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Liberated Christians Latest Two Newsletters

Summer 1997 Issued August 7, 1997

Spring 1997 Issued March 1997 Special Issue On Christian Poly Communities
Plus Fall 1996 Full Newsletter

I (Dave) am sorry to say that I simply have not had the time to do another newsletter since Summer 1997. Prior to that we were more or less timely with a quarterly newsletter for a number of years. In this note let me explain some of the practical and personal reasons why I have not been timely with newsletters since the Summer 97 issue:

1)    The huge amount of articles from prior newsletters on the site which so many keep saying are so helpful. There is already almost too much to read besides adding much more. Most of the articles were written a few years ago but are just as timely now as when they were written.

2) Little or no event news to report. While we highly encourage local groups to form, none have at this point outside the highly successful Phoenix Group which over 3 years had about 350 people attend intros, workshops and parties (but now in limbo) and a small Bible Study group in Southern Ca. There is a big difference between the idea of starting a local group to the time and leadership commitment needed to actually do so.

3)I get lots of E-mail every day from the site from some of the 300+ different people that visit the site each day (note as of 10/02 we now average 1500-2000 different visitors a day). I do my best to keep up with all such mail, answering peoples questions, monitoring the Forum, cleaning up the Intro pages with all the incomplete posts, working with clubs etc. that want to link with us,etc.

4) I need to earn a living. 

5) Lastly and most personal although I talk so much about great intimacy ideas and hopefully help many couples in their relationships, I have little personal fulfillment in that area and am an single guy without a prime relationship. That has been the most frustrating thing in my life. I meet a huge number of women, but outside the lifestyle (in which there are very few single women) the most common desire I hear from women I date is for "a man that values monogamy as much as I do." Of course, they don't know anything other than cheating which they have been hurt by. The idea of being open as a couple is just to "immoral" for most single women I meet to relate to. Those women I do find open so far, I've simply not been physically attracted to which is also important for me. Or, they are to far out in their New Age or Eastern religious beliefs and have no interest in any Christians. For a prime relationship I am fussy and seek a mutually strong intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical attraction.

I especially seek a partner who is exciting about the same things I am and would want to help with Liberated Christians, attend conventions where I speak and want to meet together with other couples to help with issues etc. But that may be a dream but I still spend time meeting many women in hopes of someday finding having that dream come true. Until I find that partner I've also suspended the Phoenix Local group which was so successful for 3 years. My single male status was never a problem for the couples in the group but it was a big problem for me personally.

So in summary I must start looking more after my personal future, earning a living and seeking my own fulfilling relationship(s) in whatever way I can. The result has been the huge task of the newsletter is far behind. I have a pile about 3 feet tall of good material. But it takes a great deal of time to organize and write for the newsletter. Bill is always a great help often doing articles and most of all proof reading etc. But it is a huge task for both of us and Bill has some of the same other priority issues that I do in life.

We continue to get so many E-mails thanking us for the materials on the site we feel we have enough out there to be very helpful. We want to continue to add more, get the newsletter back on a timely quarterly basis again etc. But at the moment we have to look after some of our personal interests also.

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