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Adult Toy Guide
Based on a Lifestyles presentation by Terri Wilks, a wholesaler of adult products for 13 years

It is very hard to tell difference between rip-off products and those that really work. No FDA to regulate. Labels are very misleading.

For example, many of the heating lotions contain sugar which in the vagina can cause yeast infections. Or, the product "Active Love" claims to use Carnation oil, when actually it uses icky mineral oil. It gets by with its gimmick since the name of the company is Carnation, but the oil is really mineral oil. It tricks you into thinking its from the carnation flower. (Dave called Castle Boutique in Phoenix: they do not carry Active Love.

Whipped Cream products often taste bad. Those applied with propellents to make foam often worst. Should let stand on finger a few seconds before using to let propellent dissipate in the air. It also melts very slowly and your bed next day may smell like a dead cow.

Products you blow on and they heat up contain glycerin, which should never be used in the vagina or on the penis since it can cause urinary tract problems and can damage vaginal tissue. You can use it on other parts of the body but you should never use them as an intercourse lubricant.

Tasty Love "Hot Lickable Love Lotion Low Calorie Hot Chocolate": never use on vagina, -can make it numb for hours due to its propylene glycol.

Embrace personal lubricant is too long lasting. Even a drop on fingers shows how the sticky slime is very hard to get rid of even when you want to. Astro Glide & Wet are better products that dry better. If you need more just reapply.

Coochy Shave Cream is good for mans razor burn and stops razor bumps. Can use like shaving cream. (Castle Boutique does carry but was out of when Dave called)

China Instant Erection Cream - Directions say apply to erect penis and stroke for 30 minutes, erection will follow!

China Shrink Cream - one of best effective products. Insert in vagina and does tighten entire vaginal canal for 24 hours. Makes you feel 16 again! The woman doesn't realize its working just sitting, but try a finger stick after 10 minutes and she will realize it's working. Don't have intercourse for first 10 minutes however, may also shrink penis! But once its absorbed its gone and its safe for the man to enter. Made from a combination of Chinese herbs, bark and tree roots printed on label in Chinese. No allergic reactions. (Castle Boutique does have , price is $15.99 for small tube.)

Ben Wa Balls - Gold plated but different degrees of quality. The basic principle however is very sound. The balls are a great tool to strenghten the PC muscles without having to do Kegel exercises. Hold them in for longer and longer periods of time as PC muscle gets stronger. Don't try it just as company comes, however, and have to explain the balls rolling on the floor when you release them! One woman can hold them for 12.5 hours. Strong PC muscles help cramping, when giving birth, stronger female orgasms and of course squeezing a penis can be very pleasurable for your partner. When in the vagina a natural suction occurs that helps keep them in. Some women have had problems getting them out. But easy to release if you squat with heels together, then reach in and you can easily break the suction since in this position the vaginal canal is so short and most women can also touch their uterus.

Dildo & Dongs- A dildo includes a vibrator, a dong does not. Look for quality by examining the base of soft vinyl models by looking for no bubbles and a good fit of motor (it shouldn't fall out). No dildos are made to last long since they want you to keep buying more. Vibrator motors are cheap and made not to last. Dr. Johnson's are better than most. On both soft and hard plastic vibrators be sure that the seams from the molds are smooth.

Tips On Hand Vibrators - Keep paper that comes with it inside battery compartment so batteries don't vibrate. Avoid vibrators with hard edge below end as these can hurt, especially anally.

Pink Rabbit Pearl - Has beads in compartment below head that rotate and provide stimulation in the first inch of vagina where most needed. Also has ears for clitoral stimulation. It has two speed controls for adjusting the speed of the vagina and clit stimulation separately. Is excellent vibrator that was designed by women. It comes under many different brand names but all the same vibrator. However, Good Vibrations, and the importer, were sued last year by a woman who fell asleep on the battery pack and got nasty burn on her breast. The battery pack needs air circulation to cool its speed control resistors which can get hot. Don't lie on the battery pack while in the throes of orgasm, as you may ignore the pain until you are burned. This is a concern for any battery powered toy with a speed control. (Burn info from Dave Hall)

Mighty-mite is a good small vibrator women can tease men with by discreetly hiding it in their hand and using it on the man's body without anyone else knowing.

Jelly vibrators have latex dipped in flavors so don't get the latest taste in oral sex.

New product Lady Bug is much better than old Joni's butterfly. Its worn on mons and tickles clit. Having sex with it on is great, unlike the butterfly where your legs get in the way . (Castle Boutique does have)

Legally the sex toys can't be shipped from Japan as toys, but only as novelties. In Japan and in some Southern Bible-belt states, vibrators can't be sold. Therefore, they have faces on them and are sold as vibrating dolls!

Resources We Recommend:
We recommend:

Good Vibrations/ The Sexuality Library/Down There Press is a San Francisco institution and with good reason. Worker owned and run, it is graceful where others are in your face. Perhaps the finest sexual products oriented catalog/store and publishing organization around. A huge amount of good information is on their web site. They also do a good job or rating books and videos by subject as well as content.

Publishers of a high quality catalog of erotic arts and sexual supplies that is run by a poly family. Very strong web site with lots of info and links to other select sites.

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