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Guide To Phoenix Swing Clubs & Polyamory Groups/Stroking Community


City of Phoenix Wins Long Battle Against Swing Club
Club Chameleon Closed owners faced prison and fines
The Religious Right Sadly Wins The Fight against Swing Clubs
Other clubs could be charged for same violations in clever way after long Court Fights

9/22/02 ALL PHOENIX SWING CLUBS BUSTED BY MORALITY POLICE- SEE LEGAL BATTLE AND LATEST INFORMATION  NO LEGAL RISK TO SWINGERS, ONLY THE CLUB OWNERS are at risk from the 1998 law banning swing clubs in Phoenix, which is being challenged as unconstitutional.  (but battle lost June 2005)

Sociables II 3639 N 39th Ave
2 blocks South of Indian School
Phone 278-3196.
A large club with lots of hot horny couples, many are exhibitionist that like to have others watch. They have private rooms with one way glass so a couple can have others watching without being distracted...especially great for the single men to watch (I guess...very boring for me). Some couples tell me people mostly just strut and the very loud music tends to eliminate any intelligent discussion. Some couples tell me its very cliquish and most of the single women are lesbians. I've never gone myself since I'm just not interested. Open Wed & Thur 8pm to 3am. Fri & Sat 9pm to 4am, Sunday 3pm to 3am. Will be lots of single men all nights, so many couples who aren't interested in lots of excess men avoid this club. Its also been called a "dump" especially compared to the newer more upscale clubs. However see update from another couple about changes at Sociables later in this review. Couples charge varies from $15/Sundays to $30/Fri/Sat. Single men $35. Single women free.

Discretions 3304 N 27th Ave


3037 W. Clarendon Phone 230-9680

Club Chameleon - CLOSED June 2005 after facing fine and prison after long fight for swingers rights.

Impressions - CLOSED

Guys & Dolls - CLOSED



New leadership wasn't able to keep going what Dave & Bill founded
IF Dave ever finds the right partner would restart - but seems unlikely
But info on old group may be of interest to some and how we were very different from the usual swing club.

Many couples want more long-term friendship relationships not just sex. Liberated Christians is for couples, polyamory combinations and single women. Due to the groups desire for gender balance we can't accommodate single men.

We are very different from a traditional swing club. We encourage developing friendships, openly discuss many issues about sexuality, jealousy, fears, abuse issues, nudity, etc. which makes people feel more comfortable having intimacy with friends not just strangers at a swing club. Those looking for more of a "party" and "fun" will find us much too boring and we suggest other swing clubs may be more for you. We are nonsmoking (except outdoors) and mostly nonalcoholic (only at some parties with only the host providing so they can control) and of course no drugs. Safe sex is your responsibility and our only other rule is no means no.

For many having sex with strangers is much easier than having any intimacy. We are more about intimacy - with your spouse and others in a caring, loving, trusting environment.. Before attending our Fellowship meetings you must first attend a 3 hr. Intro workshop which is only held about 4 times a year. This screens out those who would be disruptive or not be happy with our loving intimacy before sex attitude but makes us not suitable for travelers or drop ins. Our couples very much like the idea of this screening.

Now the bad news. Your timing is bad. We had a active Phoenix Couples group for over 3 years and over 350 people attended intros, workshops and parties.

But at this point the Liberated Christian Phoenix Couples Group is on hold until old Dave finds a participating partner. I am happy to meet couples and share individually however.

Sometime I hope to get the LC group going again. If you are a couple or single women let me know of your interest in a future LC group and I will add you to mailing list to receive info when the group starts again.

We have no way of accommodating single men since so few single women participate until first in a secure prime relationship. We are also about relationships not just sex and few couples seek such relationships with single men since the dynamics are so different.

One of the problems is not many people have homes that can hold up to 40 people. Another recent problem is we lost one of the most dynamic leadership couples due to personal problems so the new group mentioned in the following newsletter while having had a party and some "coffees" doesn't have any plans for intros or workshops for new folks.

Here is our most recent newsletter (November 97) describing the changes for the Phoenix Group:

Liberated Christians.
PO Box 55045, Phoenix, Arizona 85078-5045

Liberated Christians Phoenix Group
November Update & Restructuring Notice

Wow another great party
38 people enjoyed the November party at Dave's. Many Alumni we haven't seen for awhile joined us. How many of you remember Steve and C.J. for example who led workshops a few years ago? Was great to see so many old friends as well as new.

Reorganization and Restructuring Time!
Dave Becoming less Active
New Group, New Name
After three years of wonderful experiences leading the Phoenix group we now have dynamic new leadership ready to step in and restructure the group that in a way may better meet the needs of the participants.

As many of you know, I have been very frustrated not having my own relationship while trying to lead a couples group for the last three years. I have appreciated the fact that my single status has not seemed to be a negative factor as far as you have been concerned, but it has resulted in a great deal of frustration for me.

I have decided that with all the other time requirements of the web site, main newsletter and keeping up with administration of the broader Liberated Christians activities, I can no longer make the time commitment needed to also lead the Phoenix Group, handle the large amount of administration required, host parties etc. I need to spend more time in situations where I am more likely to find my own personal intimacy desires fulfilled and find my own prime relationship/s. In addition I am behind schedule in getting out the next main newsletter which over 3000 people worldwide read. This takes a great deal of time to produce and distribute.

It is often very frustrating to share so many intimacy ideas with others, when I have only limited intimacy opportunities in my own life. My main interest is not typical swinging type activities, but loving, caring, physical intimacy and discussion of various issues. I am not much of a party fan, although the parties have turned out to be the most popular activity.

You will soon receive a newsletter from the successor group led by Peri, Eric, Carol, Karlene, Norm and others. They have an exciting calendar of events planned for 1998 and many ideas on reaching new people. They are in process of selecting a new name, which will not refer to any particular religious belief so as to attract a broader range of people.

A few months ago Bill announced that he was limiting his local LC activities in order to focus on helping folks with specific Christian issues, locally, on-line and through some of the traveling he is doing to other parts of the country. He has also focused more on developing small fellowship groups, both in Phoenix and elsewhere. He is now involved in additional restructuring of his personal and ministry life in ways that he feels can help him utilize his time and abilities to be more helpful to folks who are concerned with the Christian issues and which will bring him more personal fulfillment.

Bill and I remain available to help with any Christian issues. The extensive Cyber Center provides a great deal of material for Christians dealing with religious issues. We continue to get many letters thanking us for the information and we continue to get over 300 different people a day visiting the site.

I will continue to be available to participate in intros and be involved in leading workshops on intimacy, massage and other areas where I may be helpful. I would enjoy attending other events and parties as a participant. Bill will also attend events, as he is able. I am also available to discuss individually with couples or women intimacy issues and I especially enjoy sharing intimacy and massage experiences with women.

I've enjoyed some great intimacy experiences with various women and couples in the group. I continue to look forward to more such private experiences

Again, I thank you all for your support and ask you to fully support and assist the new leadership.

For new folks reading this here is "OLD" intro and workshop structure Dave ran for the last three years that we had hoped would be continued to some extent but we are not sure we have the leadership for it.

-Sample Events after Required 3 Hour Intro:

Weekly Coffee Chats No cost except for your own food/coffee. Reservations not required, just drop by. We have meetings in NW Valley and we are looking for other hosts if folks want to periodically meet in Central or SE Valley.

Intimacy workshop - Discussion of intellectual, emotional and spiritual intimacy, as well as sexual and physical intimacy. Including ideas on breaking your barriers to intimacy, jealousy, loving physical intimacy vs. "just sex", and sexual healing. Getting in touch with others while respecting the difference between high-touch people and those that only enjoy touch with a long-term mate. All should be respected. Introduce Hug Circle which is "intimately loving" but non-sexual - Couples Communications - Couple-centric or individual relating model - Your questions, concerns & vision for developing healthy sexuality and ideas to explore and perhaps expand your sexuality. Cost: $10/couple

Massage Workshop We will continue to explore more intimacy using massage. Dave and others will demonstrate/discuss both therapeutic as well as sensual Esalen massage, G-spot massage etc. We show a short video with ideas on nudity and clips by the founders of the Stroking Community. This is usually a very popular workshop. We also hope to have an ongoing massage group since there is a great deal of interest but with some differences from the great Stroking Community group in Phoenix. If anyone would be interested in hosting a massage group let me know. Cost: $10/couple

Communications Workshop. Now that you have been exposed to some ideas about open relationships and perhaps have had some experience, how is it going? How is the communications between you and your prime partner? This workshop has helped many other couples in the past to honestly communicate expectations, fears etc. with the support of others that have "been there - done that- felt that". Cost: $10/couple

Stan Dale Workshop
Intro on tape by Stan Dale, including non-sexual intimacy exercises with your partner. The full workshops, sponsored by the Human Awareness Institute, are held all over the world. These are where Dave learned the most about intimacy and observed the most powerful life-changing experiences in participants. Its the only group we highly recommend for learning real loving intimacy.

Parties with different themes or structure hosted by various couples have been very popular in the past.

We invite our members to hold other workshops on various topics, chats, party's etc.

We have found many swingers also enjoy massage so we include this great group which is a NON-SEXUAL massage group.   In the future Liberated Christians may have more sexual ongoing massage groups if we can find host couples, but for those seeking JUST great massage friends we include the Stroking Community in this section. 

A stroking community is a support group for people who are getting in touch with themselves by getting in touch with others with non-sexual, noninvasive touch.

People never outgrow their need to touch and be touched, and suppressing those needs is hazardous to heath - physical and emotional health. The group provides a safe environment for giving and receiving good strokes in a supportive, nurturing environment for friends to enjoy clothing optional non-sexual massage respecting the personal privacy and boundaries of each individual.

The Stroking Community was originally a national network of groups founded by David Linton and four others based on massage workshops held in Philadelphia, in the 1970s, led by some of the prime developers of Esalen massage. Their motto was: "massage a way of love".

I attended, in the 1980s, Stroking Community workshops on the East Coast, enhancing both the physical and loving spiritual aspects of Esalen massage by doing group massage.

Before moving to Phoenix I lived in Minneapolis all my life and was very active in the Minnesota Therapeutic Massage Network of professional therapists. At an annual meeting we had David Linton as the keynote speaker. He was outstanding in his expression of loving mankind and expressing it with massage. Sadly he died suddenly and unexpectedly soon after this presentation. The biography he wrote for the speech turned out to be his obituary published by The Stroking Times newsletter, March 1987. We use a short tape in the Liberated Christian massage workshop which shows David, a hunchedback older man with a heart of gold and filled with love which he taught and expressed through massage.

For current contact information and details see: Arizona Stroking Community


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