that, the more people I've had sex with, the less critical I've become about appearance (and, well, I was never that critical to begin with...) Not sure why that is, except to say that perhaps the media treatment of sex is very different from the reality of it and my priorities. Take Playboy, for example. You get to see pictures of thin people with all the flaws airbrushed away. But you can't have sex with the picture either - it's not reality. Yet we assume that this presents the ideal we should seek in female partners.

I think many people get caught up in what they SHOULD be attracted to, based on what the media says they should be attracted to. For example, why is it that blonde hair is considered so desirable in this culture? Is it because it's inherently prettier, or because our peers told us it was prettier?

The fact is that genital contact in sex pretty much feels the same whether one's partner is large or skinny. Furthermore, someone can be just as witty or intelligent as a large person than as a skinny person. So really, where does this common male preference for thin women come from, if not from the same mechanism that preference for blonde hair comes? Preference for thin people doesn't exactly cut across all cultures - it's something we're more or less succeptible to based on how succeptible we are to the opinions of others in general". Dave's notes: in times past it was the heavier-wide hipped women that was considered much more sexual and better able to have children that men sought. I've had terribly unfulfilling sex with very attractive women, and have had some wonderful intimate sexuality with women not the ideal by our cultural standards.

Liked our Articles on the Internet
I've read some of your articles posted on the net. The information provided is by far the most valuable, mature and open minded information I've seen regarding human sexuality.

Nonoxynol-9 Sensitivity/Allergy?
In an earlier issue we discussed the reactions a few women have to nonoxynol-9 but we didn't have any information on male allergic problems. Here is an Internet post from a man that is sensitive to non-9:

"When my fiancee and I were just starting to get personal, we tried out different brands and varieties of condom, and she surprised me with a Nonoxynol-9 insert. I was thrilled for about 5 minutes, and then I was REALLY IN A LOT OF PAIN and ran off to the bathroom to find out why my penis was on fire. Ruined the mood, I can tell you that. She didn't feel any pain (perhaps disappointment and frustration) at all. My major theory at this point is that I didn't squeeze all of the gel spermicide out of the receptacle tip and that thrust managed to force the gel into my urethra, where it caused serious irritation and immense physical pain. Anyway, I peed it out in a few hours (I helped it out by drinking a lot of water right away) and it went away. I tried a couple of strange and embarrassing ways of "plugging up" the hole so it wouldn't get in and irritate things, but they really didn't work. Then we tried a non-9 condom and the same thing happened. We decided to give up on the spermicide and go with just plain lubed condoms. I wish I knew of a better spermicide but it seems like that's the most common one... looking for an alternative didn't get us far."

I replied suggesting Eurogel which solves the problem in women by having a larger molecule form of non-9.

Response to Genital Shaving Article:
"The article about genital shaving hit home. My stepmother taught me at a very early age that pubic hair holds moisture that promotes bacteria. So, I started shaving my public area in my teens, and have continued almost non stop ever since. I found that public hair decreases sensitivity in both men and women. It is almost like you have a shot of novocaine in your genitals. Besides, a clean shaven body, either male or female, just looks more beautiful. Not to mention, there is much less offensive body odor." (from a woman)

Premature Ejaculation Solution
I found a product that helps men that suffer from Premature Ejaculation. I have struggled with this problem for many years. Last year I saw a piece on TV in which guys were using prozac to control their PE. I contacted a local urologist and he prescribed some similar drug. It didn't work for me all that well. Just made me real mellow. I have always thought that my problem was that I was just real sensitive. Well I found a product on the internet called "Longevity." When it arrived I tried it and it worked. However, I also recognized the smell and the shape of the bottle. What it actually is, is Maximum Strength Anbesol which you can buy at your local drug store for about 1/3 of what they charge you!!! But it was worth it. Ambesol works great as long as you let the alcohol evaporate off your penis before making any contact with her vagina. I know this is probably not a "real solution" to many men's problems with PE but it sure made our sex life a lot better. Now, she usually reaches her climax before I do.

In response to our periodic Internet posting of our long Sybian article: "Hi Dave, Well that was the most enlightening piece of reading I ever came across! Thanks for the info!!!"

Natural Sex Report
In prior newsletters we did extensive reporting on our Natural Sex for Men and Women survey of readers that tried the product. Here is an update from a previous report we published:
A few months ago I shared my personal results with Natural Sex. At that time I had tried taking two a day, and than various "overdoses" over the course of a month or so with no really noticeable effect. I continued taking at least one a day however, sometimes two, and I can say that now after about four months I can report definite "results".
Dave's Note: For some men it seems to take much longer than for others to get the effect of more free testosterone in the system.

The Mixed Problem of Overweight & Sexual Shame
One of the most common concerns we get from couples contacting us about our Phoenix Fellowship Group is women who are concerned about being overweight or in other ways not having the perfect body. In our group, we are just normal people, mostly middle aged and of all body types and shapes. All are welcome and its often those that are the most concerned at first that find the love and acceptance of the lifestyle very liberating. But you have to take the first step and accept yourself. Yes, losing weight may also be good for you and we do encourage it, but not to the extent it might damage your health otherwise. There are many overweight people who are much more healthy at their weight than if they tried a diet that often results in failure. On the other hand, avoiding fat, reasonable reducing calories and working out can help many people both physically and emotionally. A typical letter we get from women says, "I am overweight and losing about 2 lbs a week. I have found that when I feel loved, I lose better or easier. I have been inhibited by shame because of Christian beliefs in the past. I want to get beyond the shame."

Many People Can't Enjoy Smoke Filled Clubs
At Liberated Christians all or events are nonsmoking. People who need to smoke can go outside at breaks, etc. I have a sign in my living room that says "I don't mind if you smoke here...But please don't exhale!" Since I hardly know anyone who still smokes and its not been a problem at our meetings, I forget it can be an issue in other clubs as the following E-mail notes:
Last weekend my husband and I attended our first "social" at a local swing club. We were encouraged to attend the afternoon get acquainted session as well as the new couples orientation prior to the social. Went for the get acquainted session and found that the majority of couples in attendance smoked. Both my husband and I are avid non-smokers. There were two air cleaners in the room and so we hoped it wouldn't get too nasty. Our hopes were not realized. We took a 45 minute break before the orientation (held in the same area) to get a breath of fresh air. I barely made it through the orientation because of the smoke and was completely unable to attend the social because of a raging headache. My husband went to it for an hour or so. He reported back that the air was practically blue with smoke. We really do not think we can tolerate this on any kind of regular basis. Have others run into this problem? And, if so, how have they handled it? The people we met were very nice and it was enjoyable to converse with them, but both my husband and I agree that the smoke-filled atmosphere will be a definite deterrent to us. Are there such things as smoke-free swing clubs? How do you suggest we handle this? - From Gasping in the Heartland
Dave's comments: Any suggestions from readers, other than wearing an oxygen mask that would get in the way of oral sex!

Those No Condom Catholics Again
Nairobi, Kenya (AP) -- Kenya's top Roman Catholic church official burned condoms and safe sex literature Saturday (31 August 1996) in a ceremony organized by a group opposed to contraception and sex education. About 250 people watched as Cardinal Maurice Otunga and two gynecologists prayed and sang before setting fire to several boxes of condoms and 100 copies of pamphlets promoting safe sex. The pamphlets encouraged condom use to fight the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Dave's comments: It seems incomprehensible that responsible people would take this approach to AIDS in Africa. But Catholic dogma holds that the use of contraception is immoral. But as Russell said (Society for Human Sexuality mailing list [] Sept. 2, 1996):

"Lets face it. The Catholic white male clergy who set dogmatic rules such as 'the use of contraception is forbidden' basically lead cushy, luxurious lives, and they haven't exactly benefited from the sort of well-rounded education which might help them understand that there are 5 billion people on the planet, and that many of them are living in misery due to (overpopulation). The Catholic Church DOES, in fact, gain political and financial power by banning contraception, as offspring of parents of one religion tend to follow that religion, and banning contraception for Catholics means that Catholics will have more offspring. Fortunately, although I grew up Catholic, I'm now a Pagan, and its no longer my duty to defend excrement like this."

Bill's comments: In some African countries, including Uganda which I have visited, Protestant clergy are actively involved in promoting HIV protection, including the use of condoms.

Penis Shortening Desire
This is no joke. Every sexual relationship that I have been in ends after one or two rolls in the hay because my penis is too long and ends up bruising my partner's cervix. Is there anything that I can do to shorten my penis while in its erect state?

Um. I've heard of devices that are shaped like a soft doughnut that go around the base of the penis. The doughnut acts as a "bumper" preventing the full length from entering the woman. Or, you could try changing positions to one with more shallow penetration. --Susan from Hawaii.

Female condom, from discussion with active sexuality group from
University of Washington:
"I've tried the female condom, and if it wasn't so expensive I'd use it MUCH more often. It's a big improvement over regular condoms in many ways. You can put it in and leave it there for the entire session, regardless of erection or whether you're fucking at the moment. The male gets more friction sensation. To me it *felt* no different from any other fucking, except for the slight squeaky noises and the consciousness of the outer ring touching my labia. You don't have to worry about a partner knowing how to use it, as long as you know how to use it, and it's not that hard to learn. You just push it inside the vagina, and reach up with your fingers to be sure you can feel that the inner ring is in place around the cervix. The cervix feels like the tip of your nose. Another advantage: with a Reality and a regular condom (or two Realities, although they're designed to be used anally), you can switch back and forth between vaginal and anal sex without spreading nasty bacteria."

Regarding childhood sexuality
"It confounds me that our legislators in their infinite wisdom trust the judgement of a 16 year old girl to operate a potentially dangerous, indeed lethal machine (car), yet do not consider she has the necessary judgement to decide to engage in sexual activity. In practice it seems the authorities will look the other way if her sexual partner is 17; yet on the day he turns 18 and she has sex with him, he is apt to be hauled away by the guardians of our morality for statutory rape! I understand the age of consent is 13 in New Mexico. If that is so, it would be interesting to examine that state's statistics on sex-related social problems. They must not be very bad, else the age of consent would have been increased. Of course, we all know that a few centuries ago, it was not uncommon for females age 14 not only to be married, but expected to run a household in addition to having children. I am not suggesting we return to that; I merely cite it as additional support for the arbitrariness of statutory rape laws."

Regarding G-spot article
"Really made me/us feel good to read my quote regarding my long overdue 'Cookie Popping' experience with my 'G' spot. I do hope male readers will take note and use more pressure on their sex mate's 'G'. "Better yet, you should do an article encouraging gals to verbalize their needs and desires to their Love Mate. For those they are frequently intimate with, repetition will ultimately lead to mutual gratification. But, when with her "Lover of the Moment", as in the Love Group Meetings - experience has taught me that both will attain a higher level of excitement and fulfillment if she will but verbalize what feels good to her. A gal doesn't need to be a linguist to say: Softer - Harder - Slower - Faster - let me be on top - I want you on top - Right there, keep doing it right there - and so on" (Note: An article couldn't say it better! We welcome this couple back to Phoenix after escaping for the summer and enjoy them in our Fellowship Group.) (Also see later article Good Sex is Learned - Not Natural)

Another G-spot Article Reply
After receiving a copy of our G-spot article from a friend: "My boyfriends job often takes him away on business trips and we often engage in phone sex. He suggested to me that I buy a vibrator to heighten the experience. I bought a regular vibrator that is very natural looking but is curved at the end. I had been using the vibrator for a month until one night when I was on the phone I began to feel such an intense feeling. One that I had never experienced before. I usually put the dildo in my vagina so the curved end was downwards but this time I put it in so it was stimulating the top of my vagina. I had such an intense orgasm that I found myself screaming out loud for the first time in my life. I usually moan and groan. But I had also thought that I had urinated at the same time. But from reading the article I now realize that I had ejaculated. It was the most intense and fulfilling orgasm I have ever had in my entire life. I feel that I am very lucky to have found that spot at a young age. My boyfriend now stimulates that area manually as he is also stimulating my clitoris. My sex life has never been better."

In response to reading our G-spot and female Ejaculation report:
"Beautiful. I lost my prostate to cancer last fall, and am practically limited to fingers and mouth to please my girl. She has an intense g-spot response, but kept it secret from men. I knew about the spot and found it our first time together. For her it's best to wait for heightened arousal, then apply a *very* soft, subtle touch. Usually two fingertips alternately pressing down (up), not rubbing, just pressing very gently, while the ball of the thumb grinds the clitoris. But simply using those two fingers, when she's aroused, can cause her to go into an extended shiver. Sometimes she can ride it for a half hour! All the women I have know intimately have had an intense g-spot reaction, but I have always found that a gentle pressing provokes the most intense response (at least at first). And don't make it your first target!"

On my sending our report on female ejaculation to women asking about it on Internet, again showing how much basic sex education is needed:
"Thank you for answering my post. Nobody else has answered my question so well. I now have a very complete understanding of my sexuality. Your answers have alleviated my fears and now given me an opportunity to fully enjoy my sexual experiences. Thank you so much."

Another G-spot reply as well as a sample of the many requests we get for contacts in other areas:
"I've read your message on the Internet. I am quite excited and want to know as much as there is to know. I am a married man and my marriage is falling apart by my failing sexual libido and failure to arouse my wife. Your G-spot article seems to be the answer to my worries... Unfortunately I am in the UK (Leeds)... Can you introduce me to young women communicating to you from Leeds? I want to extend my relationship in responsible non-monogamy. Thanks and please answer soon."

Desfranchised, deaf, overweight and underloved - Typical of so many we want to help
"I have suffered a long time, believing there was something wrong with me and now through your newsletter I have discovered I was right all along! I am Deaf and cannot hear....I have been very lonely a long time and have always had the ability to love people but never found a group that shares the same ability. I have grown overweight out of my hungry need to love and be loved by someone who is not ashamed of physical appearance. Being in a group like this may be the answer I am looking for about feeling good about myself and being a Christian at the same time. The two of these things need to be connected otherwise I will always feel disfranchised. I love to be intimate and sex is not the goal (if it happens, great!) but overall I would love to meet or get involved in a local group here in ........... Can you help? Please?...."

Tub Soaking Can Cause Urinary Tract Infection In Women
Bubble baths are especially risky and many women get e-coli bacterial infection. When soaking in the tub the sphincter muscle relaxes and it's just a short trip for bacteria to go from the anus to the vagina. This is also why women should always wipe and wash anal area front to back. Drinking Cranberry Juice to acidify the urine and flush out the bladder may also help.

Islam allows up to 4 wives, preferring multiple wives to adultery, recognizing that men naturally seek sexual variety. Women should have the same opportunity to enjoy sexual variety which is why responsible non-monogamy is becoming more popular in the U.S.

Sex Every Day Keeps Women's Wrinkles Away
A team of researchers reported that there is no better way than a daily sex romp for middle-aged women to keep their skin smooth and glowing. And they say that's why many stunning actresses still look as good as they did in their youth, even when they're in their 50's and 60's. "Sexually active women in stable relationships probably age more slowly," reports Winnifred Cutler. Cutler and her researchers at Haverford, Pa., discovered that, in addition to keeping women wrinkle-free, regular sex: Stimulates production of vital hormones that lower cholesterol and boost well-being; Maintains bone density, protecting facial features; Helps skin look fresh and clear; Banishes tensions and gives a person a better outlook on life; Induces peaceful sleep; Boosts the female immune system, which helps ward off illness and improves circulation and heart rate. The study showed that vigorous sex produced "an attractive, rosy athletic flush" that often lasts for hours.

In Sweden, where sex education starts in the elementary schools, the teen pregnancy is significantly lower than in the U.S. In Europe many children are given wine mixed with water about age 8, so when they're older its no big thing. If kids think it's a taboo, they'll go for it. In America, we teach kids about sex as if it was so dirty you have to wait for marriage. In Europe they teach kids about sex because its considered a beautiful natural part of life.

As Andrea K. so creatively said "I remember one time when my own son was angry with me. He shut his eyes and declared me gone, because he couldn't see me!...Obviously I was not gone. Sounds kind of like those who object to sex education."

"I attended a Catholic (all girl) high school. WE HAD LOTS OF SCHOOL PRAYER...and the extent of our sex ed was: Do it and you'll go to hell...they preached abstinence on an hourly basis..Guess what, besides myself, I know of only 4 other girls who graduated virgins. 2 of my closest friends had to drop out because of pregnancy...SEX was all we talked about when the nuns were out of the room!"

"I, too had sex before marriage and for me it was a growing experience that helped me learn about myself and what I really wanted. I don't regret any time I spent with my partners." I also have many letters from women that share their horrible married sex lives. Many say it was a BIG mistake not to have had more sexual experience before marriage.

On the more humorous side & Natural Sex:
"My girlfriend and I both tried it and both got so horny we had to stop taking it. It's great if you have a partner, but since I'm currently not dating anyone, there was no point. When I started taking it and was dating, I was coming from heavy necking alone, and was multiple orgasmic for the only time in my life. I bought four bottles because I figure as soon as the government finds out about this stuff, they'll make it illegal."

We might get published in Chinese?
"Could you please send me your newsletters, reports and any other publications available through the Internet?... I find your thoughts should be much informative to 1.2 billion Chinese people...I'm interested in translating your publications into Chinese, compiled into a book circulated in China. How do you think about that idea? Maybe you have had such a project?"

From a discussion of B/D: Are those that enjoy pain really sick or not?:
"The same issue comes up in discussions with feminists. My answer is it's what I enjoy and I have the right to make the decision to do what brings me the greatest sexual satisfaction. That freedom of choice--and the mutual support of women who make their choices--is the cornerstone of feminism.

Real bdsm is always safe, sane and consensual. If any of those are missing what you have is assault and battery. And it's because there are so many physically, mentally and emotionally abusive situations today that bdsm and its consensual factor get confused with abuse.

There is absolutely no way to explain why for some people pain, submission, power play, bondage etc. have sexual gratification, but I've decided not to wonder why anymore and just enjoy it. It's because we know what we enjoy that we are careful of how and with whom we play, so that people who are just plain mean or those who hate the opposite sex don't mix with the real players." -Teresa

Security Clearance Problems?
A Liberated Christian Fighting the Military

We have been exchanging E-mail with John in Texas for sometime regarding the military's attempt to revoke his high level security clearance due to his participation in an open lifestyle. The problem stems from the belief in the military that you could be blackmailed since it assumes such a lifestyle would be done in secret. The military seems to have a hard time understanding its not like cheating, but done openly as a couple so blackmail is not a risk! John is very open about his Lifestyle with his co-worker's but it never interferes with his position. He is now in the final stages of the administrative appeal process and has assembled a large package of evidence about the lifestyle and the difference between open honest relationships vs the security risks of clandestine affairs to present in his defense. He is on administrative leave pending indefinite suspension w/o pay.

This case could be important for others that may have the same problem in the future. If he loses the case further legal action might be possible. John is an active Christian and is interested in networking with others that may have this issue. You may contact John at or write to him via Liberated Christians. Being this public also proves his point that he is hardly a security risk when everyone knows his open lifestyle interest.

Yohimbine Experiences?
John, (see above article on security clearance) is also interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience with Yohimbine, especially where prescribed by an MD in prescription strength. We reported one experience in an earlier newsletter in helping impotence and John would like to get additional data and experiences which might result in an article that could be helpful to others.

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