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7/12/07 Teens As A Sexually-Repressed Minority
6/16/07 With Sadness I share that Dr. Stan Dale died last week See Link for lots more about Stan Dale
10/07/06 Carmen Electra - Riding a Sybian
When playboy model and actress Carmen Electra stopped by on the Howard Stern show she wasn't expecting to be riding a sex toy by the end of the interview. But sometimes on Stern, that's just what happens. See Link near top under 10/06 New at 
10/01/06 Swing Documentary looking for swinging couples

10/01/06 The Folly of Sexual Repression - Outstanding article
9/17/06 Age of Consent Discussion
7/31/06 Testimonial About Childhood Sexuality Teaching From a bisexual man
5/19/06 Warning: Yahoo Groups Suspends On Whim And Wont Give Reason
5/8/06 Steve and Betty’s further adventures True story of couple opening up and wife's fear of being bisexual and fear of first time going to a swing club, her panic attack in the parking lot, overcoming the fear and having wonderful times.
1/02/06 Sex for U.S. Troops in Iraq, brothel in Green Zone etc
12/21/05 Supreme Court of Canada Rules Canadians can have group sex in clubs
10/6/05 Porn DECREASES CRIME vs. FBI's Porn Squad
10/6/05 Maine Says No to Abstinence
7/24/05 City of Phoenix WIns - Against Swingers and Club Chameleon

7/8/05 Americans Sexual Fear Based Attitudes from Beaches to Sex Education
6/19/05 Bush Administration via DOJ May Eliminate most Adult Porn Next Week
Banning Sales of Sex Toys Upheld and could spread to other states and cities
5/17/05 "Pleasure Marriages" of as short as 1-hour regain popularity in Iraq
5/15/95 Clitoris captured alive and well
5/8/05 Obits: John Paul II & Andrea Dworkin
4/7/05 Yet another study showing Virginity Pledges and Abstinence result in MORE STD's
3/11/05 Sexual pleasure is an evolutionary development
2/5/05 Study: Texas Abstinence Plan Not Working
1/5/05 U.S. Government Report: Abstinence Programs Lie
1/5/05 Congress Lies about Porn Proving they hate and fear sex
12/24/04 Great Sex Education Site: & Dave's Review
Moral freedom and sexual values The Religious Right imposing views more after Bush reelection Kinsey Movie Example
10/19/04 The Hidden Danger Behind Abstinence-Only
Hilarious Dildo ad Song you have to hear (click)
10/9/04 Abstinence and the "Purity Propaganda" Can Harm Youth
5/9/04 Studies - Swingers – Happy, Safe, Healthy, Well Adjusted, Mainstream Americans
4/6/04 The Single Most Important Issue Facing Adult Freedoms - The 2004 Election - Why From Adult Video News
 Report on SWING LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Report on Legal Issues & Swinging as a Growing Business
 State's abstinence-only sex education doesn't work
1/4/04 Phoenix Gone Wild Enforcing Ban on Swing Clubs Action Plan To Fight for Swingers Privacy Rights
Everyone Can Fight For Swing Club Rights Many U.S. Cities Watching Phoenix & Waiting To Also Outlaw Swing Clubs Help By Letter Campaign
11/6/03 Vatican Continues Lies About Condoms
HUGE Optimization of Venus article written by user - VERY DETAILED GREAT INFORMATION ! 
10/21/03 HIV Epidemic Surge Among Bi Males
9/15/03 Internet Porn Not for Rapists.
08/28/03 The Uniqueness of Human Female Sexuality vs Other Mammals
01/06/03 Lesbian Nuns Abuse other nuns just like priests abuse children.   
The Bush Agenda Continue- FDA and false sexual health campaign
A Social Worker's Thoughts on Sexual Dysfunction
Scientific Health Information Repressed in favor of Abstinence Only Agenda
Updated 10/18/02 $15 million Notice of Claim Against the City Of Phoenix - Full Text and Ongoing update on 60 cops Bust 5 Phoenix Swing Clubs
including ongoing later updates.
8/3/02 Book Review: Harmful to Minors
7/4/02 Oprah Still Promoting Sexual Anxiety
7/3/02 Female Viagra-like drugs hit the G spot
6/4/02 AASECT Takes Position on Abstinence - Special Interest Lies with Public Funds
5/4/02 European Old World Values Are Net-Savvy & Washington: Abstinence From Thinking on Sex Education
4/26/02 How Sex Was Made A Sin - History of Christian traditions, how they developed showing how sex negative traditions have no biblical basis.
4/20/02 National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Foundation Sponsors Phoenix Political Sexual Freedom Meeting
4/17/02 Why men are usually more interested in sexual variety than many women - The Evolution of Love   
4/1/02 Disposing The Misconceptions Of The Swinging Lifestyle - A College Paper
2/17/02 The Institute for Twenty-first Century Relationships - We Support
8/17/01 What is Soft Swing?
Married Couple Who Demonstrated Sex Techniques Convicted of Prostitution
Religious Rights Attack on Sex
04/17/01 Pat Robertson's view of Abortions in China quite surprising
Bush seeks to change society in his "right" direction for our own good not accept differences
Ashcroft as Attorney General to control us since the religious right knows what is best for us
11/28/00 Had to move to much larger server.  We were getting as many as 4200 different visitors a day and 11gigs of bandwidth/month used which was too much for prior account.  Sadly the new service is MUCH more expensive but has lots of capacity.
Sex makes you younger - it's true!
10/8/00 Board chair for the ex-gay group Exodus International, confronted in gay bar
Remaining in Scouts Endorses its Bigotry 
Ethicist Column of the New York Times Magazine.
Nonoxynol 9 May be dangerous not a HIV/STD preventative
8/7/00 Christian Coalition Cheers After GOP Convention GOP is a great risk to Liberated Christians worldwide.
"Sea change is likely for Supreme Court - Next President stands to reshape it"  The conservatives want to even further limit your individual rights which makes defeating Bush extremely important.

Updated CDC AIDS Data - In 1999 for the SEVENTH STRAIGHT YEAR, AGAIN new reported cases dropped significantly and continues to be very isolated, in known high risk groups. 

Judge throws out lewdness / prostitution case Involving Broward Swing Club 
“Women Losing Their Sex Drive”  Highlights of Larry King Live

48 Hours TV Documentary on Swinging and Sexuality
Long Haired Men - Believe it or not, some Fundaments believe its a Sin! 

Adult Freedom on the Internet Wins in Court - that has anti porn activists fighting mad.

4/25/00 Dave for Liberated Christians on Love Bytes
I should only tell you this if the show is great! I've done quite a few before and usually survive even when being attacked by religious right (oxymoron) ministers. I've been persuaded to join Bob Berkkowitz's Love Bytes Internet radio show: Tuesday 4/25/0011PM EDT or 8PM PDT As I understand you can make comments or questions via E-mail directly to the show as its airing which is read available immediately for him to see. The address under Bob Berkkowitz section on left side menu. Usually you can get replays from the achieve for the next few days.

3/27/00   Catholic priest's AIDs rate soars from Gay Sex
Phoenix  Swing Clubs Illegal public nuisance But Gay Bathhouses Escape City Ban. 
3/9/00   The  Clitoris  
Lots of education and humor with many good links including some very humorous ones which you could spent a lot of time on.
  Leeza Show On Polyamory - Some lessons to be learned 
   Russia's New Sex Freedoms but old ways of religion result in huge problems

   Abstinence taught in more U.S. sex-education classes Screws Up our Youth

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