Liberated Christians
Promoting Intimacy and Other-Centered Sexuality

Phoenix Fellowship Group
NOTE I have kept these notes up to share ideas that might be useful, however the Phoenix Couples Group has not met since the late 1990's and none have formed in other cities. No singles group formed although we had a few good intro meetings

We encourage other groups to form in other locations.
We are sharing ideas from our Phoenix Group which might give you ideas for groups in your area.

Invitation To Couples & Single Women
Introductory Meeting Required
All couples and single women are required to attend a 3 hour intro meeting before attending any other events. This helps people feel more secure with others. Hopefully many of your questions and concerns about who we are will be answered and you will have the opportunity to meet some of the leaders, host couples and other new people.

Our last intro January 25, 1997 was attended by 40 people who where were very enthusiastic and we have completed our follow-up workshops held in February-April. We have a waiting list for the next intro. However with a very busy schedule of convention presentations (Reflections at Daytona Beach, FL in March, Visions in Tampa in May, and Lifestyles in Palm Springs in July), web site construction, Bill maybe going to be on the East Coast for the Summer etc., we will probably not do another intro until Fall. If you wish to be on the waiting list to receive invitation, please call our voicemail 955-0711 and be sure and also leave your phone number as well as address. Once we set a date you will receive an invitation and if you wish to attend you will be sent a map to help find it.

Why Not Single Men?
Single women are very welcome but not men without a partner, unless by invitation of an existing group member but only if we have gender balance. There currently are no slots available for single men. The majority of couples want to relate only with other couples although we are trying to encourage couples to be open to other options. In general, single men often have different issues that don't mix will with couples seeking friendship with other couples not just sex which is the prime agenda of many single men. We are much more about intimacy and loving friendships than just physical sex. See the single man problem for more information.

After you attend the intro, we have a series of follow-up sessions, especially designed to help those just starting to explore more intimacy with their partner, or perhaps others in a more open relationship. None of the follow-up meetings are required for participation in parties or other events, but they have been very helpful for most people in the past - regardless of their previous experience.

Sample Events After Intro
The cost for most events is $10/Couple $5 single women. All workshops are closed to the public. They are only for those that have attended a 3 hour intro session held 3-4 times a year. Many people are much more comfortable with this restriction so people get to know and trust each other, not be concerned about new people at every workshop or event.

Intimacy Meeting & Separate Communications Workshop
Topics: Breaking Your Barriers To Intimacy - Jealousy - Loving Intimacy vs. "Just Sex" - Sexual Healing- Introduce Hug Circle which is "intimately loving" but non-sexual - Couples Communications - Couple-centric or individual relating model - Your Questions, Concerns & Vision

Massage Workshop
We continue to explore more intimacy using massage. Dave and any other massage therapists that wish will demonstrate both therapeutic as well as sensual Esalen massage. Dave will discuss G-spot massage or demo if any women is willing to have it done in public. We show a short video with ideas on nudity and clips by the founders of the Stroking Community. We do a hug circle and an opportunity to share any feelings or issues with the group, or ask for anything you might like from the group. This is always a very popular workshop. We also hope to have an ongoing massage group since there is a great deal of interest - we just need some host couples. We have lots of massage therapists in the group with massage tables.

Stan Dale, Human Awareness Institute Intro
Intro on tape by Stan Dale, including non-sexual intimacy exercises with your partner. The full workshops, sponsored by the Human Awareness Institute, are held all over the world. These are where Dave learned the most about intimacy and observed the most powerful life-changing experiences in participants. Its the only group we highly recommend for learning real loving intimacy.

Parties with different themes or structure hosted by various couples have been very popular in the past. However, we have lost some of our host homes for various reasons and seek other couples with homes that can entertain about 40 people.

Massage Group / More Sexual Massage Workshop
Due to the high interest in massage from our massage workshops, we have a number of people willing to help with what we hope will be an ongoing massage group. We have some therapists that offer to teach more sexual massage for those interested. We now have quite a few people with massage tables they can bring. And of course we can also do good caressing, touch and massage on the floor.

It would be nice to have a regular monthly massage meeting that would rotate between a number of host homes. It would be similar in some ways to the Stroking Community but with more choice of different partners and sexual/sensual massage. G-spot massage would also be an option as long as the woman wanted it. If you are willing to host such a meeting occasionally on a rotating basis, please contact Dave to coordinate scheduling.

Sensual Loving WorkshopTM
Hosts: Georg and Janet of Liberated Christians Organization. Georg has worked as an alternative health care practitioner for over 10 years and is the owner of the Healing Hands Center

The Sensual Loving WorkshopTM will focus on loving communication and touching. We will focus on the skills helpful to sharing love with each other through intimate touch. Demonstrations will be followed by exercises and facilitated discussions of people's experiences. Clothing may be optional for some of the exercises. Topics will include communication skills, hygiene, and massage techniques.

Dave's comment: For those that have attended prior massage workshops, where I did demos, this will give you the opportunity to have a professional therapist share additional techniques and views as well as to again experience loving, sensual massage with others in a caring, safe, supportive environment.

Our focus is foremost to create a loving and safe atmosphere to share and have fun. To that end we require: